Where Are Dacia Cars Made in 2023?

Dacia is one of those automotive brands that has gained momentum in sales during the past decade.

It is now getting attention from customers worldwide due to its reliability. But before choosing it, you should know the brand better, like what is their origin or where are Dacia Cars Made.

Where Are Dacia Cars Made?

Dacia Cars are made in Mioveni, Romania. The corporation created a manufacturing facility in the city. Its headquarter is also located in the same factory.

Where Are Dacia Cars Made

Mioveni factory has the capacity to produce 350,000 vehicles per year. It collaborates with the engineering facility of Renault Technologie Roumanie in Bucharest.

Some of the Dacia models are also manufactured in Renault factories located in Tangier and Casablanca, Morocco.

The assembling plants of the company are present in different parts like Russia, Brazil, India, Morocco, and Turkey.

Future Plans of Dacia:

For future expansion, Dacia is working on launching its first electric model. The company officials aim to produce it in Shiyan, China. Shiyan is a commercial vehicle base in China with an annual capacity of producing 500,000 vehicles annually.

Now that we know where are Dacia Cars Made? Let’s look at the exciting origin story of Dacia.

Dacia History:

In the 1940s, Dacia began as a division of Romania’s IAR Aircraft manufacturing in Colibasi-Pitesti. Initially, the facility was capable of producing 600 aircraft engines each month.

Its construction was completed in 1945, and after the war, the plant went into the ownership of Romanian Railways.

In 1966, the Dacia Automobile Company was formed. The firm started in Colibasi or Mioveni, near Pitesti, Romania.

Renault and Dacia inked a license arrangement in the same year, permitting Dacia to produce the Renault 8 model in Romania under the Dacia 1100. It became the first-ever model launched by Dacia.

The company imports most car parts from France and assembles them in Romania. In the time 3 years, Dacia produced 37,546 vehicles.

It is the largest company by revenue in Romania and the largest exporter, with 8% of the country’s total exports. Dacia’s production output aggregates to 248,606 with 13,501 employees.

Dacia generated its highest revenue in 2018, which amounted to approximately 5.3 billion euros.

Who Owns Dacia:

Initially, the Romanian Govt. owned Dacia. In 1999, the Govt. sold the company to the French car manufacturer Group Renault.

Renault became Dacia’s major owner in 2004 when it purchased 99 percent of the company. Dacia became part of Renault’s Dacia-Lada business unit in Jan 2021.

Are Dacia Cars Made in India?

Initially, the company manufactured right-hand drive Dacia Duster SUVs in India for the UK market. But almost eight years ago, in 2014, the company shifted its production line from Chennai, India, to the Pitesti plant in Romania.

The company took this step to cut the lead time and logistics cost to Romania, as it took 3-4 weeks to transport cars from India to Romania. This step helped Dacia transport cars from Romania to European countries quickly.

Some consumers complained about the surface corrosion on the “Made in India” Duster’s door sills and bonnet.

Dacia opened an inspection on all these cars and promised to fix them without charging their customers extra money.

Due to these issues, the company shifted the production of Dacia Dusters from India to Romania.

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Manufacturing Locations of Most Popular Dacia Cars:

Let’s explore some successful Dacia car models and where they are manufactured.

  • Dacia Logan
  • Dacia Sandero
  • Dacia Duster
Dacia Cars

Dacia Logan:

The company introduced Dacia Logan to the market in 2004. Initially, it emerged as a small family car at a very competitive price of 5,000 euros. Dacia Logan, also known as Renault Logan, quickly captured the market’s attention.

A good proportion of Dacia Logan is manufactured in the Mioveni plant in Romania. The company also manufactures some of the Dacia’s in Renault-owned and partner plants in Brazil, Argentina, Morroco, Russia, Colombia, Turkey, Iran, India, and South Africa (Nissan plant).

Nissan’s plant in South Africa has also significantly contributed to Logan’s production. Initially, Renault did not plan to sell it in Western Europe.

But in the mid of 2005, the company launched Logan in this market but for a slightly higher price. It got a surprising success in this market. In 2008, the company sold more than 400,000 units of this model.

Another great achievement was in the year 2005, when Logan became the best car of the year, according to Autobest.

Dacia Sandero:

Dacia Sandero entered the market in 2008 as a subcompact car. Only two countries manufacture Dacia Sandero. One is the Mioveni plant in Romania, and the other one is Renault Algeria in Algeria.

It was the 2nd major launch and the company’s best-selling model. The practical design, versatility, and affordable price played a vital role in the success of Dacia Sandero.

. In 2013, a British magazine (What Car) awarded 2nd generation Dacia Sandero as the Best Supermini at a cost of price less than 12,000 pounds.

Its revised version, the 2nd generation, was released in November 2016. Its 3rd generation, launched in September 2020, is currently available in the market.

During the year 2019, the company sold more than 270,000 units of Sandero in Europe, Brazil, and Mexico.

In some markets like Russia, Latin America, Iran, Egypt, and Africa, Dacia Sandero is also known as Renault Sandero.


Dacia Duster was launched in 2010, and it is a family of C-segment automobiles. Its 2nd generation is currently in sales, launched in 2017.

Dacia Duster alternative name is Nissan Terrano. The company produces the most recent Dacia Dusters in Romania, Brazil, Russia, and Colombia.

It is the most affordable SUV with actual off-road capabilities. The company launched a Four-door double cab in late 2015 and a Single cab in 2020. In 2019 Duster’s peak in sales in the European market.

Are Dacia Cars any Good?

Dacia produces quality and reliable vehicles at economical prices. Dacia scored 96. 17 out of 100 in the AutoExpress Driver Power survey of 2016 and ranked in 3rd position of dependability.

In the 2021 survey, Dacia Duster grabbed the 16th position in the best cars to own in 2021. Dacia cars also received a good number of positive reviews from car buyers.

In short, Dacia is a car brand exploring new horizons for users’ satisfaction with technological advancement. So, if you want an affordable yet reliable car, Dacia Cars are a good choice.

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Final Thoughts: Where are Dacia Cars Made?

Dacia, the Romanian car manufacturer, has been providing excellent vehicles to its customers worldwide for over 55 years now.

They now have roots in many parts of the world, but their main manufacturing facility is still located in Mioveni, Romania.

Since Dacia’s acquisition by the Renault group, the company kept the momentum of sales increase by attaining customer confidence and reliability. They offer a variety of models accessible in many parts of the world.

The company’s success is credited to its simple yet attractive design, excellent quality, and outstanding value for money.

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