Hisense TV remote not working (Troubleshooting Guide)

Hisense TV Remote not Working

So, it’s probably that time of year when suddenly, for no reason, your home electronic devices malfunction, and you cannot find a way to get out of it.

If you have a Hisense TV, you must have faced the Hisense TV remote not working problem once. This is a common issue many other users also share the same problem, and you are not alone.

Well, don’t worry because we have got you a whole list of how to fix this issue effectively and efficiently. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Hisense TV Remote Not Working? Try this Quick Troubleshoot

To fix your Hisense TV remote not working, start by taking off the back panel of your remote. Remove the batteries inside and clean the terminals of the battery. Press and hold the power button for around 20-30 seconds.

Then to release a stuck button, press each button one at a time. Gently strike the remote against your hand’s palm and repeat this 4-5 times. Finally, install a new set of batteries.

Hopefully, your Hisense TV remote will be back on track again and function smoothly.

But if it didn’t work, still, there is nothing to worry about as we have many other solutions to try before dumping your Hisense TV remote.

Why my Hisense TV remote is not working?

But before we get into that, let’s have a brief walk-through of why this problem occurs. Following are some of the primary reasons why your Hisense TV remote does not work:

1. Weakened or Dead Batteries:

It’s like a rule of thumb that whenever your Hisense TV remote does not work, first look for any physically damaged or dead batteries without performing any hack.

This might be the core of your problem, and installing new batteries might solve the problem instantly.

2. Damaged Remote:

If there is any physical damage to your Hisense TV remote, your remote might not work. After trying all the hacks listed below, there won’t be any option but to buy a suitable replacement.

3. Physical or Electromagnetic Blockage:

If there are any wireless devices such as speakers or Bluetooth devices between your Hisense TV and remote or any sizeable physical barricade between both of them, then your remote will not work.

Remove these barriers and see if it helps or not.

4. TV Settings:

Sometimes, TV system settings are causing the actual blockage, which won’t let you use your Hisense TV remote.

5. TV Sensor or Remote IR Sensor is Damaged:

If either TV or Remote IR sensor is damaged, you won’t be able to use your Hisense TV remote. Modern TVs work by receiving IR signals from your TV remote. If any one of them malfunctions, the other automatically won’t work.

6. Dust and Dirt:

Your remote also won’t work if there is dust and dirt accumulated inside your Tv remote. We’ll later discuss how to clean the inside of your Hisense TV remote in this article,

7. Stuck Buttons:

The problem likely lies here when any button on your Hisense TV remote is stuck. Start by punching all the buttons on your remote with the help of your thumb. See if that solves the problem or not.

How to Fix Hisense TV Remote not Working?

These are the most common reasons why this error occurs. Now, without wasting any time, let’s see how one can troubleshoot the Hisense TV Remote not working issue.

Fix 1: Installing a fresh pair of Batteries

Batteries are the life of a remote. If your Hisense TV remote batteries have dried up or are physically damaged, then it’s time to get a fresh pair of batteries.

Remove the TV remote’s back cover to begin. Pull out the old batteries and clean the terminals of the battery. Install a fresh pair of batteries.

See if the remote works now or not. If it works, good for you; if it doesn’t, then at least we are clear on this side that batteries aren’t the cause of the problem.

Fix 2: Reset your Hisense TV remote

Resetting a device restores its original default settings and helps removes any bugs causing system errors. Many other problems are solved complementary to it.

Resetting your Hisense TV remote might solve the problem. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Start by removing the back case of your Hisense TV remote.
  • Remove the batteries.
  • Press and hold the power button for around 20-30 seconds to drain any residual power inside.
  • Put the batteries back and close the back cover.
  • An LED light will blink.
  • Now press the buttons numbering 2 and 8.
  • An LED light will flash twice now.
  • Now enter the code 981.
  • An LED light will blink four times.

Your Hisense TV remote is restored to its default settings. Any codes you saved on your remote will be erased. So, make sure to save them beforehand.

Also, it is recommended to perform the above method within 6 seconds of inserting batteries into the remote.

That’ll probably be it, and you’ll be able to use your Hisense TV remote. If it wasn’t, then proceed to the next steps.

