Does Walmart Take Discover? Personal Experience

Does Walmart take Discover

Technology has deeply affected our living habits in the past few decades. The way we shop, our lifestyle, how we interact with other human beings, and almost everything.

Using credit and debit cards has replaced conventional buying and selling through cash.

Discover is one of the oldest credit card brands in the United States. Discover credit card is widely accepted as a payment method at the majority of stores in the US.

Does Walmart take Discover? Let’s find it out.

Does Walmart Take Discover?

Walmart accepts Discover as a payment method in all its stores across the USA. I have used my Discover card for online shopping at Walmart, & it is convenient.

I have used my Discover card for online shopping at Walmart, and it is very convenient. For in-store shopping at Walmart, you can simply use your Discover card, like any other credit card, and pay for your groceries.

For online shopping, you can simply add a Discover card as a payment method in your Walmart Pay app and then pay for your groceries.

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How to use a Discover card in Walmart Pay app?

The Walmart Pay app is available both for iOS and android. Download Walmart Pay app on your phone and set up your account.

Add Discover card details in “Add Payment Methods.” Agree to the company’s terms and conditions and create a PIN.

Now when you shop at Walmart, follow the steps below to use your Discover card:

  • When done with filling up the cart, launch the Walmart Pay app at checkout and enter your PIN.
  • Your phone now works as a credit card. Hold your phone over the QR code.
  • Scan this QR code.
  • The amount is deducted from your Discover card. You’ll also receive an e-Receipt in your app.

What Stores Take Discover Cards?

According to Discover, their credit cards are accepted at 99% of the stores where a credit card is a payment option.

Discover credit cards are accepted in more than 200 countries worldwide. Some famous stores which accept Discover cards are Adidas, Nike, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Amazon, etc.

Discover credit cards are only unaccepted at places with contracts with a specific credit card company, such as Costco accepting Visa cards.

Is Discover Credit Card Accepted Everywhere?

Discover credit cards are accepted at almost all places with a credit card payment facility. These are the 3rd most used credit cards in the United States.

Is Discover a Visa or MasterCard?

No, Discover isn’t a Visa or MasterCard credit card. If we talk about similarity, it’s more like an American Express card.

Discover differs from Visa and MasterCard in being both an issuer and a credit card processing network. Visa and MasterCard cards are issued by an outside bank, while Discover credit cards are issued by Discover bank.

Can I Use My Discover Card at an ATM?

Yes, you can use your Discover card at an ATM and withdraw cash from your account.

 All you need is your Discover credit card and the PIN which you created at account creation.

Why is Discover Card a Joke?

While the question seems strange, this is true in the United States. Discover credit was launched by the American retail chain Sears in 1985.

In the US, Sears has a reputation for selling cheap and low-quality products. You can also easily get a Discover card with greater benefits than other credit cards.

The whole scenario rather affects the brand reputation, and that’s why some people consider Discover cards cheap.

In the past, Discover cards have also been featured as cheap in the famous American cartoon series called “The Simpsons.”

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 What Stores Do Not Accept Discover Cards?

Although Discover cards are accepted at the majority of stores, be they big-box merchants or small shops, some shops might not accept Discover cards.

In most cases, these stores have contracted with a certain issuer, such as Costco contracted with Visa. They only accept Visa credit cards.

Some locations of the below-listed stores also don’t accept Discover credit cards.

  • Burger King
  • Subway
  • Culvers
  • Dairy Queen


And so on. Apart from them, Discover credit cards are widely accepted.

With cashback bonuses and cash reward programs, Discover cards offer top features in the market. They are also compatible with the majority of stores, including Walmart.

This was all for today. We hope that you learned new things about the Discover card. See you next time.

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