Where are Laredo Boots Made?

Laredo boots produce the most popular western boots in the world today. They are known for their great-quality craft and excellent durability.

They are designed with excellent comfort, and you can wear them for long hours.

But the main question is, where are Laredo Boots made? Are they made in China, or are Laredo Boots made in the USA? Let’s find out.

Where are Laredo Boots Made?

The majority of the Laredo boots are still made in the USA. Mc Rae Industries manages Laredo Boots, situated in North Carolina, Tennessee, and is home to 2 of the company’s production locations.

Their boots are manufactured overseas in India, Mexico, and China. Overseas production is to compete in price against rival companies and meet the demand globally. 

Where are Laredo Boots Made?

Laredo Boots Overview:

The company started the production of Laredo Boots 45 years ago. Laredo has always been dedicated to providing the best products in the industry for all customers.

They do this by combining innovative designs and excellent craftsmanship. These elements create boots that satisfy many demanding customers. 

Laredo is known for its style, quality, and craftsmanship. They are a trusted provider of stylish western boots and use the finest leathers for their product line. They are not inexpensive, but they provide the highest level of quality available.

Although the brand is famous for its stylish western boots, they offer various boot lines. There is a boot for every taste.

Laredo boots are available in both dress and casual styles. Their product line includes casual, formal, cowboy, western boots, and many more designs of boots.

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Most Popular Laredo Boots:

We have picked 3 of our favorite Laredo Boots for your review. 

1. Hamilton Leather Boots:

The Laredo Hamilton boots are stylish yet functional. They are made from genuine leather. Although the square toe is a little broad, it’s not too awful.

The boot is lined with leather, which adds to the comfort factor. They also come with an insole and a removable orthotic so that you can customize them according to your foot shape.

I like how the leather lining makes it feel soft against my feet, and the stitching around the edges adds to the overall design.

It’s quite a bit thicker than other boots. It is not uncomfortable, though, and it fits well enough that I don’t notice it once I put them on.

The heel is wide, but that’s not a problem because it doesn’t rub on the ground when walking.

2. Montana Leather Boots:

This cowboy boot is so comfortable that you may forget that you’re wearing one. The leather and stitching are top-notch, and the Removable Orthotic and broad square toe are unique features that make it stand out from other boots.

The removable orthotic is actually a very clever design since it allows for easy access to the foot inside.

While some boots require you to remove a tab and loosen an interior to get your foot in, this boot slides back.

Another great feature is the broad square toe with double-stitched welt, making it extra durable.

The double stitching also strengthens the toe, so it won’t split when you step on a rock or piece of debris.

Overall, this boot is ideal for outdoor activities that don’t require much support, like walking around your house and yard. You can wear them without socks, so they are perfect for casual days.

3. Vanessa Wide Calf Leather Boots:

The Vanessa is a mid-calf boot with a thick leather shaft, a simple, and a wide toe box. They are made of rich, genuine leather that feels soft and supple. 

Thanks to the thick leather shaft and a durable sole, they are also very durable. If you want a stylish cowboy girl look, then these boots are definitely made for you.

Are Laredo Boots good?

Mostly, the Laredo Boots delivered the required results. The Laredo boots are some of the finest western boots on the market right now. They are extremely durable and versatile. In general, these are sturdy, comfortable, and durable footwear ideal for any adventure. 

The boots are made of premium materials and are available in multiple sizes. Their boots are categorized either as Western or Stockman Boots.

They offer great features such as the removable orthotic, adjustable sizing, and double stitching welt.  


Laredo has a long history and has pioneered the manufacturing of stylish western boots. They have continued to innovate and are committed to providing the best cowboy boots.

Today, Laredo has become a leader in the western footwear industry with the latest developments and designs.

They are not cheap, but as we now know, where are Laredo Boots made? We can expect them to be made from the finest materials that will last long. 

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