Does Ulta sell Rare Beauty in 2023? Yes!

Cosmetics impact a woman and help improve her mood, encourage her appearance, and boost self-confidence. Rare Beauty is the perfect solution for women who love to wear cosmetics and want to shine in society.

Ulta Beauty is a one-stop destination for those searching for standard quality cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, and hair care products. But does Ulta sell Rare Beauty at its stores? Here’s the truth!

Does Ulta Sell Rare Beauty?

No, Ulta does not stock and retail products by Rare Beauty at any of its stores.

The store offers 600 well-established beauty brands and more than 25,000 products available at its stores and online.

You can buy standard quality beauty products from its website and can avail of reasonable offers and seasonal discounts.

However, if you wish to buy products from Rare Beauty, they are offered at Ultas’ competitor store Sephora. Besides this, you can get them from Rare Beauty’s own website, and you can avail yourself of discounts too.

Does Ulta sell Rare Beauty

Is Rare Beauty Made by Selena Gomez?

Yes, Rare Beauty was founded by Selena Gomez on September 3, 2020.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez is a huge success for her and her fans. The reason behind this tremendous success is the quality of products and social media through which she introduced her brand to millions of fans.

Well, the power of social media worked, and her fans supported her wholeheartedly.

What is Special about Rare Beauty?

The quality of the products at not-so-high rates makes Rare Beauty so unique.

You can easily buy good quality products between the $14 to $29 range and enjoy all the natural shades it offers. Rare Beauty makeup products provide rich colors that cannot be found elsewhere.

For example, its lipsticks have 12 different shades and sell at $20 for each. Rare beauty products are fully formulated and tested. Thus, you get safe and quality items at affordable rates.

How is Rare Beauty Different?

Rare Beauty’s motive is to accept what makes you unique and accept your imperfections.

It also encourages the users to believe that makeup is applied for our happiness, not to hide our imperfections. Rare Beauty generated $60 million in revenue within 5 months due to the love and support from its followers.

The brand used the funding to help 8 different mental health and educational institutes and has donated $1.2 million to these institutes.

Why Did Selena Make Rare Beauty?

The motto behind the formation of Rare Beauty was to make women and men believe they are unique and be proud of themselves.

Apart from this, Selena also wanted to raise funds for people facing mental health challenges. 

Therefore, she and her band made impacted funds in 2020 to reduce the stigma related to mental health.

What are the Best Products by Rare Beauty?

Rare Beauty’s best-selling products include liners, mascara, liquid blush, lipsticks, lip liner, lip balm, setting powder, and brushes.

The brand’s matte liquid liner is worth $19, whereas the volumizing mascara is worth $20.

On the other hand, you can get the liquid blush and matte lipstick for $20 each. If you want to buy matte lip liner, you can get it affordable rate of $15.

The foundation is also not very expensive and lasts for 1 whole day, which is quite impressive. This is what makes Rare Beauty everyone’s favorite makeup brand.

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Is Rare Beauty Oil or Water Based?

You will be glad to know that Rare Beauty is purely water-based and oil-free.

The company uses a cooling, water-based formula without silicone in all of its makeup products.

The reason for choosing water-based formula is it keeps your skin hydrated all day and makes you feel fresh even with makeup on your skin.

Meanwhile, oil-based products take longer to penetrate, and these products feel heavy and greasy on your skin.

Is Rare Beauty Cruelty and Vegan Free?

Yes, Rare Beauty products are 100% cruelty and vegan free. The brand also has PETA certification.

The products are eco-friendly and produced without inhumane testing on animals. Not only Rare Beauty but other famous brands such as Elf Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Tarte Cosmetics, ColourPop, and Kylie Cosmetics are also cruelty-free.

Apart from this, all the Rare Beauty products are vegan, too, and do not use any ingredients derived from animals. Vegan cosmetics reduce the chances of rashes, acne, and allergies on your skin, which is why the brand avoids these ingredients.


To sum up, you can buy Rare Beauty products from its official website and Sephora but not from Ulta Beauty. Rare beauty products are truly cruelty-free, water-based, vegan, and certified with PETA’s global beauty program.

However, if you want to buy beauty products, especially from Ulta, you can check out other brands available at the store.

The beauty store offers over 600 beauty brands with up to 25,000 products on its shelves. So, finding the product of your dream will never be a problem for you!

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