Does Walmart Sell Fire Sticks? (2023)

The fire stick is a common portable streaming device that has made everyone’s lives easier. While Walmart is quite famous for selling a wide collection of streaming devices, a lot of people are not sure whether it sells Fire Sticks or not. So, does Walmart sell fire sticks?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell Fire Sticks. Due to competition with Amazon, it stopped selling these devices both in-store and online in 2017.

However, you can buy other streaming devices at Walmart. Want to know what streaming devices Walmart sells? Keep reading then!

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Does Walmart Sell Fire Sticks?

Sadly, Walmart does not sell Fire Sticks in 2023. But, many third-party sellers on Walmart still sell these devices.

However, you need to be extremely careful while buying them from third parties as there are many risks involved.

For example, you will not get the Walmart Return Policy and buyer protection that the store offers. What’s more, you will not have any access to technical support either.

On the brighter side, you can get other streaming devices such as NVIDIA, ROKU, and Chromecast from Walmart at incredibly affordable prices.

Does Walmart sell Fire Sticks

Why Doesn’t Walmart Sell Fire Sticks?

Walmart does not sell fire sticks due to competition from Amazon. Since the majority of the buyers were reaching out to Amazon to buy these devices at cheaper rates, Walmart had started facing a huge loss.

Thus, it removed the fire sticks in 2017 and immediately replaced them with ROKU devices. Even though Walmart did not give any official press release or publicly state the reason behind the decision was quite obvious.

Walmart even came up with its own streaming device to compete with Amazon Prime. But, the initiative did not turn out to be successful.

What Places Sell Fire Sticks?

You can easily buy fire sticks at affordable prices from different stores, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Lowes, and Gamestop.

However, Amazon is undoubtedly the best place to buy Fire Sticks. The fire sticks available at Amazon are not only affordable but of high quality too. For this reason, the company runs out of them incredibly fast.

Other than that, Best Buy is another major seller of fire sticks and is never out of stock. However, the store is currently only available in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. So, this can be a drawback for many people.

Does Walmart Sell Google Chromecasts?

Yes, Walmart sells different models of Google Chromecast devices both in-store and online. You can buy three different types of Chromecast devices from Walmart.

Does Walmart Sell ROKU Devices?

Yes, Walmart sells ROKU devices, and they are available in the smart entertainment section both at stores and website.

The prices of these devices are attractive and affordable. What’s more, there is always some sort of promotional offer going on, and as a result, prices are lowered even more.

ROKU Express is the most basic ROKU device available at the store, and you can buy it in from most of the Walmart stores.

In addition to this, there is ROKU Ultra and ROKU Ultra 2020 model too. But, the price of these devices will vary according to your streaming needs.

Does Walmart Sell Apple TVs?

Yes, Walmart sells a variety of Apple TVs. There are different models featuring different storage, and you can buy them either from the physical store or online.

Apple TVs are a great alternative to Fire Sticks. That’s because they feature an intuitive surface, and the technology is great too!

Even though Walmart only sells the latest version of Apple TVs, you can also buy older generation models from third-party sellers.

However, make sure that you are buying a genuine TV as the return policy is different for third parties.

Does Walmart Have Its Own Streaming Services?

Currently, Walmart does not have any streaming services of its own. Walmart bought Vudu in 2010 to release digital versions of DVDs.

It was a great initiative by Walmart to lower the impact that people were facing due to the decline in the DVD market.

However, there was a change in Vudu’s strategy in 2019, and it started creating original content like Netflix and Hulu. Thus, Walmart sold Vudu in 2020 to Fandango, which deals in movie ticketing.

Why Did Walmart Sell Vudu?

Walmart initially bought Vudu to release versions of DVDs. However, things did not work out when Vudu decided to create original content of its own.

Thus, Walmart decided to sell Vudu in 2020 so that it can focus on bringing innovative changes to its pickup and delivery services.

Is Vudu Available on ROKU Streaming Devices?

Yes, you can get Vudu on different ROKU streaming devices. There are thousands of movies available on Vudu, and you can choose anyone you like.

Even though there is no subscription fee at Vudu, it is a pay-as-you-go service. So, you will have to pay for the movie that you want to watch.

Does Walmart Sell Replacement Fire Stick Remotes?

Yes, you can buy replacement fire stick remotes at Walmart. In fact, there is a huge range available at the store according to different streaming devices.

However, you will have to pair the replacement remote first before you can use it with your fire stick device. While this might sound complicated at first, it is incredibly easy.

All you need to do is pair both the remote and the streaming device with the help of Bluetooth, and voila, you are done!

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Final Thoughts: Does Walmart sell Fire Sticks?

Even though Walmart does not offer fire sticks for sale, you can get other streaming devices from the store.

For example, you can buy NVIDIA, ROKU, and Chromecast for the store. Each of them is available at different prices, and you can choose the one according to your range.

However, if you still want to buy the fire stick device, you can get it from other stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Lowes.

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