Money Order at Walmart: Fees, Limit, Availability, FAQs

 Money orders can be incredibly useful when you want to send money to someone living far away. But what if the local post office is located far from your location?

In this case, you will have to opt for the nearest option, such as Walmart. But does Walmart sell money orders? How much does the store charge for the service?

Keep reading to find out!

Does Walmart sell Money Orders

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Does Walmart Sell Money Orders in 2023?

Yes, Walmart has both domestic and international money orders as of 2023. You can purchase them from any nearby Walmart Supercenter. 

All you need to do is go to the store and head to the customer service desk to get the money orders.

However, make sure that you have the money order fee with you. The maximum fee for money orders at Walmart is $1. But, it might vary from location to location. 

Other than that, you also need to have your government photo ID.

You can pay the money order amount and the money order fee both by cash or a debit card. Walmart does not accept credit cards for money order payments.

How Do You Get a Money Order from Walmart?

You need to pay the amount plus a small fee to get a money order from Walmart. 

Once you do this, you will be issued a money order to fill out. Ensure you enter your name and the recipient’s name correctly. 

You may also ask any Walmart employee if you can’t find your way to the customer care desk or the money services center. They will guide you accordingly. 

Money Order at Walmart

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How Much Does a Money Order Cost at Walmart?

Walmart issues money orders of up to $1,000. Other than that, the maximum fee for buying money orders at the store is $1.

However, this fee might be different according to different Walmart locations. So, we would suggest that you call your local Walmart store and find out.

The $1 fee is extremely competitive compared to the other stores out there.

For example, the US post office charges $1.45 for money orders below $500. On the other hand, the fee for money orders between $500 and $1,000 is $1.95.

Can You Buy a Money Order with a Debit Card at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy a money order with a debit card at Walmart. In addition to this, the store accepts cash payments too.

To buy the money order with a debit card, you need to go to the nearest Walmart store and collect the money order form.

Fill in the information on the form and the amount you want to send. The Walmart officer will verify all your information and ask you to make the payment.

You can now make the payment with your debit card. However, Walmart does not accept credit cards for the payment of money orders.

So, make sure that you have either cash or your debit card with you.

What is Walmart’s Money Order Maximum Amount?

Maximum Limit of Money Order at Walmart

A money order from Walmart has a daily limit of $1,000 and a monthly limit of $5,000

You may purchase as many money orders as you like. But, the combined price of these money orders must not exceed $1,000.

In addition to this, Walmart also reserves the right to limit the amount the customers can spend on any money order. The store implemented this policy so that no one could take undue advantage of Walmart’s money order service.

Does Walmart Sell Western Union Money Orders?

Yes, Walmart sells Western Union Money Orders at all locations across the US.

Thus, you can easily receive Western Union domestic and international money orders from Walmart.

The fee for Western Union money orders at Walmart starts at $4, which is a bit different than the regular money orders. However, you get competitive exchange rates.

But, the availability of the service is dependent on several factors. So, make sure that you first call the Walmart store near you before visiting the branch.

Does Walmart Sell International Money Orders?

Yes, Walmart sells international money orders as it has a partnership with MoneyGram.

Due to the partnership, you can now send money orders to more than 200 countries through Walmart. You have the option to send the money orders either online or through the mail. 

In the case of online money order, you can send the money directly to the recipient’s bank account. Other than that, they can also pick up the money in cash at any nearby MoneyGram location.

However, sending a money order through the mail might take longer to reach its destination.

Does Walmart Cash Money Orders?

Does Walmart Cash Money Order

Walmart only cashes money orders that were bought at Walmart. There is also a fee for cashing the money orders.

Other than that, the store cashes cheques too. The fee for cashing money orders and cheques of up to $1,000 is $4. However, larger amounts can even cost you $8.

Make sure that you bring your government photo ID while cashing money orders at Walmart. That’s because the store will not cash them without the ID.

Can You Get a Refund on a Walmart Money Order?

Yes, you can get a refund on your Walmart money order. However, you need to meet a specific criterion for it.

For example, the money order must not be damaged or altered. Other than that, you also need to have the original receipt with you.

Also, Walmart will refund Western Union money orders under the same conditions. But it would be best if you remembered that the transfer fee would not be refunded. 

Regarding domestic refunds, the store requires 30 days to process the request. However, international refunds might take longer than that.

How Can I Track My Walmart Money Order?

You can track your Walmart money order by visiting the official website of MoneyGram. In addition to this, you can also call 1-800-542-3590 to find out the progress of your money order.

No matter what option you go for, you will need to enter the details of your money order and the total amount you sent.

In this way, you will be able to determine whether your money order has been cashed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Money Order


Safety: Money orders are a secure way to send money that doesn’t involve sharing personal banking details. This makes them a safe option for transactions with strangers.

Accessibility: They can be purchased at various convenient locations, including post offices, grocery stores, and pharmacies, not just banks.

Reliability: A money order is prepaid, so it won’t bounce like a personal check. This makes them a reliable form of payment.

International Use: International money orders allow you to send money overseas, a useful tool for people with relatives or business transactions abroad.


Inconvenience: Unlike digital transactions, buying a money order requires a trip to a physical location and waiting in line.

Fees: While individual fees for money orders might be low, frequent use can lead to substantial total costs.

Tracking Difficulties: While money orders are trackable, this often involves completing forms and possibly paying additional fees, making the process burdensome.

Replacement Issues: If a money order is lost or stolen, it can be replaced, but this typically involves a fee, a lengthy process, and considerable inconvenience.

Final Thoughts

Yes, the store sells money orders both internationally and locally. That’s because it has a partnership with MoneyGram. Other than that, it also sells money orders from Western Union.

While the charges for MoneyGram money orders are $1, Walmart charges $4 for Western Union money orders.

No matter which option you choose, you will be charged a competitive fee, and the exchange rate will also be extremely competitive. 

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