Where are Sony TVs made? 8 Countries Revealed in 2023

Where are Sony TVs made

Sony is an electronics brand that came into existence in 1958. By 1960, the company launched its first-ever television with a Sony logo.

Since then, the company has been one of the most famous brands on the face of the planet.

But the question arises: where are Sony TVs made? Let’s find the answer.

Where are Sony TVs made?

Well, if you are expecting a one-word answer to this question, sorry, it won’t happen because Sony manufactures its TVs in countries like Spain, China, Japan, Mexico, and India. Slovakia and Malaysia.

The company built different manufacturing plants around the world in its campaign to meet the increasing demand.

But, later on, sold these to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) companies.

These companies now manufacture all the products for Sony. Let’s have a closer look at how and where are Sony TVs made.

Who Makes Sony TVs?

The multinational conglomerate Sony Corporation makes Sony TVs.

Sony Corporation is known for its electronics products, including televisions, which are often recognized for their quality and innovative features.

The company manufactures its TVs as well as outsources some of its production to third-party manufacturers under strict quality control guidelines. However, Sony retains full control over the design, development, and marketing of its products.

Who Makes Sony TVs

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Now that we know who makes Sony TVs let’s dive into specific details of where Sony TVs are manufactured.

1. Are Sony TVs made in Japan?

The first Sony television was made in Japan in 1960. Sony’s headquarters is also in Minato City in the capital of Japan, Tokyo.

It was this country where the company had its first manufacturing plant in 1972. This plant in Inazawa is also the birthplace of Sony’s first cathode-ray tube (CRT) tube. The majority of their TV designs are made in research facilities in Japan.

Having sold over 280 million CRT TVs since 1965, the company finally decided to stop CRT production in 2004 to focus more on the new designs and in-demand LCD TVs.

Previously, the company’s homemade Sony products were exported all over the world. But now, the company’s plant in Japan operates only to fulfill Japan’s needs.

So, if you see any Sony TV outside Japan, it is highly probable that it would have been made outside Japan.

2. Mexico:

Due to its close border with the United States, the majority of Sony TVs presented in the US are supplied by Sony factories in Mexico. 

Sony has its manufacturing facility in Tijuana, a city considered the TV assembly center of the world.

In 2010, this plant was sold, and it went under the control of a Taiwanese manufacturing company, Foxconn otherwise known as Hon Hai Co. Ltd.

Today, Foxconn supplies more than 70% of TVs across the American continent. The principal designs of Sony TVs you see around the world are mostly made here.

So, if you bought a Sony TV from the United States, it would have been manufactured in Mexico.

3. Malaysia:

Third, we have Malaysia, Sony’s biggest production plant outside Japan, on the list.

Sony first started mass production and operations in Malaysia in 1973 and, since then, has been the home of millions of Sony products.

The majority of the Sony TVs are made in Penang, a city in the northern peninsula of Malaysia that has been the hub for manufacturing electrical devices and components for decades.

But the company has now decided to shift all of its operations from Penang to Selangor to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

However, Sony Malaysia will continue to produce TVs. The production facility in Selangor is Sony’s first human-independent factory, as robots and machines would do the majority of the work here. TVs manufactured in Malaysia are exported mainly to Asian countries and Australia.

4. China:

In joint cooperation with Foxconn, Sony decided to build the world’s largest LCD TV production facility in the country’s Yantai City, Shandong Province.

The plant can produce more than 30 million panels annually, making it one of the largest LCD manufacturing facilities in the world.

Foxconn, the giant electronic manufacturer, continues to produce electronic devices for Sony, and these devices are supplied throughout the country. So, if you have bought a Sony TV from China, it is most likely that it was made in China.

5. India:

Foxconn again leads the market in India as the majority of Sony TVs in India are made by them.

India is Sony’s fourth-largest market due to the large population of the country and the brand’s good reputation here. A big chunk of the company’s revenue is derived from India.

Sony manufactures its televisions here at Foxconn’s plant near Chennai. Foxconn manufactures all the products for the company, and then they are sold with the company’s name.

Lately, the imposition of higher taxes on the import of electrical components has created difficulties for the company, affecting its profitability.

The decision rests on the company as they can’t afford to shut down their plant in India, considering India is their 4th biggest market.

Foxconn Chennai plant being opened in 2015, was the first step to avoid these taxes and locally manufacture those imported components.

