Where are Ecco Shoes Made? Is it in China?

Ecco shoes are made in 6 different locations around the world. These locations are China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Slovakia, and Portugal.

The company owns tanneries in the Netherlands, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. Almost all of its footwear comes from company-owned factories.

Some of the brand’s shoes are also believed to be manufactured under a license agreement in India. Today, Ecco shoes are sold in more than 100 countries globally.

Where are ECCO Shoes Made

Where are Ecco Shoes From?

Ecco Sko A/S or otherwise known as Ecco is a Danish shoe manufacturer company. The company was founded in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy in a small town in Denmark called Bredebro.

The brand went international in the 1980s, with stores opening worldwide. Initially, the company only dealt in footwear, which they later expanded to leather production and accessories.

The last decade of the 20th century was characterized as a decade of exponential growth for the company as Ecco opened many new production facilities globally.

Today, Ecco footwear and leather products are sold in over 100 countries. The shoe manufacturer is headquartered in Bredebro, Denmark.

Who Owns Ecco Shoes?

ECCO Holdings A/S is the parent company of Ecco shoes. It is a family-owned business. 

It is currently owned by Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak and her children, Andre Kasprzak and Anna Kasprzak.

Where is Ecco Made? 6 Manufacturing Locations

Ecco has tanneries in 4 countries and production factories in 6 countries. Let’s get into the details of how your Ecco shoes are made:

Where are Ecco Shoes Manufactured

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1. Are Ecco Shoes Made in China?

China has always been the priority of manufacturing concerns, be it automobile, tech, or as in our case, shoe making.

The company opened its first factory in Xiamen in 2005. A tannery was later added in 2008 to become fully independent.

Xiamen was selected for manufacturing because it lies close to the sea and helps to ship Ecco products to designated countries quickly.

2. Manufacturing of Ecco Shoes in Portugal

As said earlier, the 1980s were the time of the global expansion of Ecco. The brand started its operations in many new countries.

The increased demand for Ecco footwear needed increased supply. The company’s management opened a new shoe factory in Joao De Ver, Portugal, to tackle the production issues.

This factory has its own stitching lines and DIP machines to fully support the production process. ECCO also has a research and development center here.

It has around 1250 employees. This factory is also honored to be Ecco’s first factory outside Denmark.

In 2009, due to the intense competition, Ecco was forced to close this factory. Good company policies and business conduct helped the company reopen this factory in 2012.

3. Thailand:

Thailand houses one shoe factory and one tannery of Ecco. The company stepped into Thailand in 1993 as a shoe manufacturer.

The shoe brand opened its factory in Ayutthaya and started manufacturing shoes here. The shoe industry was already flourishing in Thailand at that time.

It was a wise decision by the company’s management to open a shoe factory here. Ecco added a tannery here in 1999.

These both worked hand in hand to produce top-class Ecco shoes. Operations were halted for a brief period of 4 months due to intense flooding in Thailand in 2011.

However, the process was restarted in March 2012. Thailand has since manufactured some of the best quality Ecco shoes.

4. Indonesia:

Indonesia is one of the company’s biggest manufacturing bases. The company opened its first Asian-based factory in Sidoarjo, Indonesia.

This factory was opened in 1990 in Sidoarjo District. Indonesia’s shoe manufacturing complex also comprises a tannery and a beam house.

Indonesia was selected for manufacturing because of its experienced workforce and expertise in leather production here. Ecco has a total workforce of over 7,500 in Indonesia.

5. Vietnam:

Ecco opened a new factory in Vietnam in 2015. This is the company’s latest factory and one of the smallest in production and workforce.

This factory is located North of Ho Chi Minh City. The operation started on a trial basis in 2015. Production on a larger scale started in 2016.

This factory serves the closer Asian markets such as Japan and China. Ecco has a total workforce of around 1200 people here.

6. Slovakia:

Slovakia was also one of the few earlier countries where Eccp first started manufacturing outside Denmark.

The company opened its first factory in Martin, one of the largest cities in Slovakia. This factory employs around 925 people.

Does it Matter Where Ecco Shoes are Manufactured?

No, it does not matter where your Ecco shoes are manufactured because the company maintains quality standards in all of its factories.

Some people, however, complain that Ecco shoes aren’t the same when bought from different locations. The quality and fit are different in the same shoes made in 2 different countries.

Are Ecco Shoes Good?

Are Ecco Shoes Good

ECCO shoes are of good quality. They are comfortable and trendy. The company offers a wide variety of shoes for different occasions.

Quality leather, firm support, and style define Ecco shoes. The brand also has built-in support around the arch and heel to provide cushion to your foot.

Designs are also unique and make you stand out among the audience. So, if you are looking for new shoes, Ecco should definitely be on your try list.

Are Ecco Shoes Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, Ecco soft shoe series is recommended for Plantar fasciitis. Ecco Soft 7 men’s street sneaker is often recommended for people suffering from Planar fasciitis.

How to Spot Fake Ecco Shoes?

Fake Eccp shoes are selling like hotcakes in the market as they are cheap. You can easily spot a fake shoe by the material used and the shoe built.

  1. Fake ones use cheap materials and lack the classical four dots of the Ecco brand.
  2. The insole isn’t genuine, and the shoe lacks original tags.
  3. Fake Ecco shoes lack the shoe code embedded inside the original Ecco shoe.
  4. These fake shoes also lack the Quality control sticker and “Made in XYZ” country tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Ecco Shoes True in Size?

Yes, ECCO shoes are sized pretty accurately. Their shoe sizing is based on the EU scheme, so selecting from EU sizing is better.
The European size is converted to the full US and the next half. There can be a difference in sizing based on your foot length.

Q2: Are Ecco Shoes Waterproof?

Yes, the ECCO GORE-TEX collection is 100% waterproof and windproof. 
This technology is a membrane that keeps the inside of the shoe insulated even in the harshest of environments.
ECCO also uses HYDROMAX water-resistant technology, which keeps the inside of your shoe dry and the shoe’s leather soft and breathable.

Final Verdict: Where are Ecco Shoes Made?

Ecco Shoes are a global brand with a strong presence in over 100 countries. With manufacturing facilities in 6 different countries and tanneries in 4, the company is committed to producing high-quality shoes with top-notch materials and expert craftsmanship.

Whether you’re looking for trendy sneakers or comfortable shoes for plantar fasciitis, Ecco offers a wide range of options to choose from.

So, next time you’re on the hunt for a new pair of shoes, keep Ecco on your list and step out in style and comfort.

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