Where are MG Cars Made? Who owns MG?

If you are from that Golden Vintage era of the 1900s, you might probably know about MG. The steering of a premium MG Roadster through the roads of London was another kind of satisfaction for viewers.

And even today, MG produces some of the finest cars in the world. But what makes the brand so popular, and where are MG cars made? To find out the answer, stick around with us!

Where are MG Cars Made?

Almost all MG cars are made in China, India, Thailand, Europe, and Pakistan. MG has been producing vehicles in China for decades now and owns more than four factories in mainland China.

Where are MG Cars Made

Where is MG From?

MG Car Company Limited is a British car manufacturer founded in 1924. The company gets its name from William Morris, a famous retail sales and service center in Oxford, hence Morris Garages.

The historic Longbridge plant has been the focal point of all MG production since the company’s initial days.

But since the undertaking of MG by the Chinese automaker in 2007, SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, the company does not manufacture in their veteran plant but instead uses it as an R&D center.

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Who Owns MG Cars?

Who Owns MG Cars

The company’s ownership changed many times and went under organizations such as Nuffield Organization, British Motor Corporation, and British Leyland Motor Corporation.

Since 1920, the firm has undergone many ups and downs. MG Rover Group officially produced MG domestic cars until 2006, when the company collapsed and was bought by the Chinese automaker Nanjing Automobile.

SAIC Motor, a Shanghai-based Automotive firm, acquired Nanjing Automobile in 2007. SAIC, since then, has been manufacturing all of the M. G.’s in the market.

The company also manufactures other cars apart from M. G., such as Maxus, Roewe, and Fiefan (R Brand).

To put it all into a single glimpse for you, here is a table depicting the owners of the MG brand.

S. NoOwnersTime Frame of Ownership
1.Morris Garages Ltd.1924-1930
2.M.G. Car Company Ltd.1930-1952
3.British Motor Corporation1952-1967
4.British Motor Holdings1967-1968
5.British Leyland1968-1990
6.Austin Rover1990-1992
7.Rover Group1992-2000
8.MG Rover Group2000-2005
9.Nanjing Automobile Group2005-2007
10.SAIC Motor2007-Onwards

SAIC Motor, the parent company, also holds a place among the Big 4 Chinese automakers and is a fortune global company. All of the Research and Development is done in China and its Longbridge plant in West Midlands.

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5 Manufacturing Locations of MG Cars:

Let’s discuss in detail how and where are MG Cars Made. 

1. England:

England is the hometown of MG. The company was formed here more than a century ago, in 1920.

England holds a special place in MG’s manufacturing as the Longbridge plant in Birmingham was the company’s first-ever plant.

Since the early days, this plant has been the company’s original stamp, as all of the MG cars were officially made here.

The undertaking of MG by Nanjing Automobile Group resulted in the closure of the Longbridge plant in 2005.

The plant that had been there for around a century was finally closed as the new owners decided to import MG Cars here. Many people were left jobless.

In 2008, the company slowly started producing some MG in their Longbridge plant, such as the MG TF model. But nothing was the same ever.

In their Longbridge plant, MG 6 and MG 3 supermini were also produced in the period between 2008 to 2016. In 2016, MG officially halted all production in England.

Since then, all of MG’s cars have been imported into the U. K., and no vehicle has since been made in the country. However, SAIC has used this plant as an R&D center for the new MG cars.

2. China:

MG has long used China as its official production base. Its parent company SAIC has been among China’s largest automobile manufacturing companies for decades.

The company manufactures more than 66% of its cars in China. MG uses four factories of its parent company SAIC in China.

These manufacturing plants are located in Nanjing, Zhengzhou, and Shanghai, and the latest one is in Ningde. The MG HS compact crossover was the first car produced at the Ningde facility.

The firm completed the Ningde plant with a total investment of US$ 702 million and had an annual capacity to produce around 240,000 vehicles.

With the opening of this plant, China now makes approximately 1 million MG cars annually. A lot of MG cars are exported from China worldwide. 

3. Thailand:

MG stepped into the Thailand market in 2014 as an automobile manufacturer. The parent company operates as a joint venture with Charoen Pokphand called SAIC-Charoen Pokphand.

Till 2016, all of the MG production was done in Hemaraj Eastern Industrial Estate. In 2016, MG replaced this plant.

In the same place, Industrial Estate 2, a new plant, went under construction in Chon Buri District.

The new plant is equipped with the most recent technology and has the most efficient systems installed for maximum productivity at this plant.

According to the company management, this plant will open doors to new opportunities for MG in the south-Asian market.

Thailand is a big market, so the company decided to open this factory in Thailand. The factory in the Chon Buri district was completed with an investment of US$ 1 million and could produce more than 100,000 units annually.

Are MG Cars Reliable

4. India:

In 2007, MG established its center in India under the name MG Motor India Private Limited. Sales and operations rolled off in 2019.

The company manufactures cars in a manufacturing facility located in Halol, Gujarat. General Motor India previously owned this plant, and MG purchased it in 2018.

The plant is spread over 178 acres. MG announced its plans to invest around 1500 Indian crores to increase the plant’s capacity from 80,000 to 100,000 units per annum.

MG cars such as Gloster, Hector, Hector Plus, Z. S. E. V., and Astor are predominantly found in the Indian market.

The company is looking to set up a new plant in India, considering the increase in demand for MG cars in India. It will double the manufacturing capacity of MG in India.

5. Pakistan:

MG Motor U. K. Limited signed an MOU with Pakistani MGJ. W. Automobile to bring electric vehicles to Pakistan.

The joint venture MG Motors Pakistan has approved the manufacturing of electric vehicles by MG J.W. Automobile in a special economic zone located in Raiwind.

The Chinese and Pakistani experts are working to finalize the plant, and this plant will serve as a production base for MG in the Pakistani market.

The company has already introduced MG HS and Z. S. crossovers in the country. MG  has also hinted at the MG ZS EV vehicle soon.

MG3 HatchBack, MG5 AND MG6 Sedans, MGExtender Pickups, Gloster, and RX8 SUVs are next to be launched in Pakistan.

Are MG Cars Reliable?

I’ve been driving the MG ZS EV for a few months now, and overall, I’m fairly happy with its performance. In terms of reliability. the car has been solid, and I haven’t experienced any major issues so far.

The interior materials and build quality seem decent for the price, and the car feels well put together.

However, there are a few downsides to consider. The infotainment system can be a bit laggy and unresponsive at times, which can be frustrating.

Additionally, the ZS EV doesn’t have the quickest acceleration, so it may not be the best choice for driving enthusiasts.

Overall, the MG ZS EV offers a good balance of value and practicality. If you’re looking for an affordable electric car with decent reliability and practicality, the ZS EV is definitely worth considering.

Final Thoughts:

MG has rapidly gained traction outside the United Kingdom in the past few decades. The company is an uprising brand and is now lined up among the other top global automobile brands.

The company has plans to launch its production houses in other countries and is committed to delivering outstanding quality. MG is among the luxury car brands globally, and currently, the company has no plans to make cheap cars. 

MG manufactures various vehicles and is currently owned by the SAIC group, a giant automobile manufacturer from China. Apart from cars, MG’s range of products includes Vans, Pickup trucks, and SUVs.

So, I hope that the article has cleared all of your queries regarding where are MG Cars Made? That’s all from today. See you soon.

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