German Bike Brands | 9 Top-Rated German Brands

We all are aware that Germany is famous for its well-engineered machinery and efficient automobiles.

Brands like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and BMW are famous worldwide for their premium quality. Well, bikes are no exception.

The German bike brands manufacture some of the best innovative and dynamic road, Mountain, and gravel bikes.

Since Germany is popular for its engineering capabilities, it’s no surprise that people prefer bikes manufactured in Germany because of their reliability, high performance, and long-lasting motors.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into German Bicycle Companies to find out more about them.

List of 9 German Bicycle Brands

After extensive research from our Marketing Team, the top German Bike Brands include Canyon, Cube, Ghost, Stevens, Haibike, Corratec, and a couple more.

German Bike Brands

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1. Canyon:

Established in 1985 as “Radsport Arnold” by Roman Arnold and his brother Franc Arnold. With over 1.4M followers on Instagram, the brand is perhaps the biggest German bicycle brand in the world.

The journey started as a supplier of bike parts. Later they started manufacturing their own bikes in 2001, under the brand name “Canyon Bicycles GmBh.”

Since then, the brand has sponsored multiple athletes to Grand Tour, and World Tour Championship wins and has been used in numerous triathlons.

The brand is currently manufacturing top-quality Road, Gravel, Mountain, Hybrid, and E-bikes with attention to every little detail so you can enjoy every second of your ride. Along with the bikes, the brand also offers its exclusive Gear.

Canyon road bicycles have won many competitions. The range includes the Aeroad series, the flagship bicycles powered by balanced geometry and lightweight.

Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, these bikes have proven to be a racing beast.

If you are adventurous and going on a trip with mixed and demanding terrain, then the Gravel bikes series is your perfect partner.

The new Grizl bike series from the company has a long wheelbase, thick tires, and short stems.

2. Cube:

Marnus Purner created the brand in 1993, and currently, they are selling in more than 60 countries.

The catalog consists of various road bikes, cross bikes, triathlon bikes, and trekking bikes. However, the products they are most renowned for are their Full Suspension and Hardtail Mountain bikes series.

These series are made from cutting-edge technology that is wear-resistant and long-lasting.

Almost all of the products come under flagship standard and thus result in a hefty price tag but definitely its value for money.

3. Focus:

Next. German-based Bicycle brand is Focus. The legendary German rider Mike Klugg, a three-time World Champion in Cycling, founded the company in 1992. Klugg also won the German Championship and came 2nd in World Champion with his own Focus Bike.

It created a buzz in Germany and got the attention of all professional bike lovers, and together with Derby, Mike Klugg launched its first series in 1994.

The brand produces all categories of bikes, from daily commuting to racing bikes, and is popular for its high-end mountain bikes.

Focus also manufactures high-tech E-bikes, which are very famous across all of Europe. The team of highly skilled professionals is constantly seeking ways to improve and enhance their products.

4. Ghost:

It all started in a tiny garage where two Uwe Kalliwada and Klaus Mohwald thought of building a bike that would be fun and easy to ride.

They presented their first model in 1993 named LECTOR, which was a lightweight hardtail mountain bike, and it changed their entire world.

Ghost now manufactures Mountain bikes, Gravel bikes, Trekking Bikes, and E-bikes. Their bikes are modern with sleek and robust designs and are very comfortable for long trips.

In addition, the brand is famous sponsors world-class cycling athletes like Sina Frei, Pastenier, and Anne Terpstra, and their team is a regular on the podium in World Cup championships.

5. Stevens:

The German bike company was established in 1990 by Werner & Wolfgang Hacht, two road racing drivers.

At first, they started their business by selling the premium brands like Shimango, Ritchey, etc., and in 1991, they presented their collection of Stevens bikes at the Euro fair. Since then, they’ve never looked up.

The current portfolio of the brand includes Mountain bikes, cross bikes, trekking bikes, and e-bikes. You can also customize the bike according to your preference which is a really great feature.

The company owners have also launched another brand, “Oxygen,” which offers high-quality bicycle accessories for your needs.

6. Haibike

Haibike was founded in the small German city Schweinfurt in 1995 and was owned by the Winora group back then.

The brand takes pride in its high-tech innovative Mountain and e-bikes.  Haibike is pretty popular among professional cyclists due to its continuous innovation and advancement in the bike industry.

The brand’s goal is to design bikes that suit all purposes; whether you are a seasoned professional cyclist or want to buy your first bike, there is a bike specialized just for you!

7. Corratec:

This German bicycle company began its journey with the sale of imported bikes from Italy and bike parts in 1978.

Today, the brand manufactures bicycles individually based on customer specifications. Their racing team is famous for winning numerous championships starting in 1991.

And their most recent accomplishment includes the Mountain World Championship won by Simon Gegenheimer.

8. Riese & Muller

A casual hobby of two engineers that turned into a recognizable bike brand across all of Europe. Markus Riese & Heiko Muller met in 1980, and it was Markus who came up with the idea of a folding bike in 1992.

The idea was then put into reality by the two, and “Birdie” was manufactured and won the “Hesse Innovation Prize” in 1993.

The company’s sustainability initiatives have led them to focus more on the development of premium E-bikes.

They are bringing revolutionary changes to the E-bike industry as they continuously optimize their products’ design and performance. Load-60 and Packster -70 are prime examples of those efforts.

9. Kalkhoff:

The last German bike maker is Kalkhoff. This brand was launched by Heinrich Kalkhoff way back in 1919 and had a rich history of over a century.

The brand started production of e-bikes in 2007 and is one of the leading brands in e-bike manufacturing.

You can easily tailor the bike according to your desire through their online web portal and get your daily partner as you like.

Final Words:

A staggering estimate of over 11.2 million people takes bicycles every day to commute, travel, and do sports in Germany. Cycling is about passion; it’s about freedom and the excitement of discovering.

Cycling to work or shopping is among the most efficient methods of combining regular exercise into your daily routine, and having the right partner is a crucial decision to make.

Above mentioned German Bike brands produce some of the finest bikes for your needs and are being used by millions of people around the world

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