11 German Chocolate Brands That Will Make Your Day

Are you having a bad day? Then don’t sit there sulking and get some yummy mouth-melting chocolates.

Since we are already talking about chocolates, let’s ask you a question. What chocolate do you like, or which chocolate brand is your favorite Canadian or German?

Well, whether it’s a German or Canadian Chocolate Brand, there is no debate on which chocolate is better.

However, if you are more health-conscious and want to add some tasty yet not-so-unhealthy chocolate to your shopping basket, then German chocolate is what will suit your taste the most.

Talking about chocolate, we don’t think there is anyone who loves chocolate more than the Germans. Chocolate is embedded in their culture. After exploring, we found the best Chocolate brands available in Germany for you to try.

The top German Chocolate Brands include Rausch, Schokakola, Niederegger, Moser Roth, Kinder, Coppeneur, Bahlsen, Hienemann, Ritter Sport, Hachez, and Reber.

Top German Chocolate Brands

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee, something sweet to eat, and let’s start exploring these German Chocolate Companies.

German Chocolate Brands

1. Rausch:

Rausch, founded in Berlin in 1918, is one of the most famous German chocolate brands. One of the most sold chocolates of Rausch is Venezuela 43%. Venezuela 43% is nothing but a “divine milk chocolate” and is exceptionally delicious.

 Nougat Pralines are also among the favorites among people. The best thing about Rausch is that you don’t have to go anywhere to get these chocolates. Rausch offers a “Treat To Door” policy which means you can quickly get them online.

2. Schokakola:

The next chocolate brand we are going to talk about is Schokakola. It was founded in Berlin in 1935. This chocolate was first introduced in 1936 as chocolate specifically for athletes.

Schokakola is famous for its bitter-sweet chocolates. It’s popular because of the kola nut blend and high caffeine content. Three-piece Schokakola chocolates are equal to one cup of espresso.

It has two flavors –Dark and Milk chocolate.  However, the Schokakola milk chocolate has been discontinued, and now the main focus of this brand is dark chocolate.

3. Niederegger:

This Lübeck-based chocolate brand in Germany was founded in 1806. It is known to use the finest quality Marzipan and is made of 100% pure almond paste.

Niederegger tends to be the top brand when it comes to the world’s best marzipan. These chocolates are found all over Germany. But, if you are in Lübeck, do visit the Niederegger factory and coffee shop.

If you want to try some delicious German chocolate, Niederegger would be the one to go.

4. Moser Roth:

Are you a fan of ultra-caffeinated coffee and chocolate? What if we tell you that now can you can have the taste of both in one? We are talking about Moser Roth, one of the most famous Chocolate Brands in Germany.

Moser Roth, founded in 1841, is a well-known dark chocolate-producing brand. Also, the chocolate made by Moser Roth is 100% ethical. Apart from that, it also received an award from the “German Agricultural Society” in 2007.

5. Kinder:

The term Kinder means “child” in Germany. That may be because the main targets of this brand originally were kids. However, soon these chocolates were everyone’s favorite.

This German chocolate brand was introduced in 1968 and is a very prominent chocolate brand worldwide. Milk chocolate is one of the most famous chocolates of Kinder, and you can find this in almost every store in Germany.

6. Coppeneur:

The next chocolate brand that we would like to talk about is Coppeneur. This German chocolate company entered the industry in 1993.

Their chocolates are free of preservatives and are made from pure cocoa butter and other tasty ingredients. From hot chocolate on a stick to a variety of pralines, you’ll find everything at Coppeneur.

Another exciting thing about Coppeneur is that the founder has done a pretty good job despite being young.

7. Bahlsen:

German Chocolate Cookies

Founded in 1889, this German Chocolate cookie brand is yet another famous chocolate brand. This brand has a massive variety of products, from wafers to modern biscuits and seasonal products

Bahlsen butter cookies are the most popular chocolates of Bahlsen. If you want something that you can grab on your coffee break, then Bahlsen biscuits are what you need.

8. Heinemann:

If you are a fan of pralines, then get ready to fall in love with this brand. Heinemann, founded in 1932, is truly one of the best chocolate brands in Germany.

No matter what kind of chocolate you like, Heinemann has diversity to offer.

One of the best pralines from this brand is Champagne Trüffle. These pralines are filled with truffles and a layer of champagne cream. Then they are coated with high-quality chocolate, and there is some powder sugar dusted on the top.

9. Ritter Sport:

This German chocolate bar brand entered the chocolate industry in 1912. From dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and Marzipan-filled white chocolate to nougat, fruit fillings, puffed rice, and rice flakes, it has more than 30 varieties of chocolate bars.

Apart from that, you will find 24 different flavors of Ritter Sport, all of these flavors are popular among chocolate lovers.

10. Hachez:

This German chocolate brand was founded in 1890. This brand is famous for its high-quality German chocolate with high cocoa content.

The “Braune Blatter Edel Vollmilch” is one of the most famous chocolates from this company. This chocolate was inspired by chocolate autumn leaves and chocolates in the shape of autumn leaves. Moreover, this also contains 39% of chocolate milk with vanilla.

11. Reber:

Now this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this chocolate brand from Germany. Reber was founded in 1865 in Munich.

This brand is popular for its high-quality chocolates that tantalize the taste buds. One of the most popular products of Reber is the “Reber Mozart Kugler.”

These pralines are made of pistachio, marzipan, and nougat coated with dark chocolate. If you are looking for lighter, nuttier, and stronger pralines, then Reber Mozart Kuglen is what you should try.

What Makes German Chocolate Brands So Special

Germany has a reputation for producing delicious and innovative sweet treats, including its world-renowned chocolates. In addition to being a popular choice for seasonal sweets like chocolate bunnies for Easter, German chocolate is known for its high-quality ingredients.

Many German chocolate brands source their cocoa beans from countries in Africa and Latin America, resulting in a unique and distinctive flavor. The careful selection and blending of these cocoa beans, combined with the expertise and craftsmanship of German chocolate makers, results in a product that is highly sought after around the world.

Whether enjoyed on its own or as a key ingredient in a variety of baked goods, German chocolate is a treat that is sure to delight the taste buds of chocolate lovers everywhere.

Final Words

So, these were 11 German chocolate brands. The brands that we have mentioned are very popular both in Germany and worldwide.

And there might be some brands that you might not have heard of before. However, for sure, these chocolate brands are what any chocolate lover would love to have.

Germany might not be the one who invented chocolates, but it is certain that they have elevated the art form to new heights.

Although the bands mentioned above are available globally, if you visit Germany, you should try other German chocolate. Also, let us know if you want to add another brand to the list.

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