Does Walmart Sell Lottery Tickets? Variety+Cost

Does Walmart sell Lottery Tickets

Walmart is known for selling a wide range of items. From household and electronics to grocery and pet care, Walmart has it all.

But what about lottery tickets? Does Walmart sell lottery tickets? Let’s find it out in the guide below.

Does Walmart Sell Lottery Tickets in 2023?

Yes, Walmart sells Mega Millions and Powerball lottery tickets as of 2023. These tickets are easily available at the customer service desk.

While the lottery tickets are available at most Walmart locations, they are not available in the states of Alaska, Nevada, Alabama, Hawaii, and Utah.

If you want to buy lottery tickets from Walmart, you must be at least 18. Other than that, you should also remember that the store only accepts cash as payment.

So, make sure you bring a valid ID card and cash when purchasing the tickets. Besides lottery tickets, Walmart also sells stamps, books, and a variety of papers.

In Which Stated Does Walmart sell Lottery Tickets?

The lottery tickets at Walmart are available all over the US except for the states that do not take part in the annual lottery contests. 

Some examples include Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, and Alabama. These states do not participate in annual lottery contests because it is illegal to participate in any sort of gambling. Not only is this but gambling is also considered a class C felony.

However, it is not illegal for the residents of these states to buy out-of-state lottery tickets.

Does Walmart Sell Raffle Tickets?

Yes, Walmart offers different types of sale raffle tickets at its physical stores and website. For example, you can buy Sparco Roll Tickets, Indiana Raffle Tickets, Ticket Roll Double, and many more.

Ordering the raffle tickets online will take 2 to 3 business days for the order to arrive. But you can also opt for same-day delivery by paying an additional fee.

However, if you are thinking of buying the tickets from your local Walmart store, you should first call the store and inquire about their availability.

This will save you from all the trouble of going to the store.

Does Walmart Sell Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets?

Yes, Walmart sells scratch-off tickets by Mega Millions and Powerball in the states that participate in lottery contests.

One ticket costs around $2 per draw, but you can buy the entire roll of tickets too. There are usually 60, 150, or 300 scratch tickets in a roll. So, you can choose any option you want.

The price of ticket rolls is different according to their quantity. For example, a roll of 60 scratch tickets costs around $120 to $125, whereas 150 tickets would cost you around $300 to $310.

Walmart Scratch off Lottery Tickets

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How Do You Purchase Lottery Tickets From Walmart?

You need to go to the customer service desk to buy a lottery ticket at the Walmart store.

Once you get there, you must tell the employee that you want a lottery ticket.

They will ask you to choose five numbers between 1 and 69. Other than that, you also need to select one number between 1 and 26.

After the numbers are selected, the employee will feed these numbers into the computer. The computer will then generate a random lottery ticket number for you.

Make sure that you have enough cash and your photo ID. Otherwise, you cannot buy the tickets at the store.

What are the Conditions for Purchasing Lottery Tickets at Walmart?

You need to be at least 18 years of age and must have your government-issued photo ID to buy lottery tickets at Walmart.

The photo ID is important so that you can verify your age with the employees at the store. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to buy tickets.

Other than that, you must also have sufficient cash to pay for the tickets. That’s because the store does not accept any other mode of payment.

Does Walmart Sell Lottery Tickets Online?

No, Walmart does not sell lottery tickets online.

This service is only available at the physical stores where lottery contests are allowed. So, if you want to buy lottery tickets from Walmart, you will have to visit the store located near you.

You can buy multiple lottery tickets in one go. However, we would suggest that you opt for one ticket per draw.

Does Walmart Cash Lottery Tickets?

You can cash your lottery tickets at Walmart, no matter where you initially purchased them.

All you need to do is head to the customer service desk and hand over your ticket to them.

The employee present at the desk will scan your ticket. The store will give you a cash prize if your ticket is the winner.

Can You Buy Lottery Tickets at Walmart with a Walmart Gift Card?

Sadly, you cannot purchase lottery or lotto tickets at Walmart with a Walmart gift card. That’s because it is against the store’s policy to accept any payment mode other than cash.

So, if you are considering taking your Walmart gift card to buy lottery tickets at the store, we would suggest you rethink your options. 

What is the lowest price for a lottery ticket at Walmart?

The Mega Millions and Powerball lottery tickets will cost you around $2 per draw at a minimum.

However, if you want to participate in more than one draw, you can also purchase multiple $2 tickets. 

If you do this, the possibility of winning a top prize once or twice a year will increase more than buying multiple tickets together.

For this reason, it is recommended never to buy more than one lottery ticket in a lottery. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Walmart sells Mega Millions and Powerball lottery tickets in the states participating in lottery contests.

However, there are a few states where lottery contests are illegal, so Walmart does not sell lottery tickets in those states.

Along with Mega Millions and Powerball tickets, Walmart also sells raffle tickets and scratch-off tickets in states where they are permitted.

You must be at least 18 years old with a valid government-issued photo ID to purchase lottery tickets at Walmart, and the store only accepts cash as payment.

So, if you’re lucky and want to try your hand at the lottery, head to your local Walmart store and purchase a ticket. Who knows? You might just win big!

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