Where are Hisense Refrigerators Made?

Where are Hisense Refrigerators Made

Hisense is among the world’s leading manufacturers of affordable consumer electronics, with its products being exported across the globe.

Be it TVs or refrigerators; the company excelled in producing products over the past few decades.

With so much hype about the brand, I thought, let me do some digging to find where are Hisense Refrigerators made? 

Where are Hisense Refrigerators made?

The Hisense refrigerators are made in China, Serbia, South Africa, and Mexico. Today, the company has 14 industrial parks for manufacturing and 18 Research and Development centers. Most of them are located in China, where the company is headquartered.

About Hisense:

In 1969, the firm was established as a Radio Factory. The name was changed to Hisense when the company was restructured in 1992.

Hisense also makes cell phones and household appliances in addition to refrigerators.

Let’s have a closer look at where and how Hisense refrigerators are manufactured.

Countries Where Hisense Manufacture Its TVs:

1. China:

China is the hometown of Hisense products. Hisense had its roots here since the beginning of the company.

The firm has production facilities in Shunde, Qingdao, and Huzhou. Located in Shandong province, the Qingdao factory is the first-ever manufacturing facility of Hisense. But this plant is mainly used for Hisense TVs.

Hisense Kelon is the subsidiary of Hisense, which makes refrigerators. The company acquired it in 2007. Hisense Ronshen, located in the Shunde district, also manufactures Hisense refrigerators.

These refrigerators are supplied throughout the Chinese market, and some are exported to nearby Asian countries.

2. Mexico:

The Chinese multinational manufacturer has been present in the country since 2015 as a manufacturer. They bought production rights from Sharp in North America.

Since 2015, Hisense has been manufacturing appliances in its production facility located in Tijuana, a city in the south of California. In March 2021, the company announced to open a new industrial park in Monterrey.

This plant, located in North-East of the Mexican state Nuevo Leon, will be built with an investment of US$260 million. This plant will be a home appliances complex used in manufacturing refrigerators.

This step was significant for Hisense, considering the increasing demand for Hisense refrigerators and other appliances in North America.

This unit will make it easier for the corporation to access markets in Central and North America. The 252,600 square meters production house will also manufacture appliances such as washing machines and air-conditioners.

3. Serbia:

Hisense, in Europe, works under the name of Hisense Gorenje. Gorenje is the fourth largest home appliances manufacturer in Europe. Hisense acquired 95% shares of Gorenje in 2018.

The company has its manufacturing facility in Valjevo, western Serbia. This factory is solely used for the manufacturing of refrigerators and freezers.

With the expansion of Hisense’s Valjevo plant in 2019, it became the refrigeration technology center for the company in the European market.

4. South Africa:

Hisense as a retailer and tech company has been present in South Africa since 1996. The company built its first state-of-art home appliances manufacturing facility in 2013.

The US$150 million factories are located in Atlantis Industrial Park in the country’s capital, Cape Town. The plant initially could produce 400,000 refrigerators and televisions combined in the first years.

Over the years, the plant capacity increased substantially, and now Hisense owns a significant share in the South African refrigerators market.

Hisense opened another manufacturing facility in Cape Town to meet the increasing demand. If you have bought a Hisense refrigerator in South Africa. It is probably made within the country.

Are Hisense Refrigerators Good?

Yes, Hisense refrigerators are good if you are looking for a product that does not cost a fortune. The key features that make these refrigerators great are the low price, ease of operation, and compact design. They are durable and have a higher efficiency rating.

They offer a wide range of refrigerators from 100 Liter fridges to large refrigerators. The exterior of some models is made from stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about any rust or corrosion. 

Their refrigerators are also great for people who like to entertain and have a lot of friends and family over for dinner parties. 

However, the only downside is that they are not the most stylish refrigerators compared to Samsung or LG brands. So, there is room for improvement in the design area.

Verdict: Where are Hisense Refrigerators Made? 

Hisense is making a name for itself in consumer electronics, and its popularity is growing day by day. The company strives to offer the best quality products with a wide range of features to satisfy the needs of its consumers.

This initiative has earned the company a wide range of consumers who trust the brand for its quality. In addition to refrigerators, the brand also makes other home appliances too.

Hisense has more than 80,000 employees in its 14 manufacturing and 18 R&D facilities worldwide. This speaks of the company’s vast operations and effective operations.

So, here’s the end. I hope you find this article helpful and are clear about Hisense’s manufacturing facilities and where Hisense Refrigerators are Made?


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