Guitars Made in the USA: Top 12 American Brands

In the realm of musical instruments, guitars made in the USA undeniably stand as the epitome of quality and resonance.

The American landscape has long been the backdrop for master luthiers and iconic brands, crafting guitars that have echoed through countless musical eras.

From the bluesy riffs of the Mississippi Delta to the electrifying solos on modern rock stages, the dedication and heritage of USA guitar manufacturers are palpable.

Dive in to celebrate some of the most esteemed American guitar brands, offering both history and unparalleled sound.

American Guitar Brands

After thorough research and customer feedback, the top American Guitar Brands are Martin, Collings, Gibson, Heritage, Rickenbacker, PRS, Taylor, and Fender Guitars.

Guitars made in the USA

1. Martin Guitar

When discussing American guitar brands, Martin Guitar often tops the list. With its foundation laid nearly 200 years ago, this brand has grown synonymously with unparalleled acoustic marvels. Just as the unique guitar proficiency of Australians, Martin showcases the American essence.

Beyond their impressive longevity in the industry, what sets Martin apart is their unremitting devotion to innovation.

Each piece, whether from the revered Standard series or the unique signature editions, sings a song of craftsmanship, a legacy that many American guitar companies can only aspire to match.

2. Collings Guitars

A melody that began in Austin, Texas, Collings Guitars has since become a beacon for guitar enthusiasts, similar to how some Canadian guitars have captivated their audiences to the north.

While their instruments find favor among country and bluegrass fans, the brand’s resonance extends far beyond.

3. Taylor Guitars

When discussing sustainability in the world of American guitar brands, Taylor Guitars frequently tops the charts.

With a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices, they’ve redefined what it means to create a guitar.

Every instrument, especially those in their American-made series, is a testament to their unyielding dedication to craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

Beyond just producing melodious tones, each Taylor guitar narrates a story of sustainable choices and the brand’s unending pursuit of excellence.

For supporters and professionals alike, Taylor Guitars encapsulates the very essence of what guitar manufacturers should aspire to be.

4. Gibson

American Guitar Brands

Few brands encapsulate the spirit of American guitar brands like Gibson. More than just a company, it stands as an iconic institution in the realm of music.

They bring a unique flair and history to the table, much like those celebrated guitar brands from Germany.

With roots running deep into the soils of Tennessee and Montana, Gibson has been a beacon of classic designs and resonant tones.

Mentioning the name instantly brings to mind their magnum opus – the Les Paul, a guitar that’s graced countless stages and studios.

5. Heritage Guitar Inc

Heritage Guitar Inc. began its illustrious journey in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with a mission to craft electric guitars that reflected a perfect amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship and modern flair.

Each guitar produced under the Heritage name echoes the commitment to quality and the passion for music.

The brand has steadily cemented its place amongst top American guitar companies, promising musicians an instrument that not only produces mesmerizing tunes but also tells tales of history and heritage.

Heritage Guitar Inc. is not just a manufacturer; it’s a storyteller, a keeper of musical legacies.

6. Rickenbacker

Having graced the musical world for over 90 years, Rickenbacker is more than just a brand—it’s a legacy.

From their distinctive designs to the sharp, clear tones they produce, these instruments have been a cornerstone in defining several iconic moments in music history.

Rickenbacker’s appeal isn’t just in its sound; it’s in the stories that surround it, like the legendary tunes of John Lennon.

As a prominent figure amongst USA guitar manufacturers, Rickenbacker continues to enthrall musicians and listeners alike.

American Guitar Companied

7. G&L Musical Instruments

The genius collaboration of Leo Fender and George Fullerton birthed G&L Musical Instruments, a brand that’s become synonymous with innovation in design.

While they hold a deep reverence for classic guitar designs, G&L is also known for pushing the envelope, ensuring that musicians get instruments that are both timeless and forward-thinking.

This duality makes them stand tall amongst other guitars made in the USA.

8. Kurt Wilson Custom Guitars

From Illinois emerges the artistry of Kurt Wilson Custom Guitars. Each piece is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted by Kurt Wilson himself.

More than being just musical instruments, his guitars are genuine artworks, reflecting the zenith of American craftsmanship and the dedication of USA guitar companies.

9. PRS Guitars

American Made Guitars

Based in Maryland, PRS Guitars has effortlessly blended art with acoustical science. Their guitars, especially the custom series, are sought after for their flawless designs and impeccable sound.

As a torchbearer amongst USA guitar brands, PRS continues to set standards, captivating the hearts of artists worldwide.

10. Larrivée Guitars

Founded over half a century ago, Larrivée Guitars has firmly established itself among the leading American guitar brands.

With “affordable luxury” as its guiding principle, each guitar is meticulously crafted in California, combining traditional techniques with innovative designs.

The result is instruments that not only look stunning but also produce sound with unparalleled warmth and clarity.

For those seeking quality without the hefty price tag, Larrivée serves as an exemplary choice.

In the bustling domain of American guitar companies, this brand stands out, proving that exceptional quality can still be accessible.

11. John Kammerer Customs

In the heart of Iowa, John Kammerer Customs emerges as a pivotal name among the top American guitar companies.

The beauty of this brand lies in its ability to infuse customization into each of its creations. The meticulous attention.

It is the unique bridge design or the selection of the fretboard material that captures the essence of personal touch, making each guitar not just an instrument but a piece of art.

12. Fender

Fender, with its storied history spanning over 70 years, has been at the forefront of guitar innovation.

They haven’t just created instruments; they’ve crafted legends. As a beacon amongst American guitar brands, Fender’s influence stretches far and wide, influencing genres, artists, and countless melodies.

Their continuous drive to push the envelope while still paying homage to classic designs makes them not just one of the many American guitar companies but a pioneering institution in the world of music.

American Guitar Manufacturers


Navigating through the guitars made in the USA reveals more than mere brands; it uncovers stories of passion, history, and innovation that resonate with every strum.

From timeless stalwarts like Martin and Gibson to contemporary luminaries such as Taylor and PRS, America’s guitar-making heritage presents a symphony of choices for discerning musicians.

Each strum, each note, embodies not just sound or design but a legacy. With every melody produced, the traditions of these master luthiers come to life, connecting the past, present, and future of American craftsmanship.

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