Does Staples Sell Stamps in 2023? No! But Why?

Does Staples sell Stamps

Staples is the largest retailer of office supplies. You can find many innovative supplies at the store at affordable rates. 

But what if you want to buy stamps? Today, stamps signify a lot more than prepayment. Therefore, they are quite in demand among some people. So, does Staples sell Stamps? Read more to find out!  

Does Staples Sell Stamps in 2023?  

Yes, staples sell a variety of inked stamps to its customer at all store locations throughout the country

You can also hop onto its official website to find an appropriate stamp for yourself that suits your business. The stamps are available in the “shipping supplies” section of the store’s website. 

Staples maintains customer loyalty by running perpetual discounts on certain products. You can even benefit from bundling discounts. 

The store also offers same-day pickups to its customers. So, you can pre-order items on the website at the store’s “Pick-Up” Section. 

What Type Of Stamps Does Staple Sell? 

Staple sells stamps in many shapes and sizes appropriate for different lines of businesses.

In addition, you can choose between different materials of stamps. Usually, some stamps are premade, such as the ones used in the retail business. 

These stamps say received, paid, canceled, and many other words. However, they need to be inked every time you apply them. There are also pre-inked stamps which make your job a lot less tiring. 

The most interesting ones are the custom-made stamps you can get yourself in the ‘Custom Stamps’ section.  

Staples Stamps

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What Kind Of Custom Stamps Does Staple Make?  

Staple provides a wide range of customized stamps at its stores and website.  

For example, the customers can conveniently add up to 21 lines of text on your stamp. You can also choose a pre-inked stamp which reduces the work of inking it every time you need to apply your stamp.

Depending on your demand, these stamps are available in batches of 1 to 5. Staples also provides a range of colors in stamps. You can find yourself the traditional black with options such as red, blue, violet, and even green.  

These stamps can be delivered within 5 to 7 business days, or you can get them on an urgent basis with an extra fee.   

Does Staples Sell Forever Stamps? 

Unfortunately, Staples does not sell Forever Stamps at its stores or website.  

Forever stamps are special in utility as they are non-denominational First-class postage. This means they will not lose their value even if you bought them a year ago.

You can find these stamps in the official United States Postal Service stores or at their official Postal office. However, they are subject to availability on the USPS site. 

Does Staples Sell USPS Stamps?  

No, Staples no longer sells USPS stamps online or in-store as the store ended its partnership in 2023.  

You can only find business stamps at the store, which have little use as postal stamps. However, you can find many websites besides Staples to provide your required USPS stamps. 

For example, you can hop on to Walgreens, Walmart Telco, grocery stores, and petrol stations to get postal stamps. 

You can also order stamps online from websites like the USPS or big retail companies like Amazon and eBay. 

What Is The Price Of Postage Stamps At Staples? 

Since you cannot get postage stamps at Staples, the store does not list their price on its stores and website.

But, if you really want to find out the price of the postage stamps, you can head to the USPS website. The price of postal stamps in 2023 differs according to the type of envelope you are using and the type of stamp you require. 

If you are buying a first-class stamp for a standard-sized envelope, it will cost around 60 cents. In the case of a square or oversized envelope, your cost may be a dollar or more. 

If you send a cute little postcard, you must pay approximately half a dollar. However, if you are looking for a Forever stamp, you may be charged $1.40. 

Why Does Staples Not Sell Postage Stamps Anymore? 

Staples and United States Postal Services fell out of the partnership in 2017 because the partnership was deemed unfeasible by both parties.  

If you go to Staples’ website, you cannot find postage stamps, as they stopped selling them in 2017. If you are in the US, your best bet to get a postal stamp is to visit the United States Postal Office or Walmart.  

However, Staples stores outside the United States still sell stamps at multiple locations. Besides this, the store still sells envelopes and boxes online and in-store to its customers. 

Does Staples Sell Signature Stamps? 

Yes, you can get many customizable options of Signature Stamps at Staples at incredibly affordable rates. 

For example, you can add subtitles to your signature on the stamps. In addition, you can also choose from the in-house brand of stamps available for less than $30. 

Staples also has 3-D printed signature stamps, making the repetitive task much easier. 

Why Should You Get Stamps From Staples?

Staples is one of the top places to buy business stamps due to the authentic and affordable office supplies it provides. 

The number one stationery supplies store competes with its competitors on price dimensions and added features. So, you can get the best rates and bundles at Staples. 

Summing Up

To wrap up, Staples offers affordable and customizable business stamps. You can also get great bundling discounts on stamps at Staples. This is what makes the store the best office supplies store.

While they may not sell Forever or postage stamps, plenty of options remain, including Walmart, Amazon, Target, and more.

Despite this, Staples still sells envelopes and boxes online and in-store to its customers, and it is still the best place to get business stamps

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