Where are Clarks Shoes Made in 2023? China or England?

Where are Clarks Shoes Made

Footwear is costly and of great interest to everyone. One footwear brand that many of you might be well aware of is Clarks. For decades, the company has been one of England’s most popular shoe brands.

With so many loyal customers around the globe, one question pops up in almost everyone’s mind Where are Clarks Shoes made? Well, if you are one of those having this question, you are precisely where you need to be.

Let’s have an in-depth discussion about the brand and who makes them.

Where are Clarks Shoes made?

Clark’s Corporate Responsibility Report of 2022 shows that suppliers manufacture the bulk of the company’s footwear in China, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Mexico. Combining these 6 countries account for more than 90% of Clarks’ footwear.

As for the company’s remaining production, Clark’s footwear is produced in Indonesia, Albania, Portugal, and Romania. These four countries account for less than 10% of Clark’s footwear.

The company contracts different suppliers for manufacturing while directly managing the operations. Its rich history and commitment to quality make it among the most loved footwear companies.

Let’s discuss how Clarks was started and where are these manufacturing facilities situated.

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History of Clarks Shoes:

J. Clark International Ltd, otherwise known as Clarks, is a British company that deals in shoe manufacturing and retailing. The company was founded some 197 years ago by Cyrus Clark.

Cyrus Clark initially used his father-in-law’s premises for making rugs and slippers in Somerset, England. It was here that the firm was established in the village of Street.

The Desert Boot and School Shoes are the key reasons for its reputation. No wonder Clarks are the first choice for parents around the United Kingdom when buying school shoes.

For most of you, it might be a nostalgic moment, as many of us grew up using Clarks shoes.

J.’s name pertains to two brothers, Cyrus Clarks and James Clarks, the company’s founders. For decades, the brand has faced highs and lows of times.

But, the company somehow survived the dark periods throughout the 20th century, such as World War I and II. They have evolved with the changing winds of the 21st century and emerged as a global brand.

Today, the Clarks are considered a benchmark for footwear in the UK. Their shoes are endorsed and used by celebrities and the common public. Desert Boot, Joyance Sandal, T-Bar Sandal, Wallabee, and Desert Trek are some of their famous shoes.

In 2020, the company was wholly owned by LionRock Capital. After acquiring 51% of LionRock Capital, Viva China Holdings became a substantial stakeholder in Clark’s company.

Today, the company employs more than 13,000 people worldwide. Let’s get to know more about where are Clarks Shoes manufactured.

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11 Manufacturing Countries of Clarks in 2023:

While the company’s headquarters are in the UK, Clarks shoes are manufactured in many countries around the globe. Let’s briefly overview their primary locations and where Clarks shoes are made.

1. Are Clarks Made in China?

China has been the home for manufacturers around the world. Most corporate organizations prefer manufacturing in China due to the inexpensive labor and low-cost resources associated with producing in China.

The same goes for Clarks. The company has been manufacturing shoes in China for decades. Clarks have contracted with suppliers having almost thirty factories in China that manufacture footwear for Clarks.

These suppliers have factories in Zhongshan, Zhejiang, Shaoxing, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Putian, Sichuan, Foshan City, and Shenzhen.

As per the recent report, China accounts for approximately 27% of Clarks’ production. Many consumers, however, don’t prefer products that are manufactured in China. It might be because people have an image that China-made products are substandard.

That’s why most companies don’t mention the country of origin on their products, especially on their website, as is the case with Clarks.

Whatever the case may be, the company manufactures a large proportion of its footwear in China.

2. Cambodia:

Cambodia is second on the list and the major Clarks Shoes supplier, second only to China. More than five factories in Cambodia manufacture footwear for Clarks.

Factories are located in Phnom Penh, Kompong Chang Province, and Kampong Speu.

These factories employ around 75% of female workers. Cambodia accounts for around 23% of Clarks shoes. The shoes made here are supplied to many countries around the world.

3. India:

India is the third-largest supplier of Clarks footwear. More than 18% of Clarks shoes are made in India.

Clarks have contracts with companies like Tata, Farida, Sara Soule, P. A Footwear and Good Leather to manufacture products for Clarks. These companies, in total, have more than 20 factories.

Farida and Tata’s groups make most Clarks shoes. Most of Farida’s factories are located in Tamil Nadu. Tata Is the second-largest leather shoe exporter in India.

Clark’s company has exponentially increased footwear production in India and has plans to expand operations further in the country.

4. Vietnam:

Next up, we have Vietnam, which accounts for around 15% of Clarks’ production. The trade war between China and the US has benefited countries like Vietnam as the country got much attention from manufacturers.

Vietnam is the new center of attention for manufacturers. Clarks also joined the force and has established manufacturing operations in Vietnam.

Clarks employs over 15 manufacturers in Vietnam, all operated by separate vendors. These factories are in Long An Province, Bin Duong Province, Duong Nai, Hai Duong, Tuyen Quang, and Vung Tau provinces.

