Does Walmart Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Simplifying the lines of communication improves the productivity of business cycles. Apple Inc. understands the struggle of lengthy transaction paths.

So, it launched Apple Pay for Commercial use. This successor of Apple Cash holds money for in-store purchases at zero consumption fees!

Walmart retails a huge variety of products to different segments of customers holding different payment avenues. So, does Walmart take Apple Pay? Let us find out in the article below!

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, as of 2023, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay at any store locations or online.

Apple Pay’s innovative contactless, zero-cost, and internet-free technology has been around for a decade. It is compatible with the iPhone 6 and its successors, up to the latest iPhone 13!

Unfortunately, Walmart does not have NFC readers at checkouts to process transactions. If not Apple Pay, Walmart accepts Walmart Pay at all store customer-host checkouts, self-checkouts, and website purchases.

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay

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Does Walmart Do Apple Pay at Self-Checkout?

No, you cannot use Apple Pay to make purchases at any Walmart self-checkout counters since the store accepts it.

Self-checkout counters reduce manpower at the point of sale. So, customers can use the Walmart app to scan their products’ barcodes.

After generating the total, customers can choose the payment method at the counter, including Walmart Pay.

This is applicable for the purchase of any items from the store. Walmart Pay works for both Android and IOS devices.

Why Does Walmart Not Do Apple Pay?

Walmart bars Apple Pay for retail purchases because it results in cannibalization, retailer costs, and brand promotion.

Walmart runs its line of a digital wallets, Walmart pay, powered by the Walmart app. So, introducing Apple Pay would lead to customers substituting it for Walmart Pay.

In addition, Apple Pay entails zero cost for customers. However, there are some processing fees that Walmart pays to affiliate companies.

Lastly, it is an opportunity for Walmart to promote its digital wallet instead of Apple Pay by reducing competition.

Does Walmart Accept Digital Wallet?

As of 2023, Walmart does not cater to transactions from digital wallets at any store locations or on the website.

As stated, the only digital wallet operational at Walmart is Walmart Pay. So, Google Pay, Apple Pay, After Pay, etc., cannot be accepted.

Some of the mobile payment methods that Walmart facilitates include Klarna, PayPal, and Venmo. Make sure to carry your PayPal cash card and click on the correct icon at the checkout counter.

These methods usually require an app rather than an NFC system, like Walmart Pay. So, you need to download the respective apps as well.

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What Forms of Payment Does Walmart Accept?

Currently, Walmart accepts cash, credit card, debit card, ATMs, Capital One Walmart credit cards, and gift cards in stores physically.

You can also use PayPal, Venmo, Chase Pay, American Express Checkout, and Affirm. EBTs are also accepted. These, however, do not work in Alaska, Montana, and Louisiana.

You cannot add Affirm and PayPal to your wallet. You need to use the prompt at checkout to access these.

You can use 5 gift cards at a time and choose between a debit or a credit card to pay. Note that gift cards do not pay for other gift cards.

What Stores Take Apple Pay?

Out of the top 100, 74 retail stores accept Apple Pay across many states in the United States.

So, you can use Apple Pay to pay for multiple products, fees, and gift cards. Starbucks, KFC, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, etc., accept Apple Pay in the food and beverage industry.

For workplace improvement, you can use this at Office Depot and Staples. Departmental stores like Walgreens, Costco, Trader Joe’s, CVS, and Target are also equipped with NFC readers. Surprisingly, even GameStop accepts Apple Pay!

While you can use Apple Pay at these stores, Lowe’s and Walmart do not accept it.

How Do You Use Apple Pay In A Store?

The process uses tokenization, whereby your credit card numbers remain concealed.

Your purchases become a click away with Apple Pay at any time of the day. Currently, Apple Pay works in stores, within apps, and online on Safari.

As you approach the point of sale system, hold your phone near the NFC reader. The wallet app opens by default.

Authenticate the transaction with a fingerprint and lock it with a face ID scan. After double tapping the side, you will hear a beep followed by a checkmark to confirm the transaction. Finally, you may be asked to enter a code for the older systems.

Bottom Line

In summary, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay, online or in stores. The only digital wallet functional at Walmart is Walmart Pay, a competitor of Apple Pay.

Walmart Pay works with the Walmart app rather than NFC, so the store does not have NFCs at the point of sales system.

Other app-supported wallets like PayPal and Venmo are accepted at self-checkouts, customer host checkouts, and online. Walmart typically accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards, Chase pay, Affirm, and gift cards.

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