Where are Purple Mattresses Made? Who Owns Them?

Good sleep depends upon several factors, such as nutrition, sleeping environment, physical and psychological disruptions, etc.

One aspect that many people ignore to have a good sleep is the place where they sleep. Yes, we are talking about mattresses.

A good mattress means good sleep. Have you heard about Purple mattresses? Where are Purple mattresses made? Let’s find out.

Where are Purple Mattresses Made? 

Purple mattresses are one of those few products that are made within the United States. All Purple mattresses are made in Utah and Georgia, United States.

Where are Purple Mattresses Made

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Are Purple Mattresses Made in the USA?

Let’s have some highlights of their manufacturing plants in the USA:

1. Utah:

Utah is the hometown of Purple Mattresses. The mattress company started making mattresses in Utah’s mountain range city called Alpine.

For many years, founders Tony and Terry Pearce had been in the carbon fiber sporting goods and wheelchairs business.

They quickly recognized a space in the mattress industry and opened Purple Mattress in 2015. Alpine is also home to several other unicorns, such as Pluralsight and Qualtrics.

The company opened its second manufacturing facility in Grantsville in April 2017. It is a 574,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

This plant is gigantic. It is more in size than eight Walmart combined. In 1 year, the company’s staff went from 30 to 600.

This manufacturing complex made Purple one of the biggest employers in Utah. This move proved quite successful for the company as the revenue and growth of the company increased significantly.

2. Georgia:

Georgia has considered the second home of Purple as the city houses the most significant manufacturing facility of the company.

Purple Innovation Inc opened its newest manufacturing plant in McDonough, Georgia, on 4 August 2021.

The new plant created 400 new jobs in Georgia, with plans to create 500 new jobs over the course of the next two years, including a customer care center.

This plant will not only increase the manufacturing capacity of the company but also will help the management to carry out operations more effectively and efficiently.

How are Purple Mattresses Made?

Purple Mattresses are made on a principle called “Colum Buckling.” This buckling supports a very wide area and keeps the pressure on the foam uniform.

This principle supports the back and relieves shoulder pain. Hyper-Elastic Polymer technology used in Purple mattresses provides unmatchable comfort.

From design to prototyping and production to finally packing purple mattresses, all is done in their factories in Utah and Georgia.

Who owns the Purple Mattresses?

Two brothers, Tony Pearce, and Terry Perce, founded Purple Innovation LLC in 2010. Purple started manufacturing mattresses in 2015.

In July 2017, Purple announced its merger with GPAC (Global Partner Acquisition Corp), a publicly traded shell company.

In August 2020, the Pearce brothers stepped down from the company’s management. Paul Zepf was appointed as the new director to fill the vacant seat.

Who Owns Purple Mattresses

Purple Mattress Lawsuit:

In 2017, Purple filed a lawsuit against Ryan Monahan and Mark Werner. What started as a negative review turned into a case against the two.

In 2016, Ryan Monahan published a negative review of Purple mattresses on his website Honest Mattress Reviews, allegedly claiming that the powder used on Purple mattresses is very dangerous for the human body and causes severe damage.

Mark Werner is the CEO of Ghostbed and was accused of being a close friend and business partner of Ryan Monahan.

Purple filed a lawsuit against both of them in 2017, claiming that the powder used on mattresses is safe. The Judge found the accused guilty in 2018 of having a business connection and falsely misleading the customers.

Purple was awarded compensation for attorney fees and other costs in February 2018.

Where are Purple Mattress Sold?

Purple sells its mattresses online through its website and other retail partner stores across the United States.

In addition, Purple mattresses are also available at several brick-and-mortar retailers across the US. These include:

  • Macy’s
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Mattress Firm
  • Raymour and Flanigan
  • Bloomingdale’s

And the list goes on.

Are Purple Mattresses Good?

Are Purple Mattress Good

Purple mattresses have a limited 10-year warranty, although the foam is built to last long. Purple mattresses are a good balance of comfort, support, pressure relief, and stability.

The brand uses a unique technology called Purple Grid which makes Purple mattresses stand out among the other brands.

The hyper-elastic polymer of this grid technology fits perfectly in the comfort layers. This allows cooling airflow and makes your bed comfortable.

Considering all the above points, I think Purple mattresses are good value for money. Purple has a wide variety of mattresses at budget-friendly prices.

How Many Years Do Purple Mattresses Last?

Purple mattresses generally last for around 7-10 years.

This is a standard time for mattresses available in the market. Experts also recommend changing mattresses after ten years as mattresses tend to sag with time, especially for heavy sleepers.

You can use Purple mattresses for more than ten years if you want to, but for heavier sleepers, Purple mattresses tend to sag faster, so it’s better to get your mattress changed after ten years.

What Other Products Does Purple Make?

Purple is a home care company known for its fine-quality mattresses. But the company manufactures and sells a wide variety of other products too.

These include bed frames, pillows, bedding, sheets, and seat cushions. These other products are also of fine quality and are competitive in the market.


Purple mattresses are among the top mattress brands in the market. The brand has been under criticism for allegations regarding powder on their mattresses in the past.

Still, the company challenged the false allegations in court and proved all accusations false. If you are looking to buy a good quality mattress, Purple is a must-try.

Purple is not only a mattress company, but also a creator of other home comfort products, using the same high-quality materials and techniques.

If you’re considering a new mattress, keep in mind that Purple’s products are known to last between 7 to 10 years, a decent span for this kind of investment.

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