Where are KEEN Shoes Made? Boots Made in the USA

“Life is too short to wear boring shoes.” This quote is really the punchline of shoe fanatics. And, well, boring shoes indeed make you look dull and repressive.

The shoe market is diverse. There are thousands of types and qualities of shoes, and selecting the best can be an arduous task.

KEEN, an American footwear brand, is emerging as intense competition for its rivals. If you are looking to buy these shoes in the near future, you might think. Where are KEEN shoes made? Let’s find it out.

Where are KEEN Shoes Made?

Where are KEEN Shoes Made

KEEN boots are made in several different countries around the world. Some are company-owned, and some are owned by partner companies.

KEEN owns factories in Portland, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Thailand. Mass production of KEEN boots is done in these company-owned factories.

The remaining shoes are manufactured in one of their partner factories in India, Cambodia, Europe, China, and Vietnam.

The company is one of only a few global shoe manufacturing companies in their company-owned factories.

Overview of KEEN Boots:

KEEN, Inc is an American footwear and accessories company. The company was founded in 2003 in Alameda, California.

Initially, the company under Martin KEEN, who is also the company’s founder, started manufacturing shoes for sailing and other outdoor water activities.

The company started making rounds among the masses in its first launch year. KEEN was named by “Footwear News” as the year’s launch. 

Later, the company started diversifying its products by introducing a new range of cold-weather footwear, bags, safety work footwear, clothing, and lifestyle shoes. Today, the company is based in Portland, Oregon.

Where is KEEN Made? List of Manufacturing Countries

Most KEEN shoes are manufactured in one of 4 countries, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Thailand.

The rest of the shoes are manufactured by partner factories situated in India, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Europe. Let’s discuss their major manufacturing factories.

Are Keen Shoes Made in the USA?

United States is the hometown of KEEN. Before 2010, the company used to source KEEN-manufactured shoes from its partner factories outside the USA.

In 2010, the company opened its own factory in Portland, Oregon, to mass manufacture KEEN shoes within the United States.

The 15,000-square-foot facility started production in 2010 with two-full production lines in North Portland.

In 2006, the company moved its headquarters from Alameda, California, to Portland, Oregon. This state-of-the-art facility is situated 5 minutes from the headquarters.

The brand has been doing manufacturing here using fewer materials, adhesives, and all the logistics by following the direct-inject manufacturing process.

Initially, the factory had a production capacity of 1.5 million pairs a year and a capacity to make two shoe pairs every minute.

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Manufacturing of Keen Boots in the Dominican Republic:

KEEN opened a new factory in the Dominican Republic in 2021. This is one of the newest manufacturing facilities of the company.

The firm opened in the middle of the pandemic. It is a 55,000 square feet manufacturing base in the country’s second-largest city, Santiago.

The iconic Newport H2 Sandals were the first to roll off the production lines. This plant initially produced 500,000 pairs annually with a growth capacity of 2,000,000.

This factory works in the continuation of KEEN’s Detox the Planet initiative. The factory also adheres to KEEN’s Restrictive Substances List (RSL), making all footwear PFC-free.

Production in Other Countries:

KEEN owns factories in Mexico and Thailand too. The KEEN factory in Thailand also produced masks during Covid-19.

The company has also partnered up with shoe-manufacturing factories in countries like India, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, and Europe to produce footwear for KEEN.

Where are KEEN Shoes Sold?

KEEN shoes are sold all over the United States and in other countries through KEEN’s distributors and retail partners.

Are KEEN Shoes Worth It?

Are KEEN Shoes Good

Every product has good and bad reviews. Some like it, and some don’t. The general feedback from the audience about KEEN footwear is positive.

KEEN boots are highly durable and perfect for mountain hikes, water work, city walks, and much more. Their shoes are made of fine quality, PFC-free materials, contributing to the ecosystem’s maintenance.

Shoes are built strong and are meant to last long. Some people find it too heavy to wear. But the extra support and comfort override this feature of KEEN boots.

Does It Matter Where KEEN Shoes Are Made?

No, it doesn’t matter where your KEEN boots are made because the company maintains its standards at all the factories where they are manufactured.

The strict adherence to the Restrictive Substances List (RSL) and use of PFC-free materials worldwide ensure consistency in all KEEN footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which KEEN shoes are made in the USA?

KEEN manufactures shoes in its Portland facility situated in Oregon. Some of the notable shoes manufactured here are:
1. Men’s Durand Evo Waterproof Boot
2. Men’s Braddock Waterproof Mid (Soft Toe)
3. Men’s Troy Waterproof Boot (Carbon-Fiber Toe)
4. Men’s Dover Waterproof Boot (Carbon-Fiber Toe)
5. Men’s Juneau Romeo Waterproof (Soft Toe)
And the list goes on.

Are KEEN shoes going out of business?

No, KEEN shoes aren’t going out of business. KEEN boots are durable, comfy, and perfect for mountain hikes and long treads.


When it comes to footwear, variety is key, and KEEN has certainly made a name for itself in the shoe market by offering a diverse range of shoes.

KEEN has got you covered, from outdoor water activities to cold-weather footwear and lifestyle shoes.

While the manufacturing of KEEN shoes occurs in different countries worldwide, the company’s strict adherence to its Restrictive Substances List (RSL) and use of PFC-free materials ensure consistency and quality across all its footwear.

So, whether you’re hiking up a mountain or taking a walk in the city, KEEN shoes are worth considering for their durability, support, and eco-friendliness.

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