Men’s & Women’s Scrubs at Target: Brands, Cost, & Policy

With rapid technological advancement, the world has become a global village. You can order anything from the comfort of your home, sitting on your couch, with just one click.

Where an increase in population has caused many problems, people have come up with many innovative ideas to tackle the increasing population.

More people mean more needs. And what better than a departmental store where we can find all we need for day-to-day activities.

Yes, we are talking about Target. Target is one of America’s finest big box departmental stores having retail stores spread across the country.

But does Target sell scrubs? People in the medical profession might wonder that can they buy scrubs at Target.

Does Target sell Scrubs

Does Target Sell Scrubs?

Yes, Target sells scrubs. The American giant retailer, Target has a wide variety of scrubs for both men and women.

All scrubs are differentiated into 4 categories at their online store. These are men’s tops, men’s bottoms, women’s tops and women’s bottoms.

Scrubs are a medical uniform worn by medical professionals worldwide, such as surgeons, doctors, consultants, nurses, and sometimes paramedic staff.

Scrubs are available at Target for most of the medical profession. You can shop scrubs from their physical and online stores.

In addition, you might also love to read about the scrubs variety at Walmart.

Does Target Sell Men’s Scrubs?

Yes, Target sells men’s scrubs. Their online store has an entire section dedicated to men’s bottoms and top scrubs.

There is an extensive range of men’s scrubs at Target. Different brands sell these scrubs. Some include Madison Ave, Fifth Ave, Newport Ave, WonderWink etc.

Scrubs at Target are some of the cheapest in the market. Just like men, Target has the same offering for women too.

If you are a woman in the medical profession, try Target. Visit their physical store or website to learn more about different brands selling women’s scrubs.

Target Mens's Scrubs

Other queries related to Target store:

Does Target Sell Cherokee Scrubs?

No, Target does not sell Cherokee scrubs anymore. The retail giant used to sell Cherokee products until 2017 when the partnership license ended, and Target did not renew the license.

Target sold Cherokee products for more than two decades.

Can I Wear Scrubs at Target?

Well, what can we say about this? It’s all up to you. There is an official dress code to follow at Target. You can wear the clothes of your choice at Target, be it scrubs or any other dress.

How Do You Know What Size Scrubs to Buy at Target?

With every scrub at Target, there is a size guide given. Take your body measurements according to that size guide (usually, chest and center back length is given).

Match these measurements with the sizes given. Select the right fit. Sizes at Target start from XS and go up to 3XL.

Does Target Have Scrubs Uniforms?

Yes, Target has scrub uniforms. The best way is to get a matching scrub top and bottom. There are plenty of scrub options available at Target.

Most of these scrubs are unisex and can be worn by both men and women.

What Brand of Scrubs Are the Softest?

Sometimes, selecting the proper scrub for oneself from hundreds of brands out there becomes challenging. Soft scrubs are very comfy and will keep you comfortable all day long.

Some of the top scrub brands available in the market are:

  • Gray’s Anatomy by Barco
  • Jockey
  • ELLE
  • All Day by Landau
  • Dickies
  • Koi Stretch
  • Cherokee

There are hundreds of other brands other than these available in the market. They also have nice quality scrubs for both men and women.

Scrubs Variety at Target

How much does Scrubs cost at Target?

Different brands have different prices. Scrubs start from low-end WonderWink scrubs priced at around 25$ to high-end members-only scrubs priced at around 50$.

You can visit their online store to further learn about different scrubs’ pricing. Scrubs at Target are heavily discounted, and you can save money buying from Target.


Scrubs are the official dress code in any medical capacity, especially during service. This dress code is followed worldwide by medical practitioners.

Target has got you covered for your scrub needs. From an array of options for both men and women to different brands to suit every budget, Target offers a one-stop solution.

Though they no longer stock Cherokee, their diverse collection ensures you’ll find the perfect fit and feel.

So, next time you think of updating your medical wardrobe or simply wanting a soft pair of scrubs to ease your hectic shifts, remember to swing by Target.

They not only provide quality but also affordability. Dive into their selections, use the size guide, and step out (or log off) confident in your choices!

They are available at almost every departmental store. Target also has a large variety of scrubs from different brands.

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