Does Target sell Phones? iPhone, Cellular, + More

If you are looking for a store that offers online services and quality merchandise, Target is the choice. Target is known for its quality of household items, food products, and every other essential or luxurious good.

But what if you need to buy a phone? Does Target sell phones too? Go through the article to get answers to your questions!

Does Target sell Phones

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Does Target Sell Phones?

Yes, you can buy phones of various types from Target’s physical stores or online.

Some top brands collaborating with Target include Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, and iPhone, with different types of models available.

Apart from phones, you can also purchase other phone accessories from the store. For example, the store has a huge collection of phone cases, covers, car mounts, and chargers.

Does Target Sell iPhones?

Yes, Target sells iPhones at reduced prices, making it a convenient option for people to shop.

You can get new and old models of any iPhone you want to buy from the store.

For example, Target retails iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE, which are the most affordable.

You can surely rely on the quality of the iPhones as Target is the authorized Apple reseller. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, the store’s return policy is also quite convenient. 

You might also like to know if Target sells MacBooks or whether Target sells Airpods.

Does Target Sell Unlocked iPhones?

Yes, you can get unlocked iPhones from Target’s official website and physical stores.

Even though the store is known for selling unlocked iPhones, they get locked to the carrier as soon as you insert the SIM. So, if you want a truly unlocked iPhone, you must purchase it directly from the official Apple Store.

Does Target Sell Consumer Cellular Phones?

You can easily buy consumer cellular phones online and in-store from Target.

The store offers more than 1800 store locations for customers to buy their consumer cellular phones from. If you want to use your cell phone immediately, the Target employee will also help you activate your phone.

Besides this, the store offers other technical assistance at all their locations so that you can make a better choice.

Does Target Sell Boost Mobile Phones?

You can get access to all variants of Boost Mobile Phones at Target.

The store offers two ways to get a Boost Mobile Phone: You can boost up your old device by purchasing Boost Mobile Prepaid SIM Card from Target.

You can also buy a new Boost Mobile Phone from the store and get it activated from the official website.

Does Target Sell Unlocked Phones?

Yes, Target successfully sells unlocked phones at all its stores and online. You can buy unlocked phones of various brands from Target at incredibly affordable rates.

For example, the store has Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, Nokia, BLU smartphones, and Google phones. If you own a red card, you can save up to 5℅ on tech items and get free shipping.

Does Target Sell Landline Phones?

You can buy landline phones at very low and affordable prices from Target.

The store offers various landline phones such as ATT Telephone, Wall Mountable Landline Phone, Black Landline, and Cordless Phones.

You can either visit the physical store or order them with just a finger click. The order will arrive at your address within 5 to 7 business days, but you can also opt for the same-day delivery. 

However, there are additional charges for this service. Besides this, you can also pick up your landline phone from any nearby Target store. 

Does Target Sell T Mobile phones?

T Mobile Phones are one of Target’s most affordable and reliable phones.

Target offers T mobile phones from various brands, including Apple, Samsung Galaxy, and LG. These mobile phones are cost-effective and offer straightforward and convenient services.

This is what makes them a popular choice among consumers and one of the most sold phones at Target!


If you are looking for phones of various brands with reduced prices, Target becomes the best choice.

You can experience a safe and sound shopping experience with a free return policy on tech items. Some reputable phone brands available at the store are Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, iPhones, and BLU Smartphones.

So, no matter what phone you are looking for, Target will definitely have it for you.

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