Does Walmart Sell Gift Cards? Shop 500+ Brands (2023)

Gift cards are the perfect way to express yourself. That’s why a lot of stores offer them to their customers. But what about Walmart? Does Walmart sell gift cards too?

Does Walmart Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, Walmart sells more than 150 gift cards to its shoppers. Their price lies between $5 to $500. You can enjoy endless perks with these gift cards, including discounted prices and free shipping on a conditional basis.

Want to know more about the different types of gift cards offered by Walmart? This guide will tell you everything you need to know. So, let’s get started!

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Does Walmart Sell Gift Cards

What Types of Gift Cards Does Walmart Sell?

Apart from the official Walmart gift cards, it also sells branded third-party gift cards that range from household and fashion products to entertainment and restaurant gift cards. Not only this, there are prepaid gift cards too.

However, you must keep in mind that card and stock denominations will differ according to Walmart store locations.

Additionally, their availability will also depend upon your area. So, you might not get the same perks everywhere.

What Gift Cards Walmart Doesn’t Sell?

Unfortunately, there are a variety of third-party sellers whose gift cards Walmart does not sell. Some of the major ones include Amazon, Kroger, Target, Aldi, Wegmans, Rite Aid, and Giant Eagle.

Walmart does not sell gift cards to the above-mentioned stores because it views them as a direct competitor. So, if you want to buy their gift cards, you can get them from other stores.

For example, you can get Amazon gift cards from stores such as USPS, Krogers, Staples, Walgreens, etc.

How to Buy Walmart Gift Cards?

You can buy Walmart gift cards both from its physical stores and website. But, you cannot get them from retail stores that are not affiliated with Walmart. 

On the brighter side, there are more than 47,000 Walmart stores in America. All of them have plenty of Walmart gift cards with them. So, buying one from a physical store will not be a problem.

However, what if you don’t feel like going to the physical store? Does Walmart sell gift cards online too? Well, yes, you can also buy a gift card by visiting Walmart’s official website.

You will see a detailed catalog of both digital and plastic Walmart gift cards on the website. So, you can choose the one you prefer.

Where Can You Buy Walmart Gift Cards Besides Walmart?

Other than Walmart, you can also get Walmart gift cards from PayPal and Sam’s Club. They are the only places that are authorized to sell Walmart gift cards.

Apart from this, no other store is allowed to sell gift cards by Walmart. In case they do, the store can even sue them.

Do Walmart Gift Cards Expire?

Luckily, Walmart gift cards never expire. It does not matter how much money you have on the gift card or when you initially bought it, and there is no expiration date to the Walmart gift card.

So, you will not have to worry about using your Walmart gift card before a specific period. You can use it whenever you want!

Can You Use Your Walmart Gift Card Somewhere Else?

Yes, you can also use your Walmart gift card somewhere other than the Walmart store too. But, you need to make sure that there are no other restrictions.

For example, you can use your Walmart Visa Gift Card at all the places where they accept Visa Debit cards. However, you cannot use it in Puerto Rico due to the state’s policy.

Other than that, you can also use the Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club stores and Sam’s Club gas stations.

But, if the card user is not a member of the club, they will have to pay a 10% surcharge on all the purchases.

Can You Return a Gift Card to Walmart?

According to Walmart Return Policy, you cannot return a gift card once you have bought it. So, no matter whether it is a Walmart or a third-party gift card, you cannot get a refund or replacement on it.

However, you can return the third-party gift cards to individual businesses. For example, if you have purchased a gift card from Walmart for another store like Apple, you can return it directly to the store instead of Walmart.

But, you must check out the return policy of the individual businesses too. This will let you know whether they will accept gift cards for return or not.

Can You Cash Your Walmart Gift Card If It Has Low Balance?

Some states’ policy is to let the customers cash their Walmart gift cards if they have a low balance on them. These states include California, Texas, Vermont, Montana, Washington, Colorado, New Jersey, and some others.

Anyhow, Walmart has not set any specific value below which it will refund the amount to the shoppers. So, the best thing to do is to contact the store near you and ask them about the limit.

Can You Transfer Money from a Walmart Gift Card to a Debit Card?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer money from a Walmart gift card to a debit card, credit card, or bank account. Not only this, you cannot transfer it to another gift card either.

So this means that the balance on your Walmart gift card is completely non-transferable.

Can You Exchange Third-Party Gift Cards with Walmart?

Yes, Walmart lets the customers exchange their third-party gift cards with the Walmart gift cards.

That’s because the store has a gift card buyback system, and as a result, it buys unwanted gift cards from more than 200 merchants.

An important thing to note here is that this service is only available online. What’s more, the store will pay between 70% to 95% of the original face value of the third-party gift card.

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Final Thoughts: Does Walmart Sell Gift Cards?

We hope that you have now got the answer to your question ‘does Walmart sell gift cards.’ Yes, the store sells more than 500 gift cards, including third parties too. You can buy these cards both in-store and online.

However, you cannot return the cards to Walmart as it is against its policy. But, on the brighter side, you can get a refund from third-party gift cards from individual businesses if their policy allows it.

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