Fix 3: Check whether the IR sensor is working or not

Your Hisense TV and remote work by sending and receiving IR signals. The beam transmits signals from your remote, which are then received by your TV.

Suppose the IR generator (generally an LED-type bulb located on top of your remote) isn’t working correctly. In that case, no signal will ever be transmitted, and your remote won’t work.

A question here arises how can I check whether it’s working or not? Well, the method is straightforward.

If you have a smartphone, you can check it quickly.

  • Open the camera and place your remote in front of the camera screen on your mobile.
  • Look at your remote through the camera and press random buttons.
  • If a red light blinks every time you press a button, your remote is working fine.
  • If it doesn’t, then the problem lies within. Either battery is dead, or your remote is defective.

The critical takeaway is to place the remote in front of the camera as if the top side faces the camera. That’ll help you quickly see the flash as the IR sensors are located there.

Fix 4: Remove any physical or electromagnetic interference

As discussed in the problems, any physical or electromagnetic interferences can cause this issue, which is a common reason why your Hisense TV remote won’t work.

Modern TV remotes use an IR beam that is sensed by an IR sensor placed on your TV. This is how signals are transmitted from the remote and received by your TV.

Your remote may not be working if there is an obstacle between the two. Obstruction can be physical, such as a wall or furniture, or electromagnetic, such as wireless speakers, gaming consoles, or any other Bluetooth device.

If there is any such barrier, try using your Hisense TV remote from a different place. If it works now, then it was the obstruction causing the error.

Remove that barrier and enjoy your working Hisense TV remote.

Fix 5: Opening any Stuck Button

When you press several buttons on your smartphone or laptop keyboard simultaneously, what happens? They don’t work correctly. Right!

The same is the case with TV remote buttons. If one or two of them are stuck, the rest of them won’t work. This is a widespread issue among TV users.

It may be due to dirt spaced up inside the ends of your TV buttons, or a harsh press might cause the problem.

To tackle this issue, press all the buttons one by one on your remote to locate that button. Once found, try to press and get that button out.

If that doesn’t work, slap the remote against the palm of your hand or any cushion to remove the dirt trapped inside.

In many cases, this trick will work, and your remote will work fine.

Fix 6: Power Cycle or Soft Reset your Hisense TV

Sometimes, the error lies in the TV rather than in the TV remote. Doing a power cycle or, otherwise, a soft reset of your TV should be your first task in this scenario.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Unplug the TV from an external electrical connection.
  • Wait for around 1-2 minutes.
  • Hold the power button on your TV (not on your remote) for 20-30 seconds.
  • Wait for the minute to complete, and plug your TV back into the electrical connection.
  • Wait for the TV to restart and then see if the remote works now or not.

The power button on the TV usually lies under the TV. Holding it will remove any power trapped inside to let the system have that reset.

Hisense TV Remote Pairing

Fix 7: Cleaning the inside of your remote

Well, things start to get a little messy now. Sometimes, people are careless about their TV remotes.

Any liquid getting inside your Hisense TV remote due to carelessness might be why your TV remote isn’t working.

When it penetrates into a TV remote, any liquid leaves behind moisture and a residue that hinders the connection between the buttons and circuit pads.

Getting to press a hard button to work indicates possible liquid damage. It can be any liquid, but the most common of them are fuzzy and soft drinks.

Now it’s time for the remedy. There is no option other than opening the remote and doing some procedures.

The chances are that your remote might not work, but hey! It already isn’t working so it shouldn’t be a problem.

For your ease, we have divided this step into 4 segments. We’ll start by separating the remote sections into two.

1. Separating Remote Case:

  • Start by removing the back case and batteries from the inside.
  • Press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds to remove any residual power.
  • See where the OK button lies. With a flat-head screwdriver, move the gap between the panels. Then gently widen this gap with the help of another screwdriver.
  • Once done, you would hear a slight tuck sound indicating that both panels are disconnected.
  • Separate both panels.

2. Cleaning the Inside:

Next up is the process of cleaning. Once both are separated, gently remove the circuit board, plastic panels, and rubber buttons from the case.

