How to fix Vizio Tv No Sound/Volume Not Working: (2023)

Vizio TV no sound

Have you ever run into a situation where your Vizio TV isn’t producing any sound, or your Vizio TV sound feature isn’t working?

Well, you aren’t alone in this one. The problem often surfaces on social media from time to time, with many users reporting the same problem.

The problem might be frustrating but is solvable, and that too with minimum effort and skill. We are here for you to steer through this headache smoothly:

If you are facing the Vizio TV no sound issue, then the first thing you need to do is to reset your Vizio TV soft. Unplug the TV from the electrical connection and wait for around 1-2 minutes. Once time is over, plug it back in. This would power reset your TV, and hopefully, your TV sound will start working again.

By now, you’ll be enjoying your Vizio TV again, but if, for some reason, this doesn’t work, there are several other ways you can try to get it back on track.

6 Reasons why Vizio TV Volume not working:

But before getting into the detail of that, let’s just first discover why this problem is occurring. Following are a few reasons for its occurrence:

1. Muted Volume: 

Sounds funny! Isn’t it? But this can be the reason why you are facing the Vizio TV no sound issue. There is a mute button on your TV remote, which you might have accidentally pressed.

Navigate it and press it again to unmute. You can also unmute it by increasing the volume button.

2. Outdated Software: 

Your TV needs to be updated from time to time. Outdated software can be the potential reason for many glitches in your TV. Always keep your TV updated to the latest software update. 

3. Hardware Malfunction: 

Sometimes, the damage is internal, and that’s where things start getting messy. You might need to consult a TV expert to solve this problem. But before doing that, first, try all the methods listed below. You never know which one might work.

4. Issues with the HDMI cable: 

When your TV is connected to an external device through an HDMI cable, the output displayed on the screen is actually from the external device.

HDMI cable transmits audio and video to the TV, which is displayed on the TV screen. If your HDMI cable is broken or faulty, you might not be able to hear any sound from the TV correctly.

5. Issues with the Input: 

If there is any problem while setting up the input of the TV, then you won’t hear any sound.

6. Dead Remote Batteries:

If you are trying, but your Vizio TV volume not turning up, and it is not responding, then the problem might be dead or weakened batteries. Try installing a fresh pair of batteries and see if it works or not.

8 ways to troubleshoot Vizio TV no sound Problem

Now that we have listed some of the potential reasons why your TV isn’t producing any sound. Let’s get to the cure of it now.

Fix 1: Re-plugging the Vizio TV

This is one of the first things you should try when your Vizio TV Volume not working. A system glitch might be preventing you from using the sound.

Start by unplugging your TV from the wall outlet and wait for around 1-2 minutes. After completing this duration, plug it back into the wall and see if the sounds recover or not.

This fix looks basic, but in more than half of cases, it would work for you, and you’ll be actually able to get that sound back.

Fix 2: Resetting the Power Cord of your Vizio TV

Every TV has a power cord located at the backside of the TV. This cord is the TV’s main power supply, which enables the TV to display pictures and videos.

A straightforward way to get rid of this problem is to reset the power cord. The process is pretty simple. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Unplug this cord from the backside of the TV.
  • Leave this cord for around 1-2 minutes, and then plug it back into the TV.
  • Power on your TV using the power button located usually on the bottom side of the TV.
  • See if your TV volume works now or not.

Make sure that you tightly fix the power cord in your TV. Also, remember that you need to press the power button on your TV and not on your remote.

Hopefully, the Vizio TV no sound problem is resolved.

Fix 3: Update the Software of your Vizio TV

One of the top reasons your Vizio Tv volume control not working properly is that your TV’s software is outdated and needs an update.

In most cases, when your TV is connected to an internet connection, it automatically checks for an update and, when necessary, updates the system’s software.

But sometimes, due to a system glitch, it might not install new updates automatically, and that’s when you need to do it manually.

Don’t worry. Just follow the steps mentioned below to install a software update on your Vizio TV successfully:

  • Turn on your TV and press the V button on your remote.
  • A drop-down menu shows on TV. Select System from here.
  • Click on “Check for Updates.”
  • The system will see if there is any update available.
  • If one is available, press the confirm button to start the installation.

Your TV will now start downloading the update. Once the download is completed, your TV will restart. It will now install the update.

When the update is finished, it will restart again, indicating that the process is complete. You can now check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

It would probably be fixed now, but if it doesn’t, then the next step is to reset your Vizio TV.

Vizio TV Volume not working

Fix 4: Factory Resetting Vizio TV

If even after updating, the problem persists, then it’s time to factory reset your Vizio TV. This will remove all of your stored data on your TV, so make sure to have a backup of these files.

There are two ways in which you can rest your TV. The first one is done with the remote. Let’s see how we can do that:

Method 1: Resetting with Remote

  • Turn the TV on and click on the menu button.
  • Click “System” in the menu option.
  • Now click “Reset and Admin.”
  • A new screen appears. Click on “Reset TV to Factory Default.”
  • If your TV asks for a code before it starts the resetting, enter (0000) as it is the default code for Vizio TV.

Doing this will restore your TV to default factory settings, and your TV will be refreshed.

