Where are Element TVs Made? Who Makes Them?

Where are Element TVs made

The TV market is highly competitive and has become increasingly saturated. It is not easy to come and make a name for yourself in this sector, as giants like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc, dominate it.

One brand that has grown in popularity in recent years is Element TVs in the US. But who makes Element TVs, and where are Element TVs made? So! Stay Tuned.

Where are Element TVs Made?

Like every other consumer electronic company, Element Electronics initially outsourced its production to ODM companies in China. The items were subsequently sent to the United States, where they were sold.

In 2014, due to the high freight costs and disturbance in logistics, the company decided to open an assembly plant in South Carolina, their hometown. It is also used for the manufacturing of TVs.

However, most components of Element TV are manufactured in China and then shipped to the US for assembly and final touches in the South Carolina factory.

Who makes Element TVs?

Element Electronics manufactures Elements TVs. They are a private consumer electronics company based in South Caroline.

The company was established in 2007 with one mission: to make high-quality consumer electronics accessible and affordable to every American.

Who Makes Element TVs

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History of Element Electronics:

Element Electronics started its journey in 2007. The company’s goal was to make high-quality Smart TVs a part of every household. Thus, their slogan, “A TV for every room, in every Home,” justifies their vision.

The company takes pride in making its TVs, and why not! They are among the rare ones that have stayed true to their Nation and produced TVs that are “Made in the USA.”

This is one of the few reasons the brand is becoming more popular each day. The company offers various TVs, each with great and unique features. Let’s talk about the more popular ones.

The 450 series are the most expensive range of TVs by Element Electronics. They deliver 4k UHD resolutions with excellent picture quality.

It comes in a metallic body with a sleek and stylish design. It is a Smart TV that does deliver outstanding performance.

The 300 series of TVs are budget-friendly but still offer great picture quality. It comes with the ROKU app, so you have plenty of movies for your entertainment.

Are Element TVs Good?

Generally, Element TVs provide great affordable TVs. They have a large selection of TVs, so everyone has something.

Although they are quite affordable and provide good quality, they are not ideal for long-running hours. If you continuously use it, the image quality decreases quickly, and the lack of built-in speaker quality is quite disappointing.

So, if you are using these TVs just for fun and not for regular use, they are a great choice, as they will not break your bank account.

However, if you are looking for a TV that will last longer and does not compromise the quality, they are better alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Long Do Element TVs Last?

Element TVs generally last for around 4 to 10 years with normal usage. However, their lifespan can vary depending on usage patterns, maintenance, and model. To extend the life of your Element TV, practice proper care and follow manufacturer guidelines.

Q2: Is TCL or Element better?

TCL and Element are popular TV brands offering affordable and feature-packed options. Choosing between the two depends on your preferences and priorities. As for me, I prefer TCL TV.
Many users appreciate TCL’s impressive picture quality, smart TV features, and user-friendly Roku interface. If you love streaming shows and movies, you might find the built-in Roku platform a convenient and enjoyable addition to your entertainment setup.


Element TVs are a rising brand that makes its presence felt in the market. They have made significant progress since they started their journey. The company is trying to offer the best of everything to its consumers at the best prices.

The company is determined to bring high-quality TVs to every American household. It is an American company that has kept its roots in America and stayed loyal to it.

They are among few electronic companies that can proudly say that their TVs are “Made in the USA”

There is still a long road ahead for Element TVs, but by shifting their production to their US Factory, they have taken the right initiative.

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