Where are Merrell Shoes Made in 2023? Are They Good?

Merrell is a brand of durable footwear in America. It is one of those footwear companies committed to making high-quality boots for decades. I have been using its hiking shoes for a long time and find them to be really comfy.

Since I am a big fan of their quality and durability, I thought, let’s search more about them. The one question that came to my mind was: Where are Merrell Shoes Made? So, let’s find out!

Where are Merrell Shoes Made?

Merrell shoes today are manufactured in the United States, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. The company has been manufacturing shoes itself since the beginning. The firm has focused more on manufacturing in Asian countries such as Vietnam and China.

Interestingly, the brand also manufactures in the United States. For many, it was pretty surprising.

Since the leaders in the footwear industry outsource their production, many consumers were happy that they’d be able to buy some “Made in the USA” shoes.

Where are Merrell Shoes made

The brand has a rich history of 41 years. Without further ado, let’s further analyze their history and manufacturing locations.

History of Merrell Shoes:

Merrell is an American company associated with footwear and textile manufacturing for decades. The firm was established around 41 years ago, in 1981.

Two employees at Rossignol Ski Company, Clark Matis and John Schweizer, joined hands with R.I Merrell (maker of custom boots), and that’s when the Merrell brand was born.

Initially, the company started working on hiking boots. For manufacturing, management decided to get footwear manufactured in Italy, the leading footwear market.

The same hiking boots became the reason for the company’s fame. However, in 1987, the Finnish sports company, Karhu, acquired Merrell. Karhu started moving some of its production to Asian countries like China and Vietnam.

The company flourished rapidly in Karhu’s era and expanded operations to over 22 countries.

Another key event in the company’s history occurred when Wolverine World Wide, an American footwear manufacturer, purchased Merrell.

Wolverine manufactures shoes with the brand name and famous brand Wo Puppies. Wolverine started adding innovation to the company. Many new and advanced design shoes were added to the footwear line.

The company also achieved another milestone in 2007 when it introduced Merrell clothing and accessories. By 2010, the brand became globally recognized as its products were sold in more than 151 countries worldwide.

Today, the company operates through its retail stores and virtually through E-Commerce stores and has an essential place in the footwear industry.

Manufacturing Countries of Merrell Shoes:

Now that you are a little aware of the company’s history. Let’s have an in-depth analysis of where Merrell shoes are made.

1. Are Merrell Shoes Made in the USA?

The United States is the hometown of Merrell. The company was founded in the United States and is headquartered in Rockford, Michigan.

Since the overtaking of Merrell by Wolverine World Wide, most Merrell shoes have been manufactured by Wolverine Inc. The company gets the majority of its production from third-party manufacturers.

Most of these third-party manufacturers are present in South America, where they use their facilities to manufacture shoes for clients.

Wolverine has company-owned production houses in Michigan, Mexico, Arkansas, and the Dominican Republic as far as their manufacturing is concerned.

These production houses account for more than 15% of the company’s production.

The customers have appreciated that some of the company’s shoes are still manufactured in the United States. Even though very few brands today manufacture in the United States.

2. Are Merrell Shoes Made in China?

With the purchase of Merrell by Karhu in 1987, the company also started manufacturing outside the United States in Asian countries. These countries included China and Vietnam.

China, at that time, was emerging as a global economy. The ideal conditions, such as inexpensive labor and efficient use of resources in China, made the country a heaven for manufacturers.

Outside the United States, China is Merrell’s go-to country, where many variants of Merrell are manufactured. Since Wolverine undertook Merrell, they controlled the whole operations in mainland China.

More than 85% of Wolverine production is done in the Asian-Pacific region. China accounts for the majority of that production.

In 2019, Wolverine Inc partnered with Chinese sportswear retailer Xtep International Holdings Limited to grow Merrell in China.

The company will distribute, market, and develop Merrell products in China and Macau. Xtep’s significant presence in China will help Merrell as a brand exponentially grows in China.

3. Manufacturing in Vietnam:

Apart from China, another country that tops the list regarding manufacturing in Asia is undoubtedly Vietnam. Especially after the trade war between China and the United States, many companies have started to move out of China.

Alternatively, Vietnam offers them even cheaper labor. Wolverine, the parent company of Merrell shoes, also has started to fade out from China.

The continuously growing tension between the two countries has made the company shrink its production in China and focus more on Vietnamese production.

Moreover, half of Wolverine’s products are produced in this country nowadays. More than 70% of Merrell’s footwear is sourced from Vietnam.

So, if you have a Merrell shoe or are likely to buy one, it is highly likely that it was made in Vietnam.

4. Manufacturing in the Rest of the World:

Apart from the countries mentioned above, rumors are that some Merrell products are made in Indonesia, India, and Cambodia.

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Are Merrell Shoes Good?

Although Merrell Shoes are my favorite, I have to give an unbiased review. So, Merrell Shoes are mainly popular for hiking. They are pretty famous online and have generated good business through online platforms. 

Apart from hiking, they are also suitable for trail running, trekking, and other outdoor sports. The company has also designed some shoes for their active lifestyle.

The Merrel Jungle Moc is among the best-selling hiker shoes of the company. They are pretty popular because of their low cost and high quality.

It’s a comfortable shoe that keeps your feet warm and dry, and you won’t have to worry about getting dirty or wet.

However, this does not imply that they are the best hiking shoes available in the market. Merrell is considered a budget-friendly brand, so you should not expect the quality to be top-notch and compare it to the premium brands.

It all boils down to a matter of decision in the end. If you want a hiking shoe that is affordable and of good quality, then you should consider Merrell. On the other hand, if you only want premium shoes with no budget constraints, you have better alternatives.

Who Owns Merrell Shoes?

As mentioned earlier, Wolverine Worldwide Inc. owns Merrell Shoes. They acquired Merrell Shoes in 1997. Wolverine Worldwide is an American Shoe Company that acquires famous brands like Hush Puppies, Wolverine, Keds, Stride Rite, and many more.

The company has made Merrell Shoes a part of its heritage and legacy. They have also helped to make Merrell Shoes a global brand.

Verdict: Where are Merrell Shoes Made?

Merrell has a range of shoes that cater to different people’s needs, and the company does not hesitate to deliver what is promised to its customers.

The brand is particularly famous for its hiking shoes. Their hiking shoes are durable, so you can ensure each pair will last long.

Today the brand is known worldwide. The company operates in almost the entire globe. They also offer a wide variety of apparel, accessories, and other stuff. However, footwear has been and is the company’s primary source of recognition.

The company under Wolverine Inc continues to manufacture top-notch footwear for consumers worldwide. Although the company has manufacturing operations worldwide, the one thing common is they are all great quality shoes. 

That’s all from my side today. I hope you found the information helpful. Let me know in the comment section about your experience with Merrell Shoes. 

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  1. I will not purchase any product made in China, due to our present political situation.
    Merrill shoes produced in any other country would fit my needs.

  2. Hi
    I bought a pair of Merrell Adventure last week and to my surprise discovered that they were manufactored in Myanmar!!!
    I live in Sweden.

    • Hi Reijo,
      Most Merrel Shoes are made in the USA, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. However, the company is expanding its production capacity in Asian countries and might have selected Myanmar for afew of its Shoes Manufacturing.


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