Where are Nectar Mattresses Made? Is It in China or UK?

Where are Nectar Mattresses Made

If you really want good sleep, you need a good mattress that is not only comfortable but also durable and long-lasting.

Nectar Sleep is an American company that has been in the business of producing quality mattresses for decades. Have you ever wondered where nectar mattresses are made? Let’s find out.

Where are Nectar Mattresses Made?

As of 2023, Nectar mattresses are only made in China and the United Kingdom. Initially, all Nectar mattresses were made in China.

Nectar’s biggest market is the United States. All nectar mattresses are made in China and UK and are then imported to the US.

For a long time, people thought that nectar mattresses were made in the United States. But, a recent lawsuit against the company exposed that almost all nectar mattresses are made in China.

Manufacturing Countries of Nectar Mattresses:

Now let’s talk about the manufacturing of Nectar mattresses in detail.

Are Nectar Mattresses Made in China?

China has been the most affordable and accessible option for manufacturing concerns in the past few years globally.

Nectar also sources most of its mattresses from China. The presence of skillful labor and inexpensive raw materials makes China one of the best places for manufacturing.

Bulk manufacturing of Nectar mattresses is done in China, and these are then assembled and packaged before finally shipping them to the United States.

Are Nectar Mattresses Made in China

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Manufacturing in the United Kingdom:

Nectar recently started being manufactured in the United Kingdom. Nectar mattress manufacturing in the United Kingdom is done in the heart of Derbyshire.

The Nectar mattress manufacturing factory in Derbyshire is 100% carbon neutral. All the mattresses manufactured are free from heavy materials and harmful dyes.

These mattresses in the United Kingdom and those in the United States are slightly different. Foams are different in both.

There is no gel memory foam in most Nectar mattresses made in the United Kingdom, while the US Nectar mattresses have memory gel foam.

Derby has a history of over 3 centuries of manufacturing expertise. Moving its manufacturing to Derbyshire was a smart move by Resident, Nectar’s parent company.

Who Makes Nectar Mattresses?

Nectar mattresses are made by the brand’s parent company, Resident. The company was previously known as DreamCloud Holding LLC.

Nectar mattresses were launched in 2016 by Eric Hutchinson, Ran Reske, and Craig Schmeizer under its parent company Resident.

The brand offers various home products such as mattresses, bedding, furniture, bed frames, and other related products.

Resident owns several other brand products, such as 1771 Living, Level Sleep, Awara, and DreamCloud.

Lawsuits against Nectar Mattresses

Manufacturing in the United States is not everyone’s cup of tea. High labor and material costs and strict local laws make it very difficult to manufacture in the US.

Therefore, “Made in US” greatly impacts any product as consumers buy US-made products more confidently.

Nectar has twice faced a lawsuit for falsely claiming that they manufacture mattresses in the United States.

In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission of the United States found out that the Nectar mattresses aren’t made in the US and that all of their manufacturing and assembling is done in China.

It seemed that if the warning in 2018 wasn’t enough, Resident Home LLC was again found guilty in 2021, falsely claiming that their mattresses are made in the US.

This time, however, the lawsuit didn’t just end in a warning. The company was found guilty again and was imposed with a penalty of $753,000 to settle false claims.

How Do I Know Where My Nectar Mattress is Manufactured?

If you are buying a Nectar mattress from the United States, there is a high chance that your mattress is sourced from China.

If you are buying a Nectar mattress from the United Kingdom, your Nectar mattress is most probably manufactured in Derbyshire’s factory.

You can also see the country of origin on the mattress label or ask the manufacturer about the country of manufacturing.

Does it Matter Where Nectar Mattresses are Made?

Yes, it matters whether your Nectar mattresses are made in the UK or China. There is a slight difference between the ones made in the UK and in China.

The ones available in the US (sourced mainly from China) are firmer than the UK ones.

Both the Nectar mattresses available in China and UK are made of 3 layers of foam. Memory foam is woven into the cover in the US version; the UK version does not.

Are Nectar Mattresses Good?

Are Nectar Mattresses Good

Yes, Nectar mattresses are good. After months of researching and comparing different brands, I finally decided to purchase the Nectar Lush Mattress. I was intrigued by its reputation for both comfort and support.

When the mattress arrived, it was vacuum sealed in a compact box, which I appreciated because it made it easier to maneuver through my apartment’s narrow hallway. Once unboxed, it expanded to its full size within a few hours.

The first night on the Nectar Lush Mattress was transformative. I could feel the memory foam contouring my body’s shape, providing a tailored level of support that was just right.

It was firm enough to prevent me from sinking in too deeply, but soft enough to cradle all my pressure points.

One thing I was concerned about when purchasing a memory foam mattress was heat retention, as I’m a warm sleeper.

However, the Nectar Lush didn’t disappoint. The cooling cover and gel-infused memory foam layer kept me comfortably cool throughout the night.

As a side sleeper, I often experience hip and shoulder pain with mattresses that are too firm.

With the Nectar Lush, I noticed a significant reduction in my usual aches and pains. It seems to strike the perfect balance between softness and support, and it has made a noticeable difference in my sleep quality.

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the Nectar Lush Mattress. It has provided me with comfortable, restful nights and I would recommend it to anyone in search of a quality memory foam mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are nectar mattresses Made in the USA?

No, Nectar mattresses aren’t made in the USA. The brand has been sued twice for falsely claiming that its mattresses are made in the USA.

Q2: Is Nectar Mattress Firm?

Yes, Nectar mattresses are firm. The mattress is 12 inches thick with an average of 6.5 firmness on a scale of 1-10.

Summing Up

When it comes to comfort and quality mattresses, Nectar could be an excellent choice. Despite the controversy over their place of production, these mattresses have garnered positive reviews for their unique balance of firmness and softness.

Whether manufactured in China or the UK, each mattress is designed with your sleep comfort in mind. Remember, the US and UK versions do have slight variations in their composition, so consider your personal sleep preferences before making a purchase.

While Nectar mattresses are not made in the USA, the company’s commitment to quality and comfort remains steadfast.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a mattress that provides support, contouring, and cooling effects, Nectar might just be the perfect fit for you.

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