Where are Traeger Grills Made? China or USA?

If you are a grill lover or looking to buy a perfect grill for your household, you might have heard of Traeger Grills. And why not? The company is famous worldwide for introducing pellet grills.

Today, we are going to find out where are Traeger Grills made? Are these grills manufactured in the USA or elsewhere?

Where are Traeger Grills made?

According to official sources, Traeger Grills are made in China and Vietnam. Until 2010, Traeger grills were designed and manufactured in the United States.

After that, Traeger grills were no longer manufactured in the US. The company started outsourcing its grill manufacturing to China. However, the wood pellets are still made in the USA with American hardwoods.

Many people are fooled into the idea that Traeger grills are made in the US, but the reality is otherwise.

However, many people are still loyal to the brand due to its quality and reliability. Let’s discuss the history and manufacturing of Traeger Grills over the past 3 decades.

Where are Traeger Grills Made

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Who Owns Traeger Grills?

Joe Traeger was the first person who develops a pellet grill in 1985. The company sold its first commercial grill on the market in 1988; the rest is history.

Joe Traeger patented Traeger Pellet Grills in 1986. This restricted the manufacturing of Pellet Grills to Traeger only for the next twenty years.

The patent expired in 2006, and many other competitors entered the market and offered better prices and better quality. The fierce competition forced the company to cut costs and eventually sell prices.

Apart from Pellet Grills, the company also manufactures other types of grills.

In 2006, Joe Traeger, along with his sons, Mark and Brian, sold the company assets for US$12.4 million. At that time, the company was headquartered in Oregon.

In 2014, Jeremy Andrus and a private equity firm, Trilantic Capital Partners, acquired Traeger Pellet Grills LLC. 

In 2015, the company closed all its operations in Oregon and officially moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.

As of today, the company is still owned by the Trilantic-Andrus venture and is headquartered in Utah.

Manufacturing Locations of Traeger Grills:

As we already know that Traeger Grills are made in China. Let’s have a thorough analysis of where Traeger Grills are manufactured.

1. Are Traeger Grills Made in the USA?

are traeger grills made in usa

The legend says that during a family fourth of July Barbeque, the gas grill of the Traeger family caught fire while cooking chicken.

It made Joe Traeger so much furious that he kicked the grill. This anger made him start working on a grill using wood pellets.

It resulted in a wood pellet-fueled grill with temperature and smoke control. This is where Traeger Pellet grills were born. These grills became the talk of the town within no time.

The thermostatic control and user-friendliness made them popular all around America. By 1988, the company had sold its first commercial Pellet grill.

Being a small company, the brand limited its manufacturing operations to Oregon. 

All of the Traeger pellet grills were manufactured in factories in Oregon until 2006. The brand started outsourcing some of its work to China after the company was sold in 2006.

By 2010, no Trager grills were officially made in the US. Until 2015, the company had warehouses and logistics in Oregon, Tennessee, and Colorado. In 2015, the company shifted all of its operations to Utah.

2. Are Traeger Grills Made in China?

With the expiry of the Pellet Grill patent in 2006, the company started facing intense and fierce competition. Competitors offered much lower prices for the same features as Traeger was offering.

The company needed to cut costs. To lower production costs, the company started outsourcing its manufacturing to China. By 2010, Traeger relocated all of its manufacturing operations to China. The result lower prices with better quality.

It is hard to say where they are made in China because there has been no official communication from the company.

However, reports say that different outsourcing companies in China manufacture Traeger. The company also has a dedicated supply chain and management team in China.

What Makes Traeger Grills Better?

Traeger Grills are widely used in barbeques and are known for their user-friendliness. Besides this feature, let me tell you some other great features of the Original Traeger Wood Pellet Grill.

1. Smoky Flavor:

The smoky flavor is something that no other grill can match. They are known for their smoky flavor. The smoke is controlled and maintained by the thermostatic control.

The smoke is evenly distributed throughout the grill and does not get concentrated in one place. If you want your food to have a high smoke flavor, then the recommended temperature of the grill is between 165o-225o F.

On the other hand, if you want a barbeque with a low-smoke flavor, cooking it at a higher temperature is recommended. 

2. Multi-functional Grills:

Traeger grills are known for their versatility. They come with all the tools and accessories that are required for cooking.

You can smoke, grill, roast, braise, barbeque, or even bake. Hence, they are popular multi-functional grills.

3. Traeger Grills are Durable:

Traeger Grills are very durable. They are built to last and provide a great consumer experience.

They are built with stainless steel and high-quality components. If proper care is taken and faulty parts are replaced promptly, the Traeger Grills might last 15 years

Another great thing is that the grills come under 3 years warranty. So, you can be assured that if any fault occurs, you are covered under warranty and with their excellent customer service. 

Are Traeger Grills Worth it?

If you are a fan of smokey grills, the Traeger grill is a great choice for you. Since they are manufactured in China, many people speculate about the quality of their grills. 

But Traeger grills are known for their high quality. They have a 3-year warranty, and their customer service is great.

Their grills are versatile and equipped with awesome wood-fired flavor. It has an easy installation process and is great for outdoor grill functions or parties. Although they are a bit more expensive than their rivals, they are worth the price.

Our Verdict:

Traeger Grills are famous worldwide for introducing pellet grills and are still popular despite being manufactured in China and Vietnam.

Although the company started manufacturing in the US, outsourcing to China allowed them to offer better quality and lower prices.

Traeger grills are known for their versatility, user-friendliness, and smoky flavor, making them a great choice for grill lovers.

Despite the change in ownership and relocation of operations, Traeger still remains a household name in the world of grilling.

So, whether you’re a professional chef or a novice cook, Traeger Grills are an excellent investment for anyone looking to elevate their barbeque game.

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