Does Walmart Take Paypal in 2023? Is It Free?

If you buy and sell goods and services online, you must know about PayPal. It is one of the fastest, safest, and most reliable services for money transfers worldwide.

There is an exhaustive list of places where you can use PayPal. That leads to our query of the day whether PayPal also works in Walmart.

Does Walmart take PayPal? Users online often ask about this and other possibilities with PayPal. Why not summarize them at one point? Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Does Walmart Take PayPal in 2023?

Yes, Walmart takes PayPal. The store accepts payments through PayPal.

You can use your PayPal account for payments on the Walmart App or website for online purchases. For in-store purchases, the scenario is slightly different.

You’ll need a PayPal cash card to pay for products at a Walmart physical store. PayPal cash card is just like any other credit or debit card.

Does Walmart Take PayPal

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How to Pay With PayPal at Walmart Self-Checkout?

For in-store purchases, customers need PayPal cash cards to pay for their purchases.

For online shopping at Walmart, customers should choose PayPal under “More Payment Option.” You additionally need to log in to your PayPal account to complete the transaction while purchasing products from Walmart.

Is PayPal Free?

For making any purchase or transferring money within the United States, there is no transaction fee for using PayPal.

However, there is a fee for making personal payments using a debit or credit card through PayPal. There is also a fee associated with sending and receiving money internationally.

The payment service provider usually charges a fee whenever currency conversion is involved. The fee rates vary for such transactions. A complete list is available on the PayPal website.

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How to Withdraw Money From PayPal at Walmart Without a Card?

Yes, you can withdraw money from PayPal at Walmart using a PayPal card. No card is required for this transaction.

  1. Find Walmart Money Centre at your local Walmart.
  2. Open your PayPal app and open the “More” section.
  3. Click on “get cash at a store.”
  4. From the given list, select “Walmart.”
  5. Go through the transaction and transaction fee details and click on “Generate Barcode.”
  6. Show this code to the cashier at Walmart MoneyCentre, and the cashier will hand over the money to you.

There is a $3 fee associated with such transactions with PayPal at Walmart.

Is PayPal Safe to Receive Money From Strangers?

Yes, for the majority part, it’s safe to receive money from strangers.

It has a seller protection policy that covers up to $5000 on any transaction which PayPal finds fraudulent. No system in the world is error-free, and PayPal is no different. For sellers, the major issue is the disputed charges.

Customers wrongfully claiming receipt of damaged goods or never receiving the said products in the first place can cause a headache for sellers.

The issue is resolvable, but you need solid evidence to prove your innocence. For the seller protection policy, there is an eligibility criterion that you need to meet to avail of this feature.

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Is PayPal Credit Good?

The answer to the question of whether it is good or not narrows down to your personal use.

If you mostly shop at physical stores, PayPal credit isn’t for you, as you can only use this feature for online purchases.

Interest is also only charged when payment is overdue. There is also a late payment fee. Overdue payments can also somehow affect your credit rating.

So, for an average user, PayPal credit is good, just like any other credit facility for day-to-day transactions.


PayPal is one of the safest and most reliable transaction systems known globally. Every other system has its pros and cons, but the benefits of this app remarkably outweigh the disadvantages.

Especially the use of the PayPal app and card at retail stores like Walmart has taken the shopping experience to a whole new level. I hope you like this informative piece of writing relating to PayPal and Walmart.

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