Does eBay Sell Used Items in 2023? Cars, Clothes, & Makeup

eBay is a multinational eCommerce site that facilitates many people and is known for selling items from the biggest brands.

But, some of the brands listed on eBay are not afforded by everyone. In this case, people turn to buying used products.

So, does eBay sell used items too? Or does it only sell brand-new products? Let’s find it!

Does eBay Sell Used Items?

Yes, eBay sells a vast collection of used items. For example, from old video games and electronics to used furniture and toys, the store sells it all.

You can buy used items from eBay’s website through online auctioning. All you need to make a bid on the item you are interested in. If you make the highest bid, the seller will sell you the product. 

However, there are some items that eBay does not allow for sale. Some include adult items, alcohol, drugs, animals, wildlife, clothing, cosmetics, coupons, food, weapons, and other hazardous materials.

Does eBay sell Used Items

Can You Trust Used Items on eBay?

Yes, eBay is a completely safe website to buy used items. That’s because there is third-party involvement of the eBay management and PayPal on the site.

When you buy used items on eBay, you receive several benefits, such as access to the seller’s information and buyer protection.

Not only this, eBay and PayPal act as watchdogs to step in if you face any problem. This is what makes the site a trusted source for buying used items.

Therefore, you must not accept any seller’s offer to sell outside eBay. Otherwise, the management will not be able to help you if any issue arises.

Does eBay Sell Used Cars?

Yes, you can buy cars on eBay. Not only this, but you can also buy other vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, and boats from the site.

The buying process of a car from eBay is highly straightforward. A seller lists the car for sale on the website.

They will list all the car’s details, including its current location and history report. The car’s history report will help you determine if the vehicle was ever stolen, rebuilt, or salvaged.

If you like the car, you must submit your bid to the seller. If your offer is the highest, the seller might decide to sell the car to you.

Can You Sell Used Perfumes on eBay?

Sadly, you cannot sell used perfumes on eBay. Even if you have used very little perfume from the bottle, you still cannot sell it.

On the brighter side, the website allows you to sell new perfumes that have not been opened. So, if you want to sell a new perfume on eBay, you must create a listing first. 

In this step, you must write all the information about the perfume and verify the details. Next, you must list a price and upload the perfume’s photograph.

Once you create a listing, you must wait for offers from the buyers. You can sell the perfume to the buyer with the highest bid.

Can You Sell Used Clothes on eBay?

Yes, you can sell used clothes on eBay. However, used socks and underwear are not allowed for sale.

Before you sell used clothes on eBay, you must fulfill certain conditions the store sets. For example, you must properly clean the used clothing and add a statement that they have been properly cleaned.

Additionally, your listing for used clothes must not contain images or languages that fetishize them. Fulfilling these conditions is essential so buyers can be confident about buying used clothes from the website.

Can You Sell Used Makeup on eBay?

No, you cannot sell used makeup on eBay as it is against their policy. eBay does not allow the sale of used makeup on its website because of health and safety concerns.

For example, the applicators and products you use to apply the makeup come in direct contact with your skin. It can be dangerous if someone else uses the same applicators. 

Due to this, they do not allow the sale of used makeup on their website. 

Can You Sell Used Socks on eBay?

No, you cannot sell used socks on eBay. Additionally, the site does not allow the sale of used underwear either.

That’s because most people consider it highly unhygienic to wear other people’s used socks and underwear. Not only this, but it might possess several health risks too.

For this reason, the website has banned the sale of used socks and underwear even if they are thoroughly cleaned.

Can You Sell Used Shoes on eBay?

Yes, you can sell used shoes on eBay. However, you must clean them thoroughly and add a cleaning statement to the listing.

Just like everything else, selling used shoes on eBay is extremely easy. All you need to do is create a listing, set a price, and upload a photo of the shoes.

You will start receiving orders once the shoes are listed on the website. It is totally up to you to sell the shoes to any buyer you want.

Does eBay Charge Tax on Used Items?

Yes, eBay charges tax on used items from sellers who receive $600 or more on their sale. However, this rule only applies to the items you sell for profit.

So, if you sell an item for something less than what you paid for it, you will not be taxed by eBay.

For example, if you sell a bike for $700 on eBay and bought it for $1,000, you will not be subjected to the tax.

Other than that, eBay charges 10% to 15% of the selling price of your product. 

Moreover, there is an insertion fee of $0.35 per listing too. However, this rule does not apply to your first 250 listings each month.

Can You Sell Used Electrical Items on eBay?

Yes, you can sell used electrical items on eBay, but they must meet the conditions set out by the site.

However, there are certain exceptions to it too. The electronic equipment that transmits or receives signals is not allowed for sale. 

Examples include cell phones, traffic light control devices, FM modulators, satellites, cable TVs, etc.

Click here to view the entire list of electrical items that eBay bans.

What Items are Banned on eBay?

The following items are banned on eBay:

  • Adults only products
  • Lock-picking devices
  • Drugs
  • Weapons, firearms, and knives
  • Stolen property
  • Police-related items
  • Offensive material
  • Embargoed goods
  • Prohibited services
  • Items that encourage illegal activity
  • Hazardous or restricted material
  • Prescription drugs
  • Government, transit, and postal items
  • Personal information and mailing list

How Can I Tell If an eBay Buyer is Legit?

A legit buyer will never ask you for your personal information, nor will they offer you more money.

You must not give your email or other personal information to the buyer in any case. 

Otherwise, they will send you a fake email from eBay and PayPal stating that you have been paid. 

If a buyer is offering you more money than what you asked for, there is a chance that it is a scam. 

To avoid this, you must list your items as Buy It Now with Immediate Payment Required. This will save you from being scammed.

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Final Thoughts

Let’s now conclude the article ‘does eBay sell used items.’ Yes, the website sells various used items such as vehicles, electronic items, shoes, toys, etc.

However, the sale of certainly used products is against the site’s policy. For example, used perfumes, socks, and makeup are not allowed for sale.

Make sure that you are careful while buying and selling products from eBay. This will reduce your chances of being scammed.

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