Does eBay Sell Fake Stuff? Be Aware of Scams!

eBay is one of the largest eCommerce platforms working globally. They are affiliated with top brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nike, etc.

Apart from this, eBay works with many small brands as well. As a result, eBay is sometimes accused of selling fake products.

So, is this true? Does eBay sell fake stuff? Hang in there to find out more!

Does eBay sell Fake Stuff

Does eBay Sell Fake Stuff?

Yes, just like any other eCommerce website, buyers at eBay have several times reported the delivery of fake or faulty products.

Since millions of items are listed daily on eBay, the site cannot maintain a check on all of them.

As a result, some sellers slip through the quality check and list fake products on the website.

These products could be anything from a regular home appliance to high-end pair of Nike shoes.

So, the next time you place an order on eBay, compare the product’s pricing with multiple different seller accounts.

Additionally, you must also read the reviews to avoid any kind of fraud.

Does eBay Sell Fake Shoes?

Yes, many third parties on eBay might sometimes sell you fake shoes.

Although eBay is working with Nike, Jordan, and many other top-class brands, some unfortunate clients still get a fake delivery.

This usually happens when you buy used shoes from third-party sellers listed on the site.

Even though eBay has completed more than 1 million sales in the sneakers category in the past month, it is still impossible to be flawless while dealing with such immense traffic.

As a result, eBay itself might send the buyers the wrong size or a defective piece. 

So, if this happens, you can contact the customer support service on the website. The representative will help you get a replacement or a refund.

Does eBay Sell Fake iPhones?

Yes, many buyers have reported the sale of fake iPhones on eBay. If you are an Apple lover, you would know that iPhones need to be factory unlocked. Otherwise, you cannot access the many features of the phone.

Many people have complained about receiving a factory-locked iPhone, which is usually sold at half the price of a legit one.

Also, some sellers just talk the customers into buying the locked phone at the same price as the unlocked one.

So, you need to be aware while purchasing an iPhone next time from eBay.

Since, Walmart also offers iPhones, and it is a authorized reseller of Apple, it is a good place to buy the product. However, avoid third party sellers.

Can eBay Products be Trusted?

If you directly buy from eBay, you can trust its products. That’s because it is an extremely safe site.

eBay takes a lot of preventive measures to keep the buyers and sellers happy. However, mishaps occur at times.

For example, a third-party seller on eBay might escape the screening process and list a fake product on the site.

In this case, you need to be incredibly careful and verify the product in detail.

How Can You Tell If an eBay Seller is Legit?

You can verify the authenticity of a seller on eBay by assessing the seller’s feedback, checking their feedback history, and asking questions about the product.

eBay is one of the greatest websites to find affordable deals. However, some sellers try to scam people by listing fake products. 

So, if you do not want to deal with the hassle of unreliable sellers and fake products, you must find out if the product is legit or not. This will save you from a lot of trouble.

Does eBay Sell Fake Perfumes?

Even though eBay does not sell any fake perfumes itself, some third-party sellers might try to sell fake perfumes.

If you have bought a perfume from a third party and it does not last long, the chances are that the perfume is fake.

You must also remember that famous perfume brands use pale colors as the final product. So, if your perfume color is not pale, it is probably fake cologne. 

If you have received a fake perfume, you can report it to eBay and ask them to take action.

The customer support service will reach out to the seller and ask them to refund you the amount.

Does eBay Sell Fake Jordans?

Although fake Jordans are not allowed on eBay, the site is saturated with thousands of sellers. So, if you buy from these sellers, they might sell you fake Jordans.

However, Jordan falls under the ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ if you buy directly from eBay.

Not only this, but the website is also planning to expand its authenticity program to sneakers above $100 (both new and used).

So, if you do not want to fall into the trap of fake Jordans on eBay, we suggest you buy them directly from eBay and take advantage of its authenticity guarantee. 

Does eBay Sell Fake Watches?

Yes, watches on eBay can sometimes be fake. There are many stories of receiving fake Rolex, Breitling, and other luxury watches from the site.

Identifying fake watches just by looking at pictures seems almost impossible. Some people cannot even identify them, even if they hold them in their hands.

To protect the buyers, the website has launched its authentication service. But, this service is only available to buyers in the US.

In case you receive a fake watch, all you need to do is email photos and a detailed description to eBay customer service.

The online authentication service will help you get a refund and even assist you in buying authentic watches from the website.

Will eBay Refund Me If I Get Scammed?

Yes, according to eBay’s policy, the website will refund you if you get scammed. eBay provides a money-back guarantee to its users. This means the buyers can claim a refund if the items do not arrive.

Moreover, you are also eligible for a refund if the product arrives faulty, damaged, or does not match the listing.

So, if you get scammed on eBay, you need to contact the customer support service. The team will assist you in every possible way and help you get your refund.

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eBay itself is an authentic website. However, thousands of sellers are listed on the site, and some might escape the screening process. So, some buyers might end up receiving fake products on eBay.

You can contact the customer support service if you receive a fake product from the site. The team will deal with you and resolve your issue.

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