Does Walmart take Samsung Pay? Shocking Answer!

Does Walmart Take Samsung Pay

Samsung always remains one step ahead of its competitors by bringing the latest technology to the show. One such example is Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay was launched in South Korea in 2015, and now this feature is available on almost all Samsung devices.

Does Walmart take Samsung Pay? Shoppers frequently ask this question online. Let’s find its answer without any further ado.

Does Walmart Take Samsung Pay in 2023?

No, Walmart does not take Samsung Pay. The store only accepts mobile payments from Walmart Pay. Walmart even does not take Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You might’ve heard of Samsung Pay being used at some Walmart, but there is no authenticity to the news, and it isn’t official.

This NFC technology is also in Samsung mobiles and directly transmits money to the recipient terminal.

However, for online shopping, you can pay from several payment methods. Read the following blogs to know if Walmart takes PayPal, or whether Walmart accept Affirm.

Why is My Samsung Pay Declined?

There can be several reasons why your Samsung Pay transaction is declined. For an average user, the problem occurs when the account is not verified.

Check if “Verification Needed” pops up on the Card when the transaction is declined in the Samsung app. If it does, verify yourself first by requesting a one-time passcode.

Other reasons include:

  • Temporary blockage of Card
  • Entering Incorrect Pin
  • Unstable internet connection
  • The daily Payment limit reached
  • Outdated Samsung Pay App (update your Samsung Pay App)
  • The merchant terminal does not support contactless payments

How Do You Use Samsung Pay at Walmart Self-Checkout?

You cannot use Samsung Pay at Walmart self-checkout. Walmart Pay is the only accepted payment method at Walmart physical stores.

Can I Use Samsung Pay at ATM?

No, Samsung Pay doesn’t work at the majority of the ATMs. It is because the majority of ATMs worldwide do not support contactless withdrawal.

Samsung Pay only works with NFC or MST technology, which most ATMs don’t support. If your ATM supports NFC or MST, then use you can use Samsung Pay.

It also doesn’t work with card readers for the same reason it does not work with ATMs. You need to insert your Card to complete the transaction for card readers.

Samsung Pay is completely cardless, so it doesn’t work with card readers too.

Do Gas Stations Take Samsung Pay?

Yes, most of the gas stations take Samsung Pay. You can use Samsung Pay to pay for your gas at gas stations like Shell, Exxon, Mobil, BP gas stations, etc.

These gas stations have NFC or MST features for payments. You can use Samsung Pay here to pay for your gas.

The good thing about using Samsung Pay at gas stations is that you can also earn points and accumulate rewards by paying through Samsung Pay. By default, you earn 10 points per transaction.

Where Can I Use My Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay can be used in thousands of ways. The company claims that it can be used anywhere: POS systems, MST, NFC, and EMV terminals for chip-based cards.

Samsung Pay can be used for online transactions at gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, and many other places supporting the above technologies.

Is Samsung Pay Accepted Everywhere?

Not everywhere, but yes, Samsung Pay is accepted in most regions and in most stores in different regions.

Stores that use MST or NFC technology in their payment terminals support Samsung Pay. NFC is common in payment terminals, while MST’s availability differs from store to store.

ATMs or payment terminals that only accept credit or debit cards don’t support Samsung Pay, as Samsung Pay uses NFC or MST.

Is Samsung Pay Safe?

Yes, Samsung Pay is safe.

It’s safer than conventional physical cards as it only stores the encrypted version of the card number for payment at payment terminals.

It does not store the actual card number anywhere on your phone. For privacy and security, Samsung requires authentication by fingerprint or PIN.

Final Words

Fintech nowadays is evolving and making the overall experience the best we have seen until now. Samsung Pay is one of the top and safest ways to make financial transactions from your digital wallet on your mobile.

In the case of Walmart, the retail giant promotes its own mobile payment service i.e. Walmart Pay, and thus it does not accept Samsung Pay.

However, Samsung Pay is still a popular option for people who need a convenient and secure way to make payments.

With the ability to use it in multiple ways and earn rewards, Samsung Pay is definitely a great option for streamlining your transactions.

In short, Samsung Pay is a unique solution that offers a lot of benefits, but it is important to be aware of its limitations and the places where it can be used.

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