Where are Taylor Guitars Made? Is it in the USA?

The world of musical instruments is very complex. A layperson might not be able to tell the difference between a $500 guitar or a $5000 guitar, but a musician can tell the difference just by mere hearing.

If you are a fan of guitars, there is no way you don’t know about Taylor guitars. Want to know more about Taylor guitars? Where are Taylor guitars made?

Let’s find it out.

Where are Taylor Guitars Made

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Where are Taylor Guitars Made?

Taylor guitars are exclusively made in only 2 countries. The company owns 2 factory complexes, one in the United States and the other in Mexico, where hundreds of guitars are produced daily.

The company does not manufacture any instruments in Asia or any other continent. All the manufacturing is done within these two complexes.

The company also owns a factory service center and distribution warehouse in the Netherlands. Guitars are sold in over 60 countries through a network of active retailers and distributors.

Taylor Guitar’s History:

Taylor Guitars is one of the most well-known guitar manufacturing companies. It’s an American guitar brand headquartered in El Cajon, California.

The brand is one of the largest manufacturers of acoustic guitars in the United States. Taylor produces acoustic, electrical, and classic guitars.

The company came into existence when Bob Marley, alongside Kurt Listing and Steve Schemmer, bought the American Dream and renamed it Westland Music Company.

The company specializes in acoustic and semi-hollow electric guitars. Today, the company employs more than 1200 people.

Taylor Guitars Manufacturing Facilities:

Let’s get straight into the details of where your Taylor guitars are manufactured:

Are Taylor Guitars Made in the USA?

It was in El Cajon, California, where the company first started manufacturing acoustic guitars. Today, this place is also the headquarters of the company.

The United States is the central business hub of Taylor Guitars. Bob Taylor, alongside Kurt Listing and Steve Schemmer, laid the foundation of these guitars, and Taylor guitars were born.

Today, this factory serves as a manufacturing base for almost all Taylor acoustic guitars supplied in the United States. Acoustics made here are also provided to other countries.

El Cajon factory is located 20 miles east of downtown San Diego in El Cajon, California. It’s a huge 145,000-square-foot manufacturing facility,

The all-solid wood body is the dominant feature of guitars made here in the El Cajon factory. Hundreds of different types of woods are available here to use in different guitars.

Every wood alters the sound of instruments differently; hence experts here exercise great care in selecting and using them precisely.

Before Covid, the Taylor factory and visitor center were open to tourists. This site gained a lot of visitor attractions and made it a popular place in El Cajon, California.

It’s a free visit. The visit includes going from the ground stage of selecting wood to the final stage of production. This site was closed for visitors during Covid and since then hasn’t been open for visitors.

Another interesting fact about this company is that it is 100% employee-owned now. The ownership is now completely transferred to employees through the employee stock ownership plan.

Taylor Guitars 300 and above series are manufactured in the EL Cajon complex.

Manufacturing of Taylor Guitars in Mexico:

Taylor Guitar’s factory in Tecate, Mexico, is the only manufacturing facility outside California where the company manufactures guitars.

The company manufactures its lower-priced guitar models and guitar cases here. Lower costs for labor and material lower the overall costs of manufacturing guitars and cases here.

This facility in Tecate is a multipurpose complex, all being done under the same roof. Guitar models produced here feature ES2 electronics.

The top is made of solid wood, and the sides and back are also layered with wood. Guitars of different shapes and sizes are manufactured here and exported to other countries.

This facility was opened to reach more potential customers by introducing a more affordable range of Taylor guitars.

The 200 series are a notable product of the Tecate factory. GS minis and the Academy series of Taylor guitars are also made in this factory.

Although the guitars made here are relatively lower priced than the ones at El Cajon, they are in no way lower quality.

The company claims to maintain its standards of quality and excellence in both of its factories.

Are Taylor Guitars Good?

Are Taylor Guitars Good

Taylor Guitars are widely regarded for their high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional sound. They’re known for using top-notch materials, which contribute to their clear and bright tonal characteristics.

They offer a range of models catering to both professionals and beginners. Many famous musicians prefer Taylor Guitars for their reliability and performance.

The company also emphasizes innovation, with features like the V-Class Bracing which enhances sound quality. While they can be on the pricier side, many find the investment worthwhile for the quality they receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What wood is used in Taylor Guitars?

Different wood is used in different models of Taylor guitars. These include woods such as rosewood, mahogany, Sitka, Spruce, layered Sapele, Koa, walnut, etc.

Q2: What is special about Taylor Guitars?

The use of top-notch wood, precision techniques, and the experts in the industry makes Taylor Guitars one of the best guitars out there in the market.

Wrapping Up

 You’ve journeyed through the roots of Taylor Guitars, from the meticulous craft chambers of El Cajon to the versatile halls of Tecate.

What you’re holding in your hands, when you embrace a Taylor, is not just an assembly of wood and strings, but an emblem of dedication.

With Taylor Guitars, you’re part of a select league that values the finer nuances. Whether it’s the craftsman’s attention to detail in El Cajon or the harmonious blend of affordability and quality in Tecate, Taylor ensures that your guitar is a companion you can count on.

Joining the Taylor family is like opening a door to an enriching experience. As you strum those strings, feel the history, passion, and innovation resonating with each note.

Taylor doesn’t just make guitars; they create stories and emotions, waiting for you to unleash them.

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