Where Does Petco Get their Animals in 2023?

Are you also wondering where does Petco get their Animals?

If you have bought anything from the store, this thought must have crossed your mind once in a while.

For your convenience, we have prepared this in-depth guide where we will discuss the different animals available at Petco and their sources. So, let’s get started!

Where Does Petco Get Their Animals

Where Does Petco Get Its Animals?

Different Petco stores across the country get their animals from different sources. For example, the pet store gets the big animals from animal rescue shelters as they are listed for adoption instead of direct selling.

On the other hand, small animals and fish available at Petco come directly from mills and breeders.

According to PETA, Petco was also associated with Holmes Farms, which supplies animals to all the major pet stores.

However, Petco stated that it has cut tied with Holmes Farms as the store’s investigators witnessed the cruel state in which the animals were kept.

Where Does Petco Get Its Ferrets?

According to the information available on Petco’s website, the store gets the ferrets from Marshall Farms.

Also known as Marshall BioResources, Marshall Farms is one of the largest ferret breeders in the world. Apart from the retailers like Petco, Marshall Farms also sells its ferrets to labs for experimentation.

Currently, Petco is facing severe pressure from animal rights activists to end its partnership with the company, but it has not happened yet.

Where Does Petco Get Their Reptiles?

Petco gets its reptiles from all the major reptile breeders in the world, including Segrest Farms, C.R.A.P, CalZoo, and Sandfire.

All the reptile suppliers mentioned above are wholesalers and not retailers. This means that they sell reptiles only to stores and not to the general public.

Located in Gibsonton, Florida, Segrest Farms is the largest reptile supplier in the USA. The company not only sells reptiles to the store, but Petco also gets its aquatic plants and fish from it.

Where Does Petco Get their Dogs?

Petco gets its dogs from animal welfare organizations and rescue shelters instead of mills and breeders.

The store does not get the dogs and puppies from the breeders because it does not directly sell them. Instead, they are up for adoption.

Petco connects abandoned and stray dogs with people who want to get pets. Even though the procedure of adopting dogs is a lot similar to buying, the sources are different.

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Where Does Petco Get their Cats?

All the cats available at Petco come from animal rescue groups and animal shelters.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that Petco has never sold a cat since it was founded. That’s because it believes in their adoption.

The store has even set up Petco Love which works with the local shelters to provide a home to abandoned cats. The donations and funding raised by Petco Love are given to animal welfare organizations to keep them running.

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Where Does Petco Get their Birds?

Petco gets its birds from the Kaytee Preferred Birds program. 

Currently, the birds’ dealer has two facilities based in Florida and is planning to open one in Las Vegas. Out of the two branches in Florida, one deal in small birds, including lovebirds, finches, and budgies.

The other branch is involved in the mass production of larger species of parrots for the sole purpose of hand-feeding.

Besides birds, Kaytee also supplies Petco with pet food and treats for smaller animals, including birds.

Where Does Petco Get Rabbits From?

The rabbits and bunnies available at Petco come from animal welfare organizations and rescue shelters. Petco stopped getting the rabbits from breeders due to pressure from PETA and the House Rabbit Society (HRS).

The store realized that the rabbits it was selling were being abandoned and ending up in animal welfare organizations.

So, on November 17, 2008, Petco decided to no longer sell or buy the rabbits from the breeders. Instead, it will list them for adoption so they can get home. 

Where Does Petco Get Rats From?

The rats found at Petco come from Fish Mart and Barney’s Pets.

While most of the pets at the store can be bought online, this is not the case with rats.  If you want to buy a rat from Petco, you must visit the store yourself.

But, make sure that you first call your nearby Petco store and ask about the availability of the rats. That’s because they are an incredibly popular pet, and there is a chance that they are out of stock.

Where Does Petco Get Fish?

Currently, Segrest Farms and Mart are the largest fish supplier of Petco. 

Segrest Farms is the largest tropical fish supplier in the US and has been doing business since 1961. Some popular freshwater fish species supplied by the company to Petco include barbs, catfish, loach, betas, and polypterus. 

Other than that, the store also gets its fish from wholesale suppliers and local breeders.

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Where Does Petco Get Guinea Pigs?

Barney’s Pet and Fish Mart supplies the guinea pigs available at Petco. There is a rumor that the store sometimes sells sick or pregnant guinea pigs to customers.

Even though the store accepts the return of animals as long as they are in good health, it is always a good idea to be careful in the beginning.

So, make sure you properly check the animal before buying it from Petco.

Does Petco Sell Animals?

Yes, Petco sells a variety of animals in-store and online. However, some are only available for adoption.

For example, if you want a dog, cat, or rabbit, you must adopt them from the store as it does not directly sell them. On the other hand, you can buy birds, fish, reptiles, rats, and other small animals from Petco.

Bottom Line

To cut it short, Petco gets different animals from different sources. Moreover, it also depends upon the store’s location. The large animals at the store come from rescue shelters and animal welfare organizations.

On the contrary, smaller ones are bought from wholesalers and breeders. So, when it comes to Petco animals, there is no fixed supplier.

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