Does Walmart sell Cars? Everything You Need to Know!

Walmart sells a wide range of auto parts, including wipers, blades, car lighting, filters, brakes, brake parts, steering, etc. But does Walmart sells cars too? Let’s find it out in the article below!

Does Walmart sell Cars

Does Walmart Sell Cars?

Yes, you can easily buy used or unused cars from CarSaver at Walmart. The store offers a wide collection of brand-new and used cars at very low and cheap prices.

You can also compare and contrast the features and prices of the new and old cars to satisfy your demand. Apart from buying cars from CarSaver at Walmart, you can even sell your cars and get paid a feasible amount.

Does Walmart Sell Headlights for Cars?

You can shop for quality headlights for cars from Walmart stores and online.

Walmart sells headlights for cars at a very low and reduced price. If you cannot afford new headlights, you can even ask to replace your old headlights with new ones and only pay for the service charges.

The headlight installation charges are $7.50 but do not include any part of the headlight.

Does Walmart Sells Fuses for Cars?

Yes, Walmart sells a variety of fuses for cars at insanely affordable prices.

You can easily find fuses of almost all types at Walmart’s physical stores and website.

For example, the store has automotive, glass tube automotive, mini automotive, micro automotive, blade type, mini blades, and emergency fuses.

If you order online, it takes 2-3 working days to ship your delivery, which is very convenient.

Does Walmart Sell Slim Jims for Cars?

You can buy Slim Jims for cars at Walmart that cost between $7 and $200.

There is a special tool known as Super Air Jack to unlock the vehicle. However, it is restricted to small-sized vehicles only.

It is made of nylon instead of rubber which helps prevent it from stretching. The Air Jack mechanism kit at Walmart is more expensive than the simple old-fashioned Slim Jims.

Does Walmart Sell Spark Plug for Cars?

Yes, you can buy a spark plug and any part of the spark plug from Walmart.

Like fuses, a huge variety of spark plugs are available at Walmart. They are also very cheap and affordable. You can find all types of spark plugs at the store, including copper, platinum, and iridium spark plugs.

Changing the spark plug yourself is recommended, just like changing a tire. Getting it replaced directly from Walmart might be a bit expensive.

Besides this, different parts of a spark plug are also available at the store. For example, insulators, metal bodies, electrodes, and seal washers can be found.

Does Walmart Sell Brakes for Cars?

You can find all types of brakes at Walmart as the store is a known auto care center.

Not only brakes, but you can also easily find every part of a brake separately from the store. They also offer brake replacement, and rates vary according to the service.

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Does Walmart Sell Batteries for Cars?

You can buy various car batteries from Walmart’s physical stores or online.

The store offers batteries for old and new cars having different voltage and sizes according to your requirements. You can also find batteries for new and old power sports, lawn and garden vehicles, and marine vehicles.

Some top battery brands available at Walmart are EverStart, Optima, and Universal power group. The store also offers a return policy on purchased batteries for free within 30 days.

Does Walmart Sell Thermostats for Cars?

You can easily find different types of thermostats at Walmart as they are a crucial part of the car.

If you shop for thermostats online, you can opt for shipping, pickup, or delivery. While the regular delivery takes 3 to 5 business days for the thermostat to arrive at your doorstep, you can select the same-day delivery too.

However, there are additional charges for this service, and it also depends upon the product’s availability.

Does Walmart Sell Air Filters?

Yes, air filters for cars are offered at Walmart at a low and affordable price.

You can find 1000+ air filters at Walmart for different types of cars, including Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia.

The Air filters available at Walmart are of good quality and efficient for cleaning dirt and dust from your engine and are not needed to be cleaned frequently.

Does Walmart Sell Freon For Cars?

Walmart sells all kinds of car AC Freon online and in-store.

Some common types of Freon available at the store include R12, R134a, and R1234yf. So, make sure you choose the right Freon for your car, or you can damage your air conditioner.

Summing Up

Walmart is an international retailing store that is popular for its discount stores and quality of goods. You can purchase used and new cars from the store as it is one of the leading auto care centers. 

If you are looking for a website to sell your car, Walmart is one of the top and most reliable stores. Besides dealing in cars, the store offers various automobile parts too.

For example, you can buy car batteries, air filters, fuses, Freon, slim jims, spark plugs, thermostats, and brakes.

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