Vietnam can be Clarks one-stop production point in the upcoming years, considering the ongoing situation.

5. Mexico:

Apart from the above countries, Clarks also manufactures in Mexico. Mexico houses three factories for Clarks’ shoes. A total of around 6.3% of Clarks products are made in Mexico.

3 independent suppliers manufacture Clarks shoes, namely Blue Apple PR, Parauno, and Proveeduria. All of these factories are located in Guanajuato.

6. England:

England is the hometown of Clarks. It Is here the company was founded. Still today, the company is associated with the country. Clarks is headquartered here in Street, Somerset.

The company has been running manufacturing operations in England for decades. But the company started closing its plants in England owing to increased labor costs and taxes.

By 2006, the company’s official last plant in Northwest England was closed, which marked the End of Clark’s manufacturing in England.

Surprisingly, the brand came back with its manufacturing 12 years after its closure in England. The factory was situated on the Street and was called More light Manufacturing Facility.

The Somerset factory started its operations in 2017. But to the company’s dismay, only two years after its beginning, the plant was forced into shutting down in 2019.

The reason put forth by the company was that they weren’t able to achieve costs and manufacturing targets in England.

After that, the company stopped all kinds of manufacturing in England, and no more Clarks footwear was produced in England.

7. Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is next on the list accounting for 5% of Clarks’ production. Farida and Greenland are independent suppliers working for Clarks in Bangladesh.

Two factories are located in Dhaka and Ghaziabad. Bangladesh has been a good market for Clarks’ shoes.

8. Indonesia:

Although Indonesia accounts for less than 3% of Clarks’ production, the company still has contracts with six factories.

Most of them are located in Jawa Timur and East Jawa. Brand Collective is the primary agent associated with the company.

9. Albania, Portugal, and Romania:

The Clarks Responsibility Report states a chart that shows that apart from the above countries, some Clark shoe manufacturing is also done in Albania, Portugal, and Romania.

These countries are the secondary source of Clarks’ footwear. They account for less than 4% of Clarks’ production. Albania makes up 2.2% of the production, Portugal 1.7%, and Romania 0.1% of the total output.

Are Clarke Shoes Comfortable?

Clarke Shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes in the world. Their unique construction ensures that they stay comfortable all day. They come with a high level of protection and are resistant to water.

Clarks shoes are made with innovative technology that makes them comfortable and durable. This ensures that they will not give you blisters and sore feet.

They have a unique construction; thus, they offer an excellent fit for various sizes and shapes. Another great thing about their shoes is their lifespan; they tend to last long if proper care is taken.

Their shoes are also very easy to clean and maintain. You do not need to spend a lot of time cleaning them. All in all, Clarks Shoes would be a great addition to your wardrobe as they will make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are some other common questions regarding the products of the brand. Here they are:

Q1:Where are Clarks Wallabees Shoes Made?

A limited Edition of Clarks Wallabees was made in Italy. 4 Colors were launched by the company, each having only 356 pairs that were hand-numbered, making each of them individually. 
However, Regular Clarks Wallabees are manufactured in Vietnam and India.

Are Clarks Shoes made in the USA?

As per Clarks’ Official Website, a very small proportion of their shoes is made in Central America.
However, they do not possess a dedicated manufacturing facility in the US and have contractual manufacturers.

Are Clarks Shoes Waterproof?

Although all of the Clarks Shoes are not waterproof, the company does offer the GORE-TEX range, which provides excellent quality waterproof shoes.

Verdict: Where are Clarks Shoes Made?

People today are very picky about their purchases. Everyone wants to know the nitty-gritty of how their product was made. The things we use daily, such as shoes, get the most attention in this respect.

Clarks, unlike other brands, is entirely vocal about its manufacturing sites. All the details of their manufacturing factories and suppliers are available on their website.

This helps in users’ understanding of their manufacturing and proves its transparency. The company recognizes environmental issues and is dedicated to conserving the natural ecosystem.

A consistent policy throughout the company helps the brand achieve its goals and targets. Today, Clarks still stands tall as one of the best in the market.

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  1. Clark’s have changed in the women shoes for instance the sole of the shoes seem fake. There is a size difference, I have worn sz. 10M for over 25 years and now they slip up and down and the M feel like a wide.

  2. I was about to place an order for sandals but when I researched where they were made, and found it is most likely China I cancelled my order.

  3. I am an elder (84 yrs old). I bought a pr of Clark’s shoes @ a Goodwill store. A terrific price for a terrific pr of shoes! They are a summer style pr of loafers. When I put them on, something was off. I looked inside the shoes and there was no foot lining (the part that touches the bottom of the foot. . Sorry I do not know the terminology for this item. They are a size 8-1/2 and the number inside is: 63816. Will you please tell me where I can purchase or order this item? Thank you.


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