Does Ulta Sell IT Cosmetics in 2023? Is It Good?

Cosmetics are a mixture of chemical compounds derived either from natural sources or synthetically created ones. IT Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetic brands with many options.

ULTA Beauty is one of the most prominent beauty vendors that allows one-stop shopping for salon products and services. So, does ULTA sell IT Cosmetics? Read the article below to find the answer!

Does Ulta Sell IT Cosmetics

Does ULTA Sell IT Cosmetics?

ULTA sells IT Cosmetics across the USA. In 2014, ULTA Beauty and IT Cosmetics announced their exclusive partnership with the launch of IT brushes for Ulta.

This collaboration is the best example of commitment and provides customers with exclusive and innovative products.

IT cosmetics at ULTA can be bought in-store at the New IT Branch Boutiques, or you can also order online by visiting the website.

Is IT Cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

Yes, IT Cosmetics are completely cruelty-free as the brand is certified by PETA.

Compared to other cosmetics brands that use animal products in manufacturing their products, IT Cosmetics ensures that their products are truly cruelty-free.

The brand does not test its final products or ingredients on animals nor supplies to any third party involved in animal testing.

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that the company does not sell its products to countries where the Law requires animal testing.

Is IT Cosmetics Good?

Yes, IT Cosmetics is worth the hype, and you should try it.

IT Cosmetics has more than 150 beauty industry awards and has multiple press mentions in magazines, including Marie Claire, People, Shape, New Beauty, Allure, and more.

Other than that, many people have rated IT Cosmetic products as the best in the town. Some highly rated products include Foundation, Cc+ Cream with SPF 50, and brushes.

Even though the products are of excellent quality, you must remember that every person’s skin reacts differently. So, you must test the product before buying it. That way, you will know whether you are allergic to the product or not.

Is IT Cosmetics Gluten Free?

No, IT Cosmetics does not retail any gluten-free ingredients.

Gluten is vital in makeup products as it keeps the components intact. On the brighter side, unless gluten-free products stay on the skin, they will not harm you.

Is IT Cosmetics Vegan?

Even though IT Cosmetics is Cruelty-free, the products are still not 100% Vegan.

Cruelty-free products are made without animal testing, whereas vegan products do not include animal-derived ingredients.

In Addition:

When Does IT Cosmetic Go on Sale at ULTA?

IT Cosmetic goes on sale at ULTA on ULTA’S Signature 21 days of beauty sale.

ULTA’s signature 21 days of beauty sale is one of the most anticipated sale events of the year. It happens in the fall (September) and spring (March).

During these 3 weeks of the sale, the shoppers get a massive discount on some of the best-selling skincare and makeup products.

Is IT Cosmetic CC Cream Non-Comedogenic?

What many people love about IT Cosmetics CC Cream is it is non-comedogenic.

Non-comedogenic are formulated skincare or cosmetic product that do not cause blocked pores. IT Cosmetic CC cream contains hydrating ingredients that give you a radiant finish and a suitable formula that offers full coverage.

CC cream is a comparatively better option than BB cream for people with oily skins. That’s because BB cream is oilier than Cc cream as it focuses more on hydrating skin.

Is IT Cosmetic Silicone Based?

Yes, a few of the IT cosmetic products are silicon-based.

Many skincare ingredients have hyaluronic acid and a wide variety of natural oil, but they also have a variety of silicone ingredients.

If you have oily skin, you will be glad to know that IT cosmetics contain silicon, which prevents the skin from absorbing moisture. But, it would not work for those who have dry skin.

Final Thoughts

IT Cosmetics is one of the leading brands you can handily discover on Ulta. The brand is good to go option as it is entirely cruelty-free. Moreover, some products are silicon-based, a blessing for people with oily skin.

While you cannot currently find vegan and gluten-free products at IT products, you never know what it will offer in the future.

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