Anyways, the company continues to manufacture high-end TVs to date, and these are supplied not only within India but also exported to some Asian countries.

6. Russia:

The country has its own Sony TV manufacturing facility made in 2009. The plant lies in Tver, a city in the northwest of the country’s capital Moscow.

It produces TVs to be used within the country and also to be supplied to the European countries.

The company works here under an outsourcing scheme as most of its products are manufactured at the production facilities of a third-party American company, Jabil Circuit.

The company manufactures Sony TVs, and they are sold under Sony’s name. So, the Sony TVs you get across in Russia are not originally made by Sony.

7. Spain:

Many would not expect it, but the company also had a manufacturing plant in Spain. It was located in the uber-famous city of Barcelona.

The plant mainly manufactured TVs for the European market and to fulfill local needs. The plant mainly produced CRT TVs and LC panels.

However, due to global economic change, the company decided to wrap its operations from the country in 2010.

The plant in Barcelona was sold to Ficosa Corporation, Panasonic’s subsidiary involved in the automotive and engineering industries.

8. Slovakia:

Slovakia houses two very important manufacturing plants for Sony. One is in Trnava, located in the west of Slovakia.

The plant started its operations in 1996 and was mainly involved in manufacturing TV components. These components were then exported worldwide to other factories of Sony.

In 2006, the Trnava plant started manufacturing LCD panels, which were exported to all European countries.

With the increasing demand for Sony in the European market, the company established another facility in Nitra in 2007.

In a quest to push Sony’s production of TVs in Slovakia to 3 million per annum, the production lines in Trnava were relocated to Nitra in 2008.

Until 2010, Sony itself manufactured TVs in Slovakia, but with the selling of its factories to Foxconn, all of the Sony products supplied in Europe were manufactured by Foxconn.

Are Sony TVs Good?

The answer is yes, Sony TVs are generally good. They have several features that make them superior to most other televisions, and if you’re looking for a new one, it is worth a try.

Sony TVs are known for their high-quality pictures and sound, and this is evident when you see and listen to a Sony TV. The 8k resolution on their new OLED will make sure that you get the clearest picture ever.

However, there are some downsides to using Sony TVs, including the fact that they are not as cost-efficient as their competitors.

Also, their remote controls are not very intuitive to use and can freeze sometimes.

Their batteries need frequent recharging, and their battery life is relatively short. Not all of the models contain these problems, and this could vary from model to model.

Are Sony TVs worth it?

Well, it depends upon your needs. Sony TVs are popular worldwide, as they offer a wide range of technology options that are easy to use and operate.

Their TVs are not budget-friendly. So, if you have a tight budget and are looking for a high-end TV, we’d recommend going for other brands.

But if budget is not a constraint, then Sony TVs are an excellent choice. Sony’s new Bravia series of OLED TVs will blow your mind. They will provide you with the finest picture quality and will be the best choice for your entertainment needs.

How long do Sony TVs last?

Sony has improved the efficiency of their TVs in the past few years, and the latest models will give you a life of 4 to 6 years. You can also expect them to expect longer if proper care is taken.

Are Sony TVs good for gaming?

Although they are not a perfect choice for gaming, they are still worth trying. Sony TVs support 4K resolutions, which means that your games will look super awesome and give you a higher frame rate (60fps).

They also have built-in Dolby speakers in their premium models, which will make your game sound better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does Sony uses LG Screens?

Yes, Sony uses OLED panels from LG for its premium TV models. This collaboration combines LG’s leading OLED technology with Sony’s excellent picture processing, ensuring a top-notch, immersive viewing experience.

Q2: Who Makes Sony TV Panels?

Sony, like many other major television manufacturers, sources its TV panels from several different companies. Some top companies that manufacture TV panels for Sony are Sharp, LG Display, and AU Optronics.

Conclusion: Where are Sony TVs made?

Sony is considered a benchmark worldwide in the electronics industry. The company’s wide range of products, its excellent services, and its commitment to quality over the years have made them the leader in the tech market.

Introduction to new designs and advanced technology exhibits the company’s policy to excel worldwide.

Sony is a remarkable brand and is loved by consumers due to its excellent quality. Sony is worth it.

Now that you know where Sony TVs are made? You can clearly get an idea about your Sony TVs’ origin. The brand has manufacturing facilities worldwide and does not compromise the quality in any location.

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