Where Are Carhartt Boots Made in 2023?

Carhartt is an American-based workwear brand famous for its rugged outdoor clothing.

Since its inception, it has been a pioneer in creating products that withstand extreme weather conditions and environmental challenges.

Along with clothing, the brand also makes a complete range of boots, covering a wide variety of needs ranging from casual to heavy-duty use.

But where are Carhartt boots made? Let’s find out.

Where are Carhartt Boots Made?

Carhartt manufactures most of its boots in the USA in Tennessee and Kentucky. A small portion of their boots is also made in Mexico.

Carhartt does require the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certificate from the suppliers, so quality is never compromised.

Where Are Carhartt Boots Made

Are Carhartt boots made in the USA?

Unquestionably, yes! Carhartt boots are made in the United States in their factories in Kentucky and Tennessee.

All the products made in the USA will have a logo on them if you don’t find the “Made in the USA”, good chances are that it is made in Mexico.

Overview of Carhartt Boots:

Hamilton Carhartt founded the company in Michigan in 1889. Initially, they started with the production of workwear for workers. The company aimed to produce affordable and good quality workwear for workers.

Carhartt’s ability to adapt to changing times and markets has been a company’s hallmark for generations. They survived the World Wars and the Great Depression era and came back stronger.

Today, with all of their technology and high-quality material, they are making boots for all generations and all purposes. They have what it takes to take your work outfit from average to awesome.

Most Popular Carhartt Boots:

The company also sells its products in department stores, specialty shops, and e-commerce websites. Here is a look at some of our favorite Carhartt Boots.

1. 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot:

I have been wearing them for a month now, and let me tell you that the boots are pretty comfortable.

They are pretty sturdy and are built to withstand most farm hazards. They are waterproof and also equipped with steel toes and reinforced heels.

This indicates that it can survive a fall without twisting or breaking the boots. They are stylish and great for work.

2. Lightweight Carbon Nano Toe:

This is a very versatile pair of boots for various outdoor applications. The high-cut boot design makes it easy to climb or descend from scaffolding, while the carbon nanosafety toe protects your toes against sharp objects and falls.

They also have a waterproof and breathable membrane that protects your feet from the elements and allows moisture to escape through the shoe.

The boot features a smooth and comfy cushion so that you may wear it all day. 

3. Wedge 5″ Chelsea Boots:

These boots are ideal for women looking to add a bit of versatility to their wardrobe. They are constructed with a full-grain leather upper and sole designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

The durable leather will also protect your foot from harsh conditions – and keep you dry thanks to its water-repellent finish.

They are not only appropriate for the office but also for informal occasions.

So whether you’re looking for a pair of boots for your daily commute or simply a versatile alternative to your normal shoe choice, the Wedge Chelsea boot is a great fit. 

4. Force Nano Toe Composite Work Shoe:

This shoe was designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and supportive. They offer a unique solution to the heat and sweat from long hours of standing on concrete and other surfaces. 

The toe cap on these shoes protects against impact and compression hazards, while the sole material dissipates the force into the ground so that you don’t get any shock.

Another advantage of this technology is that you won’t get any blisters on your feet. Overall, the Force technology in these shoes is very well-thought-out, and you can wear them for long hours without any stress.

5. 11″ Steel Toe Wellington Boots:

These Wellies are sturdy and comfortable. If you need to trek through a rainforest or across the desert in rough terrain, then these Wellies will make you feel right at home. 

The outsole has an aggressive tread, making walking a little easier and more convenient. It’s also resistant to punctures and tears, so it’s perfect for daily use and hiking.

Are Carhartt Boots good?

Yes, these Carhartt boots are good. These boots are a great choice for hiking, hunting, or even just daily wear. They are built for rugged outdoor use and are comfortable enough for your feet to wear for extended periods.

However, they are not as popular as some other American brands, but they give stiff competition. They’re solid, long-lasting, and comfy, and they are reasonably priced.



Carhartt work boots offer some of the finest work boots for the outdoors because of their leather quality and material. The soles and uppers are thick and sturdy enough to withstand all types of weather.

I hope the article has cleared your quest regarding where are Carhartt Boots made. In the comment section, let us know what you think about this vintage brand.

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