Does Walmart Sell Tires in 2023? Complete Guide

There are very few stores globally that are actually able to provide almost all the necessities and luxuries in one place. If not all, at least most of them.

Walmart is one of them and probably the most prominent one. The retail giant operates in more than 24 countries worldwide through more than 10,500 stores.

The question here is whether Walmart even has things of secondary use, such as car tires.

Does Walmart sell tires?

Yes, Walmart sells tires. The retail operator has a wide variety of tires at affordable prices. You can buy according to your own need, budget, and preference.

Other questions may also arise in your mind when you are planning to buy tires from Walmart. We have tried to answer all of those frequently asked questions. Without further ado, let’s explore the tire world at Walmart.

Does Walmart sell Tires

How Much Do Tires Cost at Walmart?

The answer to this question depends upon some factors. Tires Cost mostly depends upon the company which is selling, the tire quality, and the car for which you are purchasing tire.

As compared to other retail stores, Walmart offers insanely low prices. The average cost of a medium-quality tire at Walmart is around $100 to $110.

It is relatively much lower compared to other stores such as Costco, Firebrand Complete, BJ’s Tire Store, and many others.

Walmart also has some high-end options for tires, which generally cost you more than $200. These are of better quality than normal tires and usually, last long.

Are Walmart Tires Good?

Yes, Walmart offers a wide range of tires to choose from. Walmart has some of the best tires from brands like Michelin, Continental, Douglass, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Cooper, Goodyear, and many others.

These brands have a variety of good tires. Some are pocket-friendly, and others are for high performance and longevity.

While buying a tire, you must consider some aspects such as tread-life warranty, aspect ratio, rim size, comfort, performance, road grip, etc.

These factors are usually mentioned in the product description, which makes it easy to decide whether to buy a particular tire or not.

Do Walmart Sell Used Tires?

No, Walmart does not sell used tires. Walmart sells other used and refurbished products such as phones, clothes, video games, consoles, and much more, but unfortunately, they don’t sell used tires.

Walmart has a wide range from budget-friendly tires to expensive tires. They already offer deep discounts for new tires, so there is no need to buy a second-hand tire.

Otherwise, if you really want to buy a used tire, many websites sell used tires, such as Liberty Tire,, UTires, American Quality Tires Co, Facebook Market Place, Craigslist, etc.

Does Walmart Sell Spare Tires?

Yes, Walmart also offers spare tires. There are several brands offering spare tires at Walmart. These include Kumho, Pirelli, Dunlop, Trailer tire, Goodyear, etc.

Whenever going on a long route, a spare tire is a must-have. Walmart can be a good option if you are looking for a pocket-friendly spare tire for your car.

Are Walmart Tires Expensive?

No, Walmart offers you the very competitive prices for tires. Their tires are at a significantly reduced price than the market. There is always an open option.

You can buy from low-range tires too. These generally start from around $45. Tires below the $50 mark have a shorter life span and have low customer ratings.

The famous Goodyear company tires are priced between $55 to $187. Tires vary based on their performance, grip strength, quality, and longevity.

Will Walmart Put a Tire on a Wheel?

Yes, Walmart will install tires in your cars. Price is charged depending on the place where you have bought these tires.

Tires installation takes place at Walmart’s Auto Care Center. If you have bought new tires from Walmart, the Auto Care center will charge $15 per tire.

Your car has a total of 4 tires. This means that you’ll have to pay $60 for tire installation. This is the basic tire installation package at Walmart.

If you have purchased tires from somewhere else, Walmart will charge an additional $10 for each year, making it a total of $100.

Walmart has another tire installation package called the value tire installation package. This is only available for tires purchased from Walmart.

The installation cost for one tire is $25. It has all the basic package features with an additional feature called Road Hazard Protection Warranty.”

How Much Does Walmart Charge to Mount and Balance a Tire?

Tire mounting comes in both of the tire installation packages if you are getting your tire installed from Walmart. There is no extra charge for mounting tires.

However, if you want independent services (Standalone services) like just mounting or balancing tires, Walmart has a different price list.

Walmart Auto Care Centre charges $12 per tire for balancing and rotation. For mounting, Walmart charges $10 per tire.

Does Walmart Sell Tires With Rims?

Yes, Walmart has a wide range of rim selection of rims for tires of cars and trucks. Walmart has steel and aluminum rims in different sizes and designs for different vehicles.

If you are looking for a pair of tires and rims, then Walmart is what you are looking for. The retail giant also offers a pair of both along with an installation package.

Also, Walmart has alloy and chrome rims apart from steel and aluminum ones. Check out their online store to explore more.

Does Walmart Sell Tires on Sunday?

Yes, Walmart sells tires throughout the week. In fact, Walmart’s Auto Care store also remains open throughout the week.

You can quickly go on Sundays at your convenience and buy yourself a new pair of tires.

Do Walmart Sell Tires for Cars?

Yes, Walmart sells tires for cars and trucks. These tires can be purchased from their physical store and their online store. Walmart also offers car batteries at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts:

Your car’s safety depends heavily on tires. They are the only source in contact with the road, so make sure that you choose the best tires for your car.

Tires from Walmart are some of the finest in the business. These tires are mostly at a discounted price. Some are budget-friendly, and others are slightly expensive due to their quality and performance.

Walmart’s Auto Care Center makes it even more convenient for customers to get their new tires installed and other related services.

That’s it from the blog does Walmart sell tires. Hope all your queries are cleared by now. Cheers!


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