Top 10 Aesthetic Korean Jewelry Brands to Know About

“Mecca of Beauty Products” is how we have always associated with South Korea. And it is not wrong to say this either because it truly is a paradise for make-up and skincare lovers.

However, there is something else that you should remember about Korea-its aesthetically beautiful jewelry.

Are you looking for something elegant and classy for a wedding reception or something light and beautiful for your blind date?

Well, these 10 Popular Jewelry brands from Korea are exactly what you need to add an extra layer to your fashion style.

Popular Korean Jewelry Brands 2023

After our critical analysis, the 10 finest Korean Jewelry Brands are Souhait, 1064 Studio, Joomi Lim, Beauton, Numbering, COLDFRAME, Momental, AVEC New York, and a couple more.

Korean Jewelry Brands

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1. Souhait

A Korean jewelry brand that is known for creating modern jewelry that is both stylish and fashionista. Souhait is a french word that means wish. Just like its meaning, Souhait products bring happiness and good wishes to the people.

Even though it started as a simple family-owned jewelry retailer, it soon kicked off the heights of success. And the reason behind the success that Souhait has achieved today is its products’ artistic expressions and designs.

Souhait is famous for its signature chunky earrings. These earrings are uniquely designed and shaped and can go well with any outfit.  

2. 1064 Studio

Do you need to add something sophisticated yet simple to your jewelry collection? If yes, then 1064 Studio has some really great pieces that might catch your eye. 

This brand was founded in 2015. And the number 1064 actually comes from 1064.16˚C, which is the melting temperature of gold.

It is one of the growing Korean jewelry brands that focus on women’s everyday looks. 1064 Studio seeks to create products that can be used in multiple ways in our everyday life.

Because let’s be honest. Most of us are not rich enough to buy jewelry every other day. So we all need such multi-purpose pieces in our jewelry collection.

3. Joomi Lim

If you are a fashionista, you might be familiar with Joomi Joolz. Yes, you are right. Joomi Lim is owned by none other than the famous Korean fashion designer, Joomi Lim. You can easily recognize her jewelry due to its elegance and feminine style. 

This brand is heaven for pearl jewelry lovers.  Pearls Retail is described as the breath of every jewelry collection Joomi Lim has launched. 

Moreover, her jewelry can be easily differentiated from others because she uses delicate spiral lines as highlights on her earrings.

4. Beauton

Are you a minimalist? Then, the Beauton Jewelry brand sure has some fine pieces for you. Kayoung Kim founded this brand in 2016. Kayoung Kim has studied and practiced sculpture, which can be seen in her beautiful jewelry. 

Every design created by this brand is nothing but art.  Also, if you are a fan of handmade jewelry, then this brand is worth a try.

5. Numbering

Do you need some versatile and staple accessories you can wear daily? This is where your search ends. Numbering is yet another very famous Jewelry Brand in Korea.

This brand demonstrates the idea that beauty comes in different forms. Numbering introduces different standards of beauty in our daily lives. 

From hoops to chain bracelets, Numbering has a wide range of jewelry collections showing versatility. 

If you are more of a “traditional with a modern touch jewelry” person, you will love their  2020 spring/summer collection.

This collection is inspired by the 80s and includes gold and silver pieces that can easily blend into our daily lives.

6. AVEC New York

This New York-based jewelry brand was founded by Korean twin sisters Kate and Chloe Lee. AVEC is a popular high-end jewelry brand due to its modern and luxurious designs. 

AVEC will leave you speechless if you are a fan of delicate rings. These rings are made of 18k rose gold and silver, adorned with precious gemstones and pearl details.  

AVEC rings will add elegance to your daily attire, and everyone around you will be fascinated by these sparkling rings on your fingers.


Do you like jewelry that is a little edgy and extravagant? COLDFRAME brings you precisely what you desire.

Situated in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, COLDFRAME is known for its high-quality, delicate, and diverse-themed jewelry. It takes inspiration from different forms of flowers and human bodies to make its masterpieces. 

The Flower Face collection features flower and plant-shaped rings and earrings. On the other hand, the Traits of Bone’s collection embodies the human body structure. Rope Twist collection by COLD FRAME-featuring delicate and chunky designs- is pretty famous among those who seek modern accessories. 

8. Portrait Report

Launched by the famous designer Jeong Baek Seok, Portrait Report is a cult-loved jewelry brand. Jeong Baek Seok’s creations are simple and elegant, breaking all fashion stereotypes.

The reason that makes this brand a “crowd-favorite” is that it is a brand loved by many Korean celebrities such as T-ara, Zico, and Hyomin. 

Twin ear cuffs are the most famous item of the Portrait Report. And the surprising part is that you can also use these as a couple of rings.

Do you need subtle yet elegant jewelry designs? We recommend you go for a Portrait Report. 

9. Momental

The next brand on our list of 10 Korean jewelry brands is exceptional, Momental. Don’t worry. We are not biased.

The reason why we called Momental a particular brand is due to its theme. It creates retro-style jewelry using plant-shaped significant Chinese characters, such as 爱 (love) and花 (flower). 

Momental pieces are created with a blend of modernity and Asian traditional values. If you are a sucker for good perfumes, you must buy jewelry from Momental.

Momental sells perfumes as well. And when someone buys jewelry from them, they also send perfume samples. So buy jewelry and enjoy different scents for free.  

10. Space Oddity

Space Oddity is yet another emerging Korean luxury jewelry brand. This brand is created with the motto, “even though jewelry is small, it has power.” This brand has a diverse range of jewelry designs for modern women. 

Space Oddity is a very popular jewelry brand in Korea. This brand has everything to offer, from delicate earrings to oversized necklaces, hair slides, and earrings that cover your entire ears. 

In Addition:

Bottom Line 

So this was all about the top 10 Korean jewelry brands. The above-mentioned Korean jewelry makers are renowned for their versatility, delicacy, elegance, and unique concepts.

All the brands mentioned above have a wide range of accessories you can wear daily. Few of these brands are luxurious, making them a bit expensive.

However, they are all worth a try. Moreover, there are few, so you don’t have to break the bank to look classy.

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