Does Target Sell Ice in 2023? Variety+Price

Whether you want to buy household items, electronic items, pet-care items, or toys, you can get them all from Target.

But what if you need to buy ice? Does Target sell ice too? Let’s find out in the article below.

Does Target sell Ice

Does Target Sell Ice?

Yes, Target sells ice at more than 1900 retail stores and on its website. The most popular brand available at Target is Reddy Ice. It comes in the shape of ice cubes and weighs around 10 lbs.

A bag of ice costs approximately $2.19. However, you can get it at an even lower price from the local Target stores.

Does Target Sell Ice Packs?

Yes, Target offers different types of ice packs both in-store and online. For example, there are reusable ice packs, instant ice packs, and a lot more.

If you want to use reusable ice packs, you need to put them in the freezer first. However, this is not the case with instant ice packs. You can use them directly.

In addition to this, instant ice packs are also lightweight and portable. But, they can only be used once. 

Make sure that you dispose of the instant bags properly once you are done with them.

Does Target Sell Dry Ice?

No, Target does not sell dry ice at any of its local stores or online. Dry ice requires special types of freezers as you cannot store it at normal temperatures.

The freezers available at Target are not efficient enough to store dry ice. They are only suitable for other frozen items.

For this reason, it is a bit difficult for the store to stock it.

On the brighter side, you can purchase dry ice from many other stores, such as Safeway, Kroger, and King Soopers. Other than these retailers, Walmart also sells dry ice.

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Can You Buy a Bag of Ice at Target?

Yes, Target sells ice bags by Reddy Ice and Arctic Glacier. You can buy them from any nearby Target stores.

The bag of ice by Arctic Glacier weighs around 6 lbs, whereas the weight of the Reddy Ice bag is 10 lbs. You can use these ice bags for different purposes.

For example, they help in decreasing inflammation and numb pain. They also have other different uses in the medical field. 

But, ensure that you keep a cloth between your skin and the ice bag before using it. Otherwise, your skin can get numb. 

How Much Does a Bag of Ice Cost at Target?

Different brands of ice bags cost differently at Target. For example, a 6lb Arctic Glacier bag costs around $1.89, whereas you can get a bag of 10lb Reddy Ice at $2.19.

However, if you buy ice bags from the nearby Target store, you can get them at a price even lower than this.

That’s because there is always some kind of promotional offers going on at the store. As a result, you get lower prices than the ones listed on the website.

How to Buy Ice at Target?

All you need to do is go to the store and head over to the freezer. Choose the ice you want to buy and take it to the billing counter.

Even though buying ice from Target is incredibly easy, people can still get confused. In this case, you can take the help of any of the employees working at the store. They will be more than happy to assist you.

You can also order ice online from Target. The store takes 2 to 3 business days to deliver the order to your address.

If you cannot wait that long, there is also an option for same-day delivery. But, there are some additional charges for it.

Does Target Sell Ice Melt?

Yes, Target sells a variety of ice melts to shoppers. You can get the ice melts from the physical stores and the official website.

The ice melt available at Target is pet-friendly too. This means that you can use it even in the areas where your pets occasionally roam, and they will not be harmed. 

One of the very popular ice melt available at Target is Safe Paw Dog Pet-Friendly Ice Melt

It costs around $75, and you can use it on your driveways, cured concrete, sidewalks, and other different terrains.

Ice Melt at Target

Does Target Sell Ice Wine?

Yes, Target sells different types of ice wine both online and in-store. For example, there is natural ice wine, blue ice wine, etc.

The price of different ice wines is different at Target. So, you can choose the one that falls within your budget.

However, do not forget to chill the ice wine before drinking it. That’s because it tastes best when it is chilled.

Does Target Have Snow Melt?

Yes, Target has a snow melt for sale. For example, the store has Safe Paw snow melt, Traction Magic Quick Application snow melt, and many others.

Most of the snow melts available at Target are pet friendly and salt-free. Therefore, you can use them all around your house without fearing for your pet’s life. 

Does Target Sell Ice Makers?

Yes, Target offers a wide range of ice makers for sale, such as crushed ice makers, countertop ice makers, portable ice makers, and oster ice makers.

Some of the popular brands of ice makers available at Target include Whirlpool Ice Maker, NutriChef Ice Maker, Costway Ice Maker, etc. They are not only of good quality but incredibly affordable too.

You can buy ice makers from Target from the local Target store or its website. Moreover, you can also order pickup plus free shipping on orders costing more than $35.

Final Words

Target offers a wide range of products, including ice, ice packs, and ice melts, for your everyday needs. From Reddy Ice cubes to reusable and instant ice packs, you’ll find all the options you need to keep things cool.

Although Target doesn’t sell dry ice, you can easily find it at other retailers like Walmart or King Soopers. Other than that, the store also offers ice melt, snow melt, and ice makers for sale.

Whether you’re looking to keep your drinks cool or protect your pets from the harsh winter weather, Target has you covered!

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