Does Walmart Take GoodRx? Detailed Guide

Have you ever been in a situation where you bought a certain product, and your friend got the same thing but at a lesser price than you? Feels like you’ve been betrayed.

GoodRx is an American healthcare company to counter this problem. The company collects prescription drug prices from all over the US and gives you the best price.

GoodRx also provides discount coupons on medicines to its customers. These discounts can be utilized at various retail stores. Is Walmart one of them? Does Walmart take GoodRx? Let’s find it out.

Does Walmart Take GoodRx?

Yes, Walmart accepts GoodRx discounts as of 2023. GoodRx has partnered up with Walmart to facilitate customers buying medicine from Walmart pharmacy.

GoodRx discounts can be utilized at Walmart pharmacy, and you can save up to 80% of your money by using GoodRx discounts.

Sam’s Club, a Walmart subsidiary, might not accept GoodRx. All other Walmart stores having Walmart pharmacies are obliged to accept GoodRx discounts.

Does Walmart take GoodRx

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How Many Times Can I Use GoodRx?

The good thing about using GoodRx coupons is that there isn’t any cap or limit on using GoodRx. There is no restriction to the times you can use your GoodRx coupons.

Manufacturers don’t provide GoodRx coupons, so the coupon prices represent those of PBMs.

Can you use GoodRx anywhere?

You can use GoodRx at almost every other pharmacy in the United States. Their coupons are accepted at all partner pharmacies throughout the country.

Using GoodRx coupons, you’ll have to pay less than the cash equivalent for the medicine. The website helps you compare prices at different pharmacies and decide on the best available option.

Is GoodRx Gold Better?

GoodRx gold is just like regular GoodRx but with better discounts and the convenience of using a single card. 

You can save extra money by using GoodRx gold membership. The GoodRx gold membership pricing varies. The individual GoodRx gold membership costs around $9.99, and for a family for $19.99.

How do I Sign-up for GoodRx Gold?

For using GoodRx gold, you need to have an account. Follow the steps below to create your GoodRx gold account.

  1. Open the GoodRx website.
  2. Create your account by clicking on “Start your Free Trial Now.”
  3. Pick the plan of your choice (Either individual or family).
  4. Follow the steps to complete the activation process.

Free-trail ends in 30 days. After it, you have to pay according to your chosen plan. The membership benefits exceed the costs in most cases.

To Summarize:

GoodRx coupons can be used in most pharmacies in the United States. Walmart pharmacy being a partner store of GoodRx, also accepts GoodRx.

The retail store, however, doesn’t accept GoodRx gold memberships. It is a very useful service for those looking for the best available price on prescription drugs.

We hope that this article answers all your questions regarding GoodRx. This was all for today. See you next time. Good-Bye.

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