Where Are Gretsch Guitars Made? Who Owns Them?

If you are into music and you are a fan of musical instruments, it is almost impossible that you haven’t heard of Gretsch. 

Gretsch is one of the oldest musical instrument manufacturing companies in the United States. It was founded 139 years ago, in 1883.

If you are curious and want to know the complete details of Gretsch and where are Gretsch guitars made? Let’s get straight into it.

Where are Gretsch Guitars Made

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Where Are Gretsch Guitars Made?

Mass production of Gretsch guitars is done in 5 countries: China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and the USA.

There is a very high probability that your Gretsch guitar will be made in one of these five countries. The first ever Gretsch guitars were made in the United States.

The brand has a wide variety of guitars. Different types of company guitars available in the market are acoustic, Electromatic, professional, streamliner, white falcon, etc.

Where are Gretsch Acoustic Guitars Made?

Most of the Gretsch acoustic guitars are made in Indonesia. Some acoustic series, such as the Masterwork acoustic guitars, are made in China.

The Rancher series and some other acoustic models are made in Indonesia. Production of guitars in Indonesia is less expensive than production in Korea and China.

That’s why most of the acoustic line-up is produced in Indonesia. Gretsch streamliner guitars are also believed to be made in Indonesia.

P.T Cork factory, located in East Java, Indonesia, is home to some of the world’s biggest guitar names, including Gretsch.

Where are Gretsch Custom Shop Guitars Made?

Gretsch Custom Shop Guitars

Fender took over the manufacturing and production of Gretsch guitars in 2002. Since 2002, Gretsch guitars have been made by Fender facilities worldwide.

Since 2004, all Gretsch custom guitars have been produced in the world-class Gretsch custom shop located in Corona, California.

This custom guitar shop is located in the Fender facility in California. While most of the Gretsch guitars aren’t made in the US, this custom guitar shop produces some of the finest guitars.

This custom shop is operated by 3 main builders, Gonzalo Madrigal, Stephen Stern, and Chad Henrichsen.

Where are Gretsch Electromatic Guitars Made?

Gretsch Electromatic guitars are either made in China or Korea. Most of the Gretsch Electromatic hollow bodies are made in South Korea.

Electromatic jet series guitars are produced in China. Gretsch makes some of its finest guitars in China and South Korea.

China has greatly increased its guitar’s production quality over the past few years. That’s why FMIC produces most of its guitars in China.

G5220 Jet and G5655TG Jr are some of the classic examples of Electromatic guitars produced in China.

Most of the hollow bodies and semi-hollow Gretsch guitars are manufactured in Korea. The Samick and Peerless factories in Korea produce Electromatic guitars for Gretsch.

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Where are Gretsch Professional Guitars Made?

Gretsch’s top-of-the-line guitars, also called professional guitars, are made in Japan. Japan is the central hub for producing world-class guitars.

The company’s Pro collection features flagship instruments such as the White Falcon, Duo Jet, and the Country Gentlemen.

The Terada factory in Nagoya, Japan, is the home to the Pro series of Gretsch. The Gretsch Pro series is actually subdivided into two categories, the Vintage Select and the Player Edition.

Gretsch G6136-55 White Falcon Vintage Select and the G6120T-55 GE Nashville are popular guitar models of the Pro collection.

Where are Gretsch Streamliner Guitars Made?

Gretsch streamliner guitars are made in Indonesia. Streamliner guitars are comparatively less expensive than the Electromatic and the Jet series.

Guitars such as G2655 and G2420 are manufactured in Indonesia. Although they are cheaper, the company still claims these guitars to be well-built and as good as the other high-end models.

Gretsch’s vintage styling from the ’40s-’60s is dominant in the body design of streamliner guitars.                                                                                                              

Where are Gretsch White Falcon Guitars made?

Gretsch White Falcon guitars are one of the best Gretsch guitars available in the market. With big names comes great responsibility.

White Falcon guitars are therefore made to precision with the highest quality standards. Like other premium Gretsch guitars, White falcon guitars are made in Japan.

White Falcon belongs to the Pro collection of Gretsch, and all the Pro collection is made in the Terada factory in Nagoya, Japan.

Who Owns Gretsch Guitars?

Who Owns Gretsch Guitars

Fred W. Gretsch currently owns Gretsch guitars. Fred W. Gretsch is the great-grandson of the late founder of Gretsch, Frederick Gretsch.

In 2002, a business agreement was signed between Gretsch and the world-famous Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), the same company that produces Fender guitars.

Under this agreement, while the Gretsch family retained the ownership, the exclusive right to market, develop, manufacture, and distribute Gretsch guitars went to FMIC.

This was done in an effort to market and manufacture Gretsch guitars more effectively, and the effort was quite successful.

Are Gretsch Guitars Good?

If you are looking for that original vintage look, easy playability, excellent finish, eye-catching looks, and good tone, then Gretsch can be on your buy list.

Gretsch has a wide collection of guitars. These include professional, acoustic, streamliner, roots, and Electromatic guitars.

Prices vary from the cheap streamliner, such as the G2655, which costs you around $449.99 in the US, to the premium Pro collection, such as Falcon G6636T-RF, costing about $3599.99 in the US market.

Does it Matter Where They Make Gretsch Guitars?

Gretsch has divided its manufacturing into different parts of the world. Premium guitars are made in Japan. Custom guitars are made in the United States.

Mid-range Electromatic guitars are made in Korea and China, while the cheaper streamlined guitars are made in Indonesia.

Looking at the manufacturing divisions, it matters where your guitar is made. There is a huge price difference between the guitars made in Indonesia and those made in Japan.

Where Can You Buy Gretsch Guitars?

Gretsch has now become a global brand. Gretsch guitars are available in most regions of the world. In the US and UK, custom shop dealers are located in the following areas:

  • Maplewood
  • Highland Park
  • Roslyn
  • Reno
  • Santa Monica
  • Tucson
  • Brooklyn
  • Louisville
  • Kansas City
  • Chicago
  • Surrey
  • Brighton
  • Glasgow

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which Gretsch guitars are made in the USA?

Only custom-made Gretsch guitars are made in the USA. These guitars are custom made in Gretsch custom guitars shop in Corona, California.
The G6131MY-CS Malcolm young salute jet is one of the latest custom guitars made in this facility.

Q2: Which Gretsch guitars are made in Korea?

The Gretsch Electromatic series is manufactured in Korea. G5420T, G5422T, and G5422-12 are some of the Gretsch Electromatic guitars made in Korea.

Q3: Which Gretsch guitars are Made in China?

China, like Korea, produces the Gretsch Electromatic series. The G5320T, G5657T, and G5627T are Gretsch guitars manufactured in China.

Q4: Which Gretsch guitars are made in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, the cheaper series of Gretsch, the streamlined series, is produced. The G2655, G2622, and G2655 are part of the Gretsch streamline series.


Gretsch guitars are a true testament to global craftsmanship. Each location adds its unique flair to the instruments, from the birthplace in the United States to Japan, Indonesia, China, and Korea.

It’s not just about the price—whether your guitar is a premium model from Japan, a custom piece from the U.S., or an affordable Indonesian streamliner, each resonates with unique tonal qualities, aesthetics, and history.

So, when you play your Gretsch, remember you’re not just playing an instrument—you’re striking chords with a piece of history beautifully crafted across continents.

Your choice of a Gretsch guitar isn’t just about the music; it’s about the narrative that it carries with it.

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