Method 2: Resetting without Remote

There can be situations in which you cannot use your Vizio TV remote; either it is broken, or you have lost it.

Guess what? You can still reset it without your TV remote. Yes, you can, absolutely. Follow the steps below to perform the factory reset:

  • Every TV nowadays comes with a power button. Try to locate it. It can be at the top, at the back, or bottom of the TV.
  • Now press and hold the volume button down, and at the same time, press the source button.
  • Keep holding it until a pop-up screen tells you to hold the input button.
  • Release both the buttons and press and hold the input button for around 15-20 seconds.
  • The reset process will start, taking around 1-2 minutes. Let the process complete. Once it’s done, your Vizio TV will be reset back to default factory settings.

One thing to remember is to press and hold both the volume down and the source button simultaneously.

Fix 5: Change the HDMI cable

If your Vizio TV is connected to an external device through an HDMI cable, then the problem might be in the HDMI cable rather than the TV itself.

An HDMI cable helps transmit video and audio to the TV from an electrical device, allowing you to see videos on TV.

Issues with wire-performing audio encoding might lead to failure of sound production. Try a new HDMI cable if it works or not.

The problem lies in the HDMI cable rather than your TV if you can now hear the sound.

Fix 6: Turning on the Volume on Satellite Box

When you use a satellite box or a cable box, the audio and video displayed on your Vizio TV Are actually from the box and not from the TV.

If the box settings are adjusted at zero volume, you’ll not hear any sound in the first place. In interface settings, either the volume is set to zero or not.

If it is at zero, you won’t hear any sound. Make it higher than zero to solve this issue.

Fix 7: Use a Universal Remote

Get yourself a replacement if your remote is entirely out of order and won’t work at all. But in this temporary phase, you can use a universal remote.

Pair up your universal remote with your Vizio TV, and boom, you are good to go. You can also use your mobile phone as a remote by downloading universal remote apps available on the Play Store.

Fix 8: Contact Customer Support of Vizio TV

If, after trying all of the above hacks, you still face the Vizio TV no sound issue, then you can directly contact the Vizio support team that’ll help you out in this situation.

To contact the support team, reach out at 1-884-254-8087.

As a lender of last resort, pull out those papers that accompanied your Vizio TV at the time when you bought it. Look for the warranty card.

See if there is an active warranty or not. Please take it to their service center and file a claim. Either you’ll get it repaired, or if you are lucky, you’ll get a replacement hopefully.

Other Vizio TV Volume Problems:

Other than the Vizio TV Volume not working, consumers do face some other sound-related problems. So we added the troubleshooting guide for these problems too.

How to fix Vizio TV Volume Control not Working?

There are two scenarios in this. Either your remote is not working, or there is an issue with the TV. If remote is the reason, remove old batteries and install a fresh pair of batteries.

Press all the buttons one by one, so if there is any stuck button, it may set free. Strike the remote against the palm of your hand to remove any dirt trapped inside the buttons.

Hopefully, your remote will start turning the volume up and down by now. But if it doesn’t, there might be a problem with the TV.

Do a factory reset TV or try all the aforementioned fixes to get out of this situation.

How to fix Vizio TV sound changing constantly?

SRS TruVolume is excellent Vizio TVs feature that provides users with a better sound experience. It automatically adjusts the volume to have better usage.

Your Vizio TV volume constantly cutting and cutting out can be due to your TV’s “SRS TruVolume” feature. It usually happens when this setting of your TV conflicts with external device settings.

One way to check whether the culprit is this feature is to disconnect all the external devices from the TV and check whether the problem persists now.

If the problem resolves, the SRS feature is causing the problem. You need to disable it. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Turn on your TV and press the “Menu” button.
  • Find and press “Audio Settings.”
  • Now click on “Advanced Audio.”
  • Turn off the “SRS TruVolume” feature.

Any settings that allow the device to adjust volume automatically can be the reason why your TV volume is not working correctly. It can be variable “Analog Output” settings, “Surround Sound,” or “Volume Levelling” Settings.

Turn all of these settings, and see if the volume works fine now or not. One easy way to disable them all is to perform a factory reset. To achieve that, follow the guideline stated above.

How to fix Vizio TV volume too low?

If, even after turning your Vizio TV volume up, you are struggling to hear the TV’s sound, then make sure that you have turned on the external speaker or the TV speakers.

To turn on the internal speakers of your Vizio TV, press the menu button and click on “Audio Settings.” Click on “TV Speakers” and turn them on.

Now we know that internal speakers are on. If the problem does not go away, then the problem lies in the external speakers.

Start by inspecting whether cables are correctly connected or not. Connect them properly if they are not. Make sure that TV audio settings are compatible with the external device.

If you want to use the external speakers, follow the guideline below for optimum usage:

  • Press the “Menu” button and navigate to “Audio Settings.”
  • Turn the “TV Speakers” off.
  • Now Set “Digital Audio Out” to “Bitstream.”
  • Change “Analog Audio Out” to “Fixed.”
  • Turn off the “Volume Levelling.”
  • Set the “Surround Sound” to on.
  • Disable the “SRS TruVolume” feature.

You’ll now be able to change the volume on your external device.

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