Where are Wrangler Jeans made? (2023)

Wrangler jeans are known for their durability, comfort, and quality. The brand is making jeans that look and feel great on the outside and on the inside as well.

Wrangler jeans accounted for one out of every five pairs sold in 1996. But you might be curious about where are Wrangler jeans made. Without wasting any time, let’s find it out.

Where are Wrangler Jeans made?

Earlier, Wrangler jeans were manufactured in the United States. However, now most of their jeans are made in Bangladesh, China, India, Belgium & Vietnam.

In 2019, the company introduced its “Rooted Collection,” which will be an exclusive “Made in USA” collection.

Where are Wrangler Jeans made

About Wrangler:

Wrangler is a famous American apparel manufacturing company. The company is famous for its high-quality jeans and workwear.

Initially, the company was founded as Hudson Overall Company in 1904.

In 1919, the firm was renamed Blue Bell Overall Company. In the same year, the company inaugurated its first plant in Greensboro.

After almost 3 decades, Blue Bell introduced the first volume of authentic Wrangler jeans in 1947. These jeans were specifically made for the cowboys.

A campaign for promoting these jeans was launched, which featured famous personalities such as Bill Linderman, Jim Shoulders, and Freckles Brown. Since 1947, Blue Bell has been producing Wrangler jeans for its worldwide consumers.

In 2019, the company became part of an independently traded spin-off called Kontoor Brands.

Kontoor Brands is also famous for its other subsidiaries, such as LEE and Rock and Republic. Both of them also are jeans manufacturing companies.

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4 Countries Where Wrangler Jeans are Manufactured:

Wrangler produced its jeans in many countries, but below 4 countries are where Wrangler Jeans are made in abundance.

  • The United States
  • Belgium
  • Mexico
  • China

Are Wrangler Jeans Made in the USA?

The United States is home to Wrangler jeans. Wrangler jeans were first introduced in the US for cowboys in 1947. These jeans became famous countrywide in no time.

The firm is still headquartered in Greensboro. Wrangler jeans have been produced and sold in the United States for decades. The company had its production plants in several states, such as North Carolina and others states.

Jeans produced in these factories were supplied throughout the country. Some of them were also exported to neighboring countries.

Wrangler is a well-known denim brand. The company also sponsored hundreds of events and was celebrated as an international brand.

Wrangler also manufactures denim outside the United States. Wrangler’s management evaluated the costs of manufacturing jeans within the United States.

Other jeans manufacturing companies such as Levi’s departed from the United States as far as manufacturing was concerned.

So, in 2005, Wrangler officially stopped its manufacturing in the United States. Its last sewing plant was closed, which marked the end of all Wrangler manufacturing in the country.

Years later, in 2019, the company communicated its plan to introduce a 100% Made in America jeans line.

This news made headlines as in 14 years, the company didn’t produce any jeans in the United States.

The company announced to launch of 5 collections, with each collection associated with a different state. This launch was overall called “The Rooted Collection.”

Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama were the states associated with these jeans. The cotton used in respective jeans was surprisingly produced within the state too.

The public loved this gesture from Wrangler. Cotton produced in these five states was then sent to Mount Vernon Mills.

These mills are located in a town in Georgia called Trion. These Mills hold the honor of being the largest blue jean manufacturer in the United States and have a rich history of over 175 years.

After dying the fabric, pre-denim is sent to El Paso, Texas. Here Excel Manufacturing does the final job of cutting and sewing the denim.

This 100% “Made in USA” jeans are then supplied throughout the United States.

Interestingly, the company also announced introducing more states and styles in the Rooted Collection in the coming years.

The Wrangler “1947 Collection” and the famous “27406 Collection” are also manufactured in the United States. The “27406” collection was made as a tribute to the Greensboro zip code.

This name was given because all of the sewing and sourcing of raw materials was done locally in Greensboro.

Are Wrangler Jeans Made in Belgium?

Outside the United States, Wrangler opened its first factory in Belgium. This factory was quite successful as it opened new horizons for Wrangler’s entry into European countries.

Are Wrangler Jeans Made in Mexico?

More than one-third of Wrangler jeans are manufactured in the western hemisphere. Mexico is the most notable country in this regard.

Wrangler commenced making jeans in Mexico in 2001. This plant is situated in the city of Juan Aldama, Chihuahua.

In 2017, due to unknown reasons, the Wrangler factory in Aldama was closed. However, Wrangler jeans are still manufactured in Mexico.

So, if you are from the United States, there is a possibility that your Wrangler jeans might have been manufactured in Mexico.

Are Wrangler Jeans Made in China?

Another major country regarding Wrangler’s jeans is China. Earlier, mass production of Wrangler jeans was done in China. It was due to inexpensive labor and low operational costs.

The imposition of heavy taxes and tariffs on things imported from China has placed many barriers to manufacturing in China. The brand slowly started phasing out its jeans production from China.

Today, less than 1.5% of Wrangler jeans are manufactured in China. Until 2020, Wrangler jeans were not sold in China, although its parent’s-subsidiary LEE jeans were.

In 2020, the parent company Kontoor Brands announced its plan to sell Wrangler jeans in China.

The company saw China as a growth opportunity and focused on dwelling on its production in China.

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Are Wrangler Jeans Good?

A big Yes! Wrangler jeans are known for their ruggedness and durability.

The cotton used in these jeans is a strong, heavy-duty fabric, so you can wear them in extreme conditions without getting damaged or frayed.

These jeans are also a comfortable choice for many occasions, and the fact that they are available in different styles makes them perfect for every man.

The blue denim from Wrangler is known for its soft feel, and the indigo blue is known for its rich tone. In addition, the jeans are a classic and timeless choice, so you will never go out of style.

The stitching is done in a way that makes these jeans breathable, so they do not cause discomfort while you wear them. 

Final Words

Wrangler jeans have been a staple of American men’s wardrobes for more than a century.

While the company’s roots go back much further than that, Wrangler made its name by selling premium quality, affordable men’s denim that any generation can wear on any occasion.

Wrangler jeans today stand tall as one of the top jeans companies globally.

Although Wrangler produces the majority of its jeans overseas, recent advancements of the company to manufacture jeans in the United States have captured the public’s attention.

People have appreciated this step. The parent company continues to date its hybrid model of manufacturing jeans in different parts of the world.

Also, it aims to provide the American market with jeans made within the USA.

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