Does Walmart Sell Car Batteries? Price, Installation, Return Policy

Walmart is one of those places where you can buy almost everything you need. From grocery to smart gadgets and smartphones to TVs, they have it all.

While the retail giant has so much to offer, many people ask does Walmart sell car batteries or not? Yes, Walmart sells car batteries of different brands.

You can easily buy these car batteries online or from their physical store. Want to know more about these car batteries?

To get the answer to all related car battery queries, keep on reading this article.

Does Walmart sell Car Batteries in 2023?

Yes, all Walmart stores sell car batteries. Find the automotive section at Walmart physical store to find car batteries. You can also purchase it online.

There is a massive pile of car batteries at their physical store. Walmart also has a replacement center in almost every Supercenter.

Does Walmart sell Car Batteries

Are Walmart Car Batteries Good?

Yes, car batteries at Walmart are comparatively cheaper than on the market. These car batteries have a good life and are mostly reliable.

Walmart is one of the best places to buy a car battery. Batteries are reliable and of good quality, meant to last long.

Some batteries die earlier. In that case, you can apply for a replacement battery.

Will Walmart Put a New Battery in My Car?

Yes, Walmart will install a battery in your cars, and that too, free of cost, if you purchased it from them.

The free installation has two conditions with it. First, you need to buy the car battery from Walmart’s automotive store.

Second, the Walmart store has an auto center where repair and maintenance occur. If these conditions are fulfilled, you are eligible for a free car battery installation.

How Much Does Walmart Charge to Replace a Battery?

If the battery is non-Walmart purchased or the battery needs replacement, Walmart normally charges $10 for battery installation.

There are different batteries available at Walmart. These batteries range from $65 to $140. Prices vary depending upon their sizes, grade, and capacity.

On average, a battery at Walmart costs you around $95 to $115. These batteries are relatively cheaper than those available on the market.

How Long Should a Walmart Car Battery Last?

The longevity of car batteries available at Walmart differs with respect to their size and capacity. There are different car batteries available at Walmart.

These have different battery storage and voltage. The cheaper and smaller ones can last from 2 to 3 years, and the higher-end ones can last up to 5 years.

The battery’s life span also depends upon some other factors such as usage, climatic conditions, wear and tear, etc.

Will Walmart Replace Car Battery Without Receipt?

If you have an original receipt and didn’t damage the car battery, but it was due to some internal fault, Walmart will refund you the entire amount if claimed within 90 days of purchase.

If your receipt got lost, Walmart would let you exchange that battery for another battery or store credit in a Walmart gift card.

Generally, if the purchased battery costs less than $25, Walmart will refund you the total cash. If your battery was for more than $25, Walmart will give you store credit and not the money.

EverStart, Walmart’s in-house brand car batteries are replaced easily, even without a receipt.

The staff would check the manufacturing date and date of purchase and will return your battery even without a receipt.

If it’s some other brand, Walmart doesn’t guarantee a replacement. Instead, it depends upon the manufacturer’s return policy.

Does Walmart Sell Interstate Car Batteries?

Yes, Walmart sells interstate car batteries. Walmart has a large variety of Interstate batteries. These range from small-sized Interstate batteries to full-sized batteries.

Interstate produces some of the best car batteries in the United States. Interstate Car batteries are also available at Walmart’s online store.

Does Walmart Sell Duracell Car Batteries?

Yes, Walmart sells Duracell car batteries. These batteries are available at Walmart’s physical store.

How Many Brands of Car Batteries Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells car batteries of different brands. Mostly, you’ll see 4-5 brands at the Walmart store. Their car batteries are not only of good quality but are also meant to last long.

These brands include EverLast, Ampere Time, Power Queen, Mighty Maxx, etc. Most of the car batteries are manufactured by Walmart itself.

Johnson Controls manufactures Walmart batteries. These car batteries last from 1 year to 5 years. The five years one being the heaviest and with the greatest capacity.

Final Words:

Car batteries are very necessary for the smooth functioning of your car. These car batteries convert all the chemical energy in your car.

Without them, your car won’t work. They also stabilize the energy supply to keep the car’s engine running.

Walmart offers some of the best car batteries at competitive prices. Just visit your nearest Walmart’s automotive section, and get yourself a new car battery, if you are looking for one.

I hope this article helped clear all the ambiguities regarding does Walmart sell car batteries. That’s it for today.

See you next time.


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