Where are Frigidaire Refrigerators Made in 2023?

Frigidaire is a well-known brand of refrigerators that has been around for over 100 years. They have many models in their range of appliances, including freezers, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers.

If you own one or are considering purchasing one, you may be wondering, where are Frigidaire refrigerators made? 

Well, we have the answer. So, without any delay, let’s find it out.

Where are Frigidaire Refrigerators Made?

The majority of Frigidaire refrigerators are built in the United States. Frigidaire is among those companies whose majority of products are exclusively assembled and manufactured in the United States. They do have a manufacturing facility in Mexico, and some of their refrigerators are also made in China.

Let’s analyze Frigidaire manufacturing in-depth across the US and Mexico and how their refrigerators are made.

Where are Frigidaire Refrigerators Made?

Countries Where Frigidaire Refrigerators Made

1. United States:

Frigidaire was founded 104 years ago in the United States. The company was initially founded as Guardian Frigerator Company in 1918.

The company since then was sold and purchased many times between 1918 and 1986. But finally, Electrolux, a Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer, bought it in 1986.

Since then, Electrolux has been managing and running the entire operations of Frigidaire. The company introduced its first self-contained refrigerator in Detroit in September 1918.

Since then, the company has been a leader in producing refrigerators in the United States.

There are many manufacturing facilities of Frigidaire in cities such as Minnesota, and Anderson County, Tennessee.  


The company built a plant in Tennessee was built with a whopping investment of US$250 million.

This facility is located in Springfield and was built to grow Electrolux and Frigidaire in North America further.


Another facility is called Minnesota. This factory was built initially by Franklin Transformer Co, an electrical transformer manufacturer.

Later, Electrolux gained control of the St. Cloud plant in Minnesota when it bought White Consolidated Industries.

Since then, this plant has been the home of hundreds and thousands of Frigidaire freezers and refrigerators.

Finally, in 2018, the company announced to close of its production plant in St. Cloyd in Minnesota. This was done to put greater emphasis on the other plants.

The company also announced to invest of more than US$500 million in its other US facilities.

South Carolina:

With the closure of the Minnesota plant in 2019, Frigidaire consolidated its freezer production in Anderson County. The third one, situated in South Carolina, was opened by Electrolux in 1988.

Thousands of refrigerators have been built for the South American market since 1988.  Electrolux employs 2000 people at the Anderson facility, which produces Frigidaire refrigerators.

Recently, Electrolux announced the investment of more than US$300 million in its manufacturing facility in Anderson county.

This was done to align Frigidaire manufacturing and features new technology and processes. Once fully established, the facility will produce more than 2 million units annually.


2. Mexico:

Frigidaire refrigerators have long been produced in Mexico. The company’s flagship refrigerators have been manufactured here since 2005.

In 2005, the CEO of Electrolux announced the opening of a state-of-art world-class refrigerator factory in Mexico. This factory is located in Ciudad Juarez, south of El Paso.

Juarez has long been celebrated as a central hub for electronics manufacturers worldwide. The Juarez factory was built with a $100 million initial investment. 

This manufacturing facility had around 1 million units per annum production capacity. The refrigerators produced here are supplied across the United States and Canada.

Are Frigidaire Refrigerators Good?

Frigidaire refrigerators are known for their energy efficiency and durability. The newer models have a lot of flagship features which is very exciting. 

The refrigerators are equipped with many new technology and features, which makes them more efficient. In addition to this, they are also stylish and easy to operate.

However, there are a few problems with some of the models of Frigidaire Refrigerators. The most common problems are loud operation, sudden shutdown, ineffective defrosting, door malfunction, and water leakage.  

They do have a proactive Repair Service team, which is known for its prompt response to any issues with the refrigerator.

To summarize, Frigidaire refrigerators are an excellent choice for those who are looking for budget-friendly, energy-efficient, and durable refrigerators.

How Long Do Frigidaire Refrigerators Last?

The average lifespan of a Frigidaire refrigerator ranges from 13 to 17 years.

The lifespan varies depending on the model and size of the refrigerator. Most refrigerators have an average life of 17 years if proper care is done.

The factors that determine this include the type of compressor it uses, the type of refrigeration system it has, and the level of insulation.

If the compressor is noisy or the system doesn’t perform well, it can affect its lifespan. On the other hand, if the refrigerator is properly insulated, maintained, and has a good compressor, it can last much longer.

Final Words:

Frigidaire has been around for ages, and this company is also known for its quality and durability. This is why many consumers have chosen Frigidaire over other brands for years now.

Electrolux focuses more on manufacturing Frigidaire products in America to save costs. As a buyer, you can trust the brand Frigidaire to offer quality products for the long term.

Right then! We have discussed all of Frigidaire’s manufacturing spots in detail. I hope you have found your answer regarding where are Frigidaire refrigerators made. 

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  1. Just looked at a 14.8 chest freezer at home depot….. sticker on back said made in China.
    So where are the chest freezer compressors made? Would like to one but not no more junk from china.

    • Hi Paul,
      Well, most Frigidaire refrigerators are made in USA or Mexico. So you can check the label, and I am sure you will find various Frigidaire refrigerators manufactured in the USA.

  2. I just bought a garage ready Fridigaire freezer 13 cubic feet and it is not made in the USA. I am very disappointed. China to be exact.


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