Where are Adidas Shoes Made? 11 Countries Revealed

Where are Adidas Shoes Made

We are pretty sure you must have heard Adidas’s name. The famous three-stripe logo of Adidas is quite familiar to just everybody and has been the brand symbol since 1952. Adidas is used by athletes and professional sportsmen around the world.

But what makes the brand so much successful? Another question that people ask that where are Adidas shoes made? Well, both of these questions are very relevant and valid.

Let’s find out about worldwide Adidas shoe manufacturing.

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

As of 2023, Adidas shoes are made in countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Myanmar, Cambodia, Italy, Argentina, Lesotho, India, and the United States.

Apart from these countries, Adidas also has several factories in other countries as well such as in Philippines, Turkey, Pakistan, Ukraine, Germany, El Salvador, Honduras, Hungary, Japan, Spain, Nicaragua, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Madagascar, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Romania, and Korea.

The factories in these countries are mainly used for their textile and accessories production. Over the past few years, the corporation has outsourced most of its production.

Today, Adidas is among the most famous sports brand. It works in more than 55 countries worldwide and around 500 independent factories. But why does Adidas manufacture in so many countries?

The answer is quite simple because Adidas products are highly demanded. The quality and value for money Adidas offers have helped generate billions of dollars.

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Overview of 11 Manufacturing Countries for Adidas:

11 Manufacturing Countries for Adidas

Let’s closely look at where Adidas shoes are made? And get an overview of their Manufacturing facilities.

Are Adidas Shoes made in China?

China is undoubtedly the biggest economy when it comes to manufacturing. Today, almost every corporate multinational organization either manufactures or gets its products manufactured in China.

The reason is inexpensive labor and plenty of resources at hand. Adidas gets its products manufactured in China from over 110 factories.

Some of these factories are owned by Adidas; others are third-party contractors manufacturing for Adidas.

Adidas manufactures more than 25% of its products in China. The country itself is a big consumer of the brands’ products.

With a network of more than 12,000 stores nationwide, Adidas is the leader of footwear in the Chinese market, almost equal to Nike’s footwear share in China.

Thirty-three factories are reported to be exclusively used to manufacture Adidas footwear. These are the most number of Adidas footwear factories for any country.

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Manufacturing in Vietnam:

Vietnam is second on the list in regard to Adidas manufacturing. Apart from China, Vietnam has always been a sweet spot for manufacturers worldwide.

Following the footsteps of its rival Nike, Adidas started moving its production from China to Vietnam in early 2010.

Currently, Adidas products are manufactured in around 67 factories around the country. Of these 67 factories, 28 are exclusively used to manufacture Adidas footwear.

As a result, Vietnam is a major producer of Adidas footwear. No wonder why most Adidas shoes have been engraved Made in Vietnam.

Manufacturing in India:

Third, on the list we have India. India is the third-biggest producer of Adidas footwear. Adidas stepped into India in 1990. The brand, since then, has sold millions of Adidas shoes in India and earns a significant portion of revenue from the Indian market.

Almost 6% of Adidas products are made in more than 30 factories in India. And why not? Shoes are the most demanded Adidas products in India. The brand has always seen India as an opportunity to grow.

The company, in this lieu, has sponsored many famous Bollywood actors and professional cricketers. Adidas’ locally manufactured shoes are sold online on different platforms and through retail stores.

Manufacturing in Indonesia:

In November 2014, Adidas completed its silver jubilee of 25 years of manufacturing in Indonesia. The country houses around 45 factories of Adidas.

Out of these 45 factories, 16 are used to manufacture Adidas footwear. One particular fact about Adidas manufacturing in Indonesia is its reported violation of labor rights.

For years, there has been a tussle between management and labor for labor rights. Employees working in Adidas factories are usually underpaid for their job. The minimum wage is reported to have been lower than the legal limit.

Another interesting fact is that women are in the absolute majority regarding the employment ratio in these factories, making up over 80% of the total workforce.

In Indonesia, most Adidas shoes are made by the Yue Yuen Industrial group, which manufactures shoes for other famous brands such as Nike and Puma.

Manufacturing in Brazil:

For the South American market, Brazil is the home of Adidas products. Most Adidas footwear that goes around South America comes from Brazil or Argentina.

Out of 25 factories hosted by the country, 15 are used to manufacture Adidas footwear. Brazil is a good option for Adidas as it is cheaper to produce Adidas shoes here than in neighboring countries.

Also, the move of other gigantic brands, such as Nike and Puma, will help stabilize Adidas’s footprint here in Brazil.

Manufacturing in Myanmar and Cambodia:

Myanmar and Cambodia also play a significant role in Adidas’ manufacturing. Cambodia has a total of 21 Adidas factories, while Myanmar has 6 factories.

According to the sources, these countries have three dedicated factories for Adidas footwear production.

