Where are Honda Cars Made? 13 Manufacturing Countries

Not many companies out there offer cars with attractive features at good prices. But Honda is one of them. The brand manufactures such a tremendous number of different vehicles that one can lose count.

Honda’s popularity exceeds the far ends of the seven continents. But what makes them such a big name, and where are Honda cars made? Well, without further ado, let’s find it out.

Where are Honda Cars made?

Where are Honda Cars Made

As of 2023, Honda manufactures in around 14 different countries worldwide. These countries include China, India, the United States, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Japan, Turkey, and Indonesia.

Honda also established a Logistics center in Belgium for its car, bikes, and other accessories. The facility is located in Ghent, Belgium.

To cater to the needs of consumers in an efficient manner and in due time, the company has started manufacturing across the continents in the countries mentioned above.

The manufacturing spots themselves speak of the massive demand for Honda cars.

To learn more about the company’s immense popularity, let us discuss Honda’s rich history, and then I will provide an in-depth analysis of where Hondas are made.

Honda History:

Honda Motor Company Ltd., or Honda, is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of various products, including automobiles, bikes, and other things.

The company is 73 years old and was incorporated in 1948. The company’s headquarters lie in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Honda has a very long and rich history. Soichiro Honda, the company’s founder, has always been interested in automobiles.

The company initially entered the market with the launch of motorcycles. Honda D-Type was the first bike launched by the company.

Fast forward to 1963, the company launched its first-ever car, a Kei car called the Honda T360. The Honda S500, Honda L700, and Honda 1300 were the next to roll off the production lines.

Honda Civic and Accord are the longest to stay in production for Honda, with the successful launch of a better version every year.

In 1986, the company launched its premium division of vehicles called the Acura. Acura builds some top-of-the-line cars for Honda and is a comparatively luxury division of Honda cars.

To meet the global demand for Honda cars, the company increased its production worldwide. The opening of new factories in the United States is one such example.

In March 2022, the company announced a collaboration with Sony to produce electric vehicles, with the first car scheduled to be launched in 2025.

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Where are Hondas Made? Detail of 14 Manufacturing Countries

As promised, let’s get to know a bit better about the manufacturing facilities of Honda Cars.

Honda Factories in Japan:

Japan is the hometown of Honda. It was this country where it all started for Honda. Honda has established 3 production facilities in Japan.

Honda Car


In 1963, Honda manufactured its first-ever car, the Honda T360, in Saitama Factory. Although, the company does not produce as many cars as it once did in Japan. But still today, the company manufactures many cars here.

Honda Sayama Factory started production in 1964. It is one of the oldest known car manufacturing facilities off Honda.

Some of the company’s historic cars are manufactured here, such as Prelude, Fit, Odyssey, CR-V,

Acura TL, Legend, Clarity PHEV, etc. The company is set to close the Sayama plant in 2022 as part of its plan to produce electric vehicles.


Another factor lies in Mie Prefecture, Suzuka. This factory commenced operations in 1960. Honda manufactures some top-line cars here, such as Honda Fit, City, Fit, del Sol, Insight, Integra, S 2000, CR-Z, CR-X, and many others.


Lastly, Honda’s newest manufacturing facility in Japan lies in Yorii, Saitama Prefecture. The company commenced manufacturing in this plant in 2013 and manufactures Honda Civic, Fit, and CR-V here.

Is Honda Made in America?

Honda has a significant presence as a manufacturer in the United States. The company debuted in the country with its gigantic integrated plant in Marysville, Ohio.

The humongous plant started manufacturing back in 1982. The plant occupies more than 3.6 million square feet of area.

Honda manufactures Accord, Acura ILX, Acura TLX, Acura NSX, Acura Integra, and Honda CRV here.

In 1989, the company constructed an East Liberty Auto Plant. This plant lies close to the Marysville plant. The company manufactures Honda CR-V, Acura RDX, and Acura MDX here.

Another factory in Alabama named Honda Manufacturing of Alabama opened in 2001 and produced Honda Odyssey, Pilot, and Honda Ridgeline.

The most recent advancement made by the company is its new factory in Greensburg, Indiana. Opened in 2008, Honda manufactures Civic, CR-V, and Insight here.

Is Honda Made in America

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A joint venture was established in 1992 between Atlas Group Pakistan and Honda Motor to manufacture Honda vehicles in Pakistan.

In 1994, the first vehicle rolled off the assembly line. The plant is based in Lahore and produces Honda sedans and SUVs/MPVs. These include City, Accord, Civic, BR-V, and CR-V.


A multipurpose complex of three plants lies in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. This complex serves as a manufacturing base for Honda cars in Canada.

Honda opened this plant in 1986. The complex houses two plants for car manufacturing and one for supplying engines. Honda Civic and Honda CR-V are the most notable products made here.


Honda opened a plant in Sumare, Sao Paulo, Brazil, to manufacture Honda vehicles for the Brazilian market. The company opened this plant in 1997 and produced Civic, Fit, City, and HR-V here.


A significant number of Honda cars are made in Indonesia. The company opened a plant in Karawang in 2003. Honda Karawang plant produces Honda vehicles such as Mobilio, Brio, BR-V, Jazz, HR-V, and CR-V.

Honda Factories in India:

The company introduced itself as a manufacturer in India in 1995. The state-of-the-art facility lies in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Honda manufactures Honda Jazz, Civic, Accord, and CR-V here.

Honda opened another plant in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, in 2009. This plant also produces the same cars produced in the Noida facility.


Honda Prahcinburi Plant and Honda Ayutthaya Plant manufacture Honda cars in Thailand. Honda Jazz, Civic, City, HR-V, CR-V, Accord, BR-V, and Mobilio are made here in these two plants.

Honda Factories in China:

Where are Hondas Made

Like other automotive companies, you would expect Honda to have manufacturing bases in China.

Honda, as a manufacturer, started its operations in 1998 in the country. Gunagqi Honda opened its first production line in Guangzhou. Honda manufactures Accord, City, Crider, Crosstour, Fit, Odyssey, and Vezel.

Honda has also partnered up with Dongfeng Automobile to manufacture cars in Wuhan. The plant started manufacturing in 2004 with the debut of the Honda CR-V.

Currently, the plant produces Honda CR-V, Civic, Elysion, Envix, Inspire, Life, UR-V, XR-V, and NP1.

Manufacturing in Mexico, Taiwan, Philippines, and Argentina:

Apart from the above-mentioned countries, Honda manufactures some cars in Mexico, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Argentina.

Mexico and Taiwan produce Honda Fit, Accord, CR-V, HR-V, City, etc. Argentina produces Honda HR-V, and the Philippines produces Honda City.

What is Honda’s Most Popular SUV?

The most popular Honda SUV is the CR-V, a success since its debut in 1996.

It’s a compact SUV that offers excellent fuel economy and an affordable price. The CR-V has been praised for its excellent fuel economy and is one of Honda’s most popular models.

The Honda CR-V has been among the best-selling SUVs in the USA for many years. The SUV is equipped with many great features, and the company is committed to providing improvement and innovations every year.

Final Thoughts:

Honda is a global brand. The company, over the years, has earned a name for itself, and now people from almost all parts of the world easily recognize Honda.

In the fiscal year of 2022, Honda sold more than 4.1 million automobiles globally. Considering the surge of Honda automobiles worldwide, the company plans to organize further and increase its manufacturing bases worldwide.

Honda has made its way to the top due to the brand’s commitment to quality and brilliance. So, that’s all from our side. See you next time.

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