See for any dirt or hair or any other kind of junk trapped inside any of these. Go thoroughly through each part so that you can clean all of them.

Using 99% isopropyl alcohol, gently rub the affected areas. Gently press against any dirt or junk and try to remove all of them.

Isopropyl alcohol is safe to use as it dries up quickly and won’t harm your remote’s circuit board.

Now carefully place the circuit board against rubber buttons. Ensure that each pad on the circuit board lies against the same rubber button to which it corresponds.

3. Inspecting the circuit board pads:

Sometimes, this problem arises due to the overuse of the circuit board pad. The circuit board is usually damaged when dirt is built up inside or liquid penetrates through the TV remote.

Use isopropyl alcohol to remove the stains present inside. Another thing that you can try is the use of a lead pencil. Yes, you read it right. A lead pencil.

Graphite inside a lead pencil improves conductivity, which helps the circuit board pad respond to pressure quite effectively.

Move this pencil along the tracks of the circuit board pad. Move it as if you are drawing lines on the circuit board but remember to perform it gently.

Now that you’ve finished most of the work begin putting things back where they belong.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Place the circuit board in the rear plastic panel.
  • On the top panel, place the rubber button pad.
  • Order is necessary. Make sure you’re doing it correctly.
  • Hold the two panels and gently press them against each other.
  • Both connect once you hear a clicking sound.

4. Place the batteries back:

Finally, check whether the remote now works or not. If it doesn’t, then it’s time that you buy yourself a replacement.

Hisense TV remotes, just like others, are cheap to buy. Until one arrives, you may use your smartphone as a remote control for your television. There are hundreds of apps that you can download to do so.

Fix 8: Use a Universal Remote

One that works fine with all TVs can help you in this temporary period until your new Hisense TV remote arrives.

Fix 9: Contact Hisense Customer Support

If nothing works for you, you are blank on how to solve this problem. You can contact Hisense customer support.

Hopefully, they’ll let you know the solution, and you’ll be able to solve the problem.

Other Common Hisense TV Remote problems:

Here is the diagnosis of related Hisense TV Remote problems that you might encounter.

How to fix the Hisense TV remote not turning the volume up and down?

One of the common issues that TV users experience is that their remote cannot perform volume up and down operations.

Your Hisense TV remote might not be able to turn the volume up and down because either the remote is damaged or some liquid has penetrated inside.

It can also be due to dead or weakened batteries. Try replacing these batteries and cleaning the remote as mentioned in the method above.

Factory reset your Hisense TV remote if this doesn’t work. For performing a factory reset of your Hisense TV remote, refer to the procedure in Fix 2.

How to fix Hisense TV remote pairing issues?

Pairing a Hisense TV with its remote is quite simple. Sometimes, your TV won’t pair with your remote. The problem is common, and we have two ways to solve this issue.

Method 1:

  • First of all, you have to find two buttons.
  • One is that it looks like a chatbox. It has two horizontal lines on it.
  • The other one is a rectangular button with a square in the center.
  • Press and hold these two buttons simultaneously and continue to do that until a red LED light blinks.
  • Release the two buttons, and you’ll see that the pairing process has been initiated.
  • One indication that the process is completed is that you’ll see the blue LED light flash three times.

Method 2: 

  • Start by turning on your TV and going to the settings menu.
  • Hover over the Bluetooth option and turn it on.
  • Press and hold the same two buttons (one that looks like a chat box with two horizontal lines and the rectangular one with a square in the center) simultaneously until pairing starts.
  • Select the option “Find Nearby devices” from the menu.
  • Nearby devices will be shown on your TV. One of them will be your remote.
  • Select your remote and press okay.

Your Hisense TV remote is now paired with your TV. If you have lost your remote, you can also use your mobile phone as a remote until you get a replacement for it.

In the Play store, you may find a variety of free remote control apps that you can connect to your TV to use as a remote control.

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Hisense is one of the top-tier companies producing TVs and home appliances. Like any other thing, problems occur over time with these appliances.

Most of them are easy to solve, and there are numerous ways available online that you can try to solve them.

We hope that this article helped you and you were able to diagnose your Hisense TV remote not working problem swiftly.

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