Footwear manufacturer Pou Chen Corp is the original design manufacturer for Adidas in Myanmar and Cambodia. Tsang Yi Co also manufactures Adidas shoes in Myanmar.

Adidas has faced several allegations in the past about the fact that they are exploiting their workers in factories situated in Myanmar and Cambodia.

Manufacturing in the Rest of the World:

One factory is located in Lesotho for the South African market, where Adidas shoes are made.

Few factories are located in Argentina, Italy, and the United States, but that combined account for only a fraction of their total manufacturing.

To summarize, here is a list view of the manufacturing facilities owned by Adidas.

CountriesNo. of Manufacturing Facilities
China33 factories
Vietnam28 factories
India18 factories
Indonesia16 factories
Brazil15 factories
Myanmar3 factories
Cambodia3 factories
Italy2 factories
USA1 factory
Argentina1 factory
Lesotho1 factory

What are Adidas Shoes Made of?

Adidas makes shoes from different types of materials, such as nylon, polyester, leather, PFC, polyurethane, and PVC.

The company primarily uses polyester to make its products. The company collects plastic waste, recycles it, and manufactures its shoes.

As a global brand, Adidas is showing responsibility by making an effort to reduce carbon footprints. They use organic cotton and recycled material in the shoes, T-shirts, and other accessories.

What are Adidas Shoes Made of

About Adidas:

Adidas was founded around 97 years ago by Adolf Dassler in 1924. Dassler made shoes in his mother’s laundry room in their hometown, Herzogenaurach, Germany.

After World War I, his brother Rudolf joined him, and they both started manufacturing spiked running shoes. Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory in Herzogenaurach is considered Adidas’ first factory.

Initially, the company was known as the “Dassler Brother Shoe factory. ” Dassler shoes rose to fame when Adolf convinced the then-famous US sprinter Jesse Owens to run in his hand-made spikes in the 1936 summer Olympics.

Owens somehow agreed and ran in Dassler’s shoes. Owens won four gold medals in that summer Olympics, making Dassler shoes famous among athletes and sportsmen.

The company was running successfully until World War II struck, and the company was forced to cease operations. It was used to manufacture anti-tank weaponry. The firm was nearly shattered to the ground by the US forces.

Somehow the company revived after selling shoes to American occupying forces. His brother Rudolf Dassler later got separated from the business due to bad terms with Adolf in 1947.

Adidas officially got its name in 1949, when the company was registered with the name Adidas AG following the feud with his brother.

In anger, Rudolf opened another brand called Ruda in response to Adolf’s Adidas AG at that time. This Ruda later became “Puma,” which became Adidas’s biggest rival. Pretty Interesting. Isn’t it?

Adidas’ Three-Stripe Logo?

Adidas' three-stripe logo

Adidas got this signature three-stripe logo from a Finnish athletic footwear brand Karhu Sports, in 1952. Another addition to the company’s logo was made in 1971 in the form of the Trefoil Logo.

The three-stripe logo is an identity of Adidas products worldwide and is vocal about the company’s rich history and heritage.

Throughout the 20th century, the company went through many ups and downs. Today, the company manufactures millions of shoes annually for athletes in numerous games such as football, baseball, cricket, golf, gymnastics, and many others.

Apart from shoes, Adidas also manufactures apparel, deodorants, perfumes, aftershaves, lotions, eyewear, bags, socks, caps, watches, sandals, and mobile accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Who makes Adidas?

Adidas AG owns and makes all the products of Adidas. It is a German Multinational Company whose headquarter is in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Q2. Where are Adidas Superstars Made?

One of the best-selling Adidas Superstars is Made in Indonesia. Recently, I visited Adidas Store and found the “Made in Indonesia” tag on Adidas Superstars Shoes.

Q3. Where is Adidas Ultra Boost made?

The Adidas Ultra Boost is produced in China. These shoes have the “Made in China” tag on them. These are some of the most well-known running sneakers in the world.

Q4. Does Adidas make eco-friendly shoes?

Yes, Adidas makes various eco-friendly shoes. Besides being sustainable, they are also kind to the environment. They are made of plant-based materials and recyclable materials.
The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and is constantly developing new products and processes to protect and conserve the environment.

Final Thoughts:

Adidas, one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world, has a secret to its success – a global manufacturing strategy.

The company has factories in over 55 countries, from China to Vietnam to India, allowing them to tap into the abundance of resources and inexpensive labor available in each location.

This not only helps them meet the high demand for their products but also allows them to maintain a strong presence in the global market.

But the key to their success is the unbeatable quality and value for money that Adidas products offer, which has helped the brand generate billions of dollars in revenue. With such a strong manufacturing strategy, it’s no wonder Adidas continues to dominate the sports industry.

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  1. Adidas does not limit its manufacturing to a single country. It sources its shoes from several countries, including Vietnam, China, and Indonesia, in order to serve all of its customers worldwide.


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