Does Ulta Sell Elf in 2023? Is It A Chinese Brand?

Does Ulta Sell ELF

Do you like to be the center of attention among people? That’s where appearance plays a significant role in boosting your self-confidence and morale.

High-quality makeup and skincare products have eased the process of enhancing your appearance and personality these days. Ulta Beauty stores are well-known as a host of multiple brands of cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, and other products.

Elf is one of the leading cosmetics brands around the world. But does Ulta sell Elf products too? Let’s find out below!

Does Ulta Sell Elf?

Yes, Ulta does sell Elf products. The beauty store has many Elf products available at its stores and online shops.

The vast range of Elf products at Ulta includes Acne fighting putty, eyeshadow brush, skincare kits, foundation makeup, primer, peel pads, and many more.

Ulta also offers gifts with some of its products to bring joy to the customer’s faces. You can also have ultimate rewards, credit cards, and Master cards. These cards open up various discounts for you on buying from Ulta.

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Is E.L.F a Chinese Brand? 

No, Elf is an American brand and not a Chinese brand. The company is originally based in Oakland, California.

Elf was initiated in 2004 by 2 beauty enthusiasts, Scott Vincent Borba and Joseph Shamah. Their objective was to create affordable makeup.

The brand also does not sell its product in China, as it requires animal testing of imported cosmetics. Being a vegan brand and a promoter of cruelty-free cosmetics, it doesn’t perform such testing on animals.

However, it is to people’s surprise that Elf cosmetic products are made in China. Elf cosmetics fall under the category of non-special use cosmetics and do not require animal testing as per China’s law.

Is Elf Makeup Cheap?

E.L.F is one of the most affordable high-quality makeup brands, debunking the myth that only expensive makeup is effective.

Upscale beauty stores try to sell the idea that only expensive makeup is good enough for practical application.  However, Elf has made makeup accessible to everyone due to its incredibly low prices and discounted deals. 

The whole collection of Elf products ranges from $2 to $50. It is even more appealing because most of its products are under $10. Elf’s low production cost has allowed it to stay affordable without damaging the quality of the product. 

It also maintains a close relationship with manufacturers and suppliers abroad, which also helps significantly to keep the cost structure low.

What Is Elf’s Most Popular Product?

Poreless putty primer is one of the most popular products in Elf’s collection and is the #1 bestselling primer in America.

Available in matte, poreless, and luminous finishes, putty primer is a perfectly primed base to make your makeup look flawless. The poreless putty primer has a hydrating, velvety texture and perfectly blends on the skin.

Besides this, the product is packed with squalene, an ingredient that helps to keep your skin from drying throughout the day. The cost of this primer is just $10, which is very low compared to what it offers in return.

Ulta ELF

Why Is Elf Cosmetics Closing Down?

In 2019, Elf cosmetics stated that it would be closing all its 22 stores as it aims to expand its brand at the national retailer and digital channels.

Online platforms have conquered the shopping world, as it is a convenient option for buyers.

Thus, it is no wonder that Elf cosmetics has also fallen victim to the digital curse. Closing stores allows Elf to focus on expanding its digital presence.

However, where the closure of shops has led people to dismay, the positive aspect is that all products are still present and not going anywhere anytime soon.

In Addition:

What Does Elf Make-up Stand for?

Elf cosmetics is a drugstore brand and is an acronym for Eyes, Lips, and Face.

It is an overall vegan brand of cosmetics serving as an emblem of respect towards animals.

Elf also promotes a culture of feedback and reviews, as it considers feedback a great source of improvement for the brand and overall business. It listens to people’s suggestions and responds by inculcating them in its products. 

Summing Up

To cut a long story short, Elf cosmetics is a drugstore brand that aims to provide high-quality makeup at valued prices.

Besides its online platform, Elf products are available at Ulta beauty stores, where you can get additional discounts using reward cards.

In 2019, Elf shifted its focus towards increasing its digital presence by closing all 22 stores.

Lastly, Elf’s marketing policy is incredibly cost-effective as it does not involve expensive advertising, helping to keep the prices of products low as possible.

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