Does Target Sell Fire Sticks in 2023? Yes, They Do!

Target is known for selling various media devices such as Roku and Google Chromecast at highly affordable rates. For this reason, it is extremely popular for selling media devices.

But what if you want to buy the Amazon Fire Stick? Does Target sell Fire Sticks too?

Keep reading to find out!

Does Target sell Fire Sticks

Does Target Sell Fire Sticks?

Yes, Target sells Fire Sticks both online and at physical stores. Its price ranges from $19 to $49. Other than that, Target also sells the new Alexa Voice remote with Fire Sticks. 

You also have the option to buy an extra streaming media player for a complete media package. The media player costs an additional 20 bucks along with the price of the Fire Stick.

The store provides the buyers with a 30-day trial on purchasing Fire Sticks. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

How Long Does a Fire Stick Last?

If you update a Fire Stick regularly, it is likely to last 6 to 8 years with the support from Amazon.

Just like any other device, Fire Sticks wear out too. When this happens, they will not work correctly and start giving you trouble.

For example, the Apps might start crashing on the device. While you can fix this issue by clearing the cache or data of the faulty app, constant crashing can be pretty irritating.

Other than that, you might also face no audio issues. This can happen when the device can no longer be updated to the new version.

So, if you face any of these signs, your Fire Stick device has reached its expiration date, and it is now time to replace it.

Is Fire Stick Worth Buying?

Yes, a Fire Stick is a worthy choice if you search for affordable and capable streaming options.

The device boasts a decent interface, and you also get HDR support with it. As a result, you get to view better colors and contrast.

One of the main benefits of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is that it features a massive library of apps. 

You also get to enjoy Amazon Prime service with the device, which makes it even better.

The volume controls of the Fire Stick are also noteworthy. The device is aided by the voice-navigated platform so that the interface is simplified and improved.

Which is Better: Fire Stick or Roku?

Fire Stick beats Roku on price, whereas Roku offers more features and device options.

The price of Roku’s sticks is $50 and $70. On the other hand, Amazon Fire Sticks sell between $30 and $50. Therefore, Amazon Fire Sticks are $20 cheaper.

Comparatively, Roku offers more features and device options to the users. It makes navigation and selection much simpler than Amazon Fire Sticks.

Roku is also the clear winner when it comes to ease of use. Navigating with Roku devices is far easier than with other devices.

In a nutshell, Fire Stick is a more affordable option than Roku. However, if you are looking for more features and ease of use, Roku is your go-to device.

What are the Disadvantages of a Fire Stick?

The scope of the Fire Stick is a bit limited compared to other streaming devices. Not only this, but it also has no unique streaming features.

Since the Fire Stick does not have any unique streaming features of its own, you can only access the streaming channels you want.

However, you will not be able to watch streaming content on Amazon Prime. Other than that, Fire Stick constantly shows self-promotion advertisements.

For example, if you have not already subscribed to the Amazon Prime video service, the device will keep asking you to subscribe.

Do I Need a Smart TV to Use a Fire Stick?

No, you do not need a smart TV to use a Fire Stick. You can easily use the device even if you have a non-smart TV.

You can connect the Fire Stick to your non-smart TV through an HDMI port.

However, you might face some issues if your TV is older than 10 years and does not feature any HDMI port.

In this case, you will need to purchase an HDMI to composite converter.

It will help you connect your TV to the Fire Stick even if there is no HDMI port.

Is Netflix Free with a Fire Stick?

Sadly, Netflix is not free with a Fire Stick. You will need to subscribe to the service to access its content.

To access Netflix’s content with a Fire Stick, you will need its subscription, which costs $9.99 for a basic subscription.

You can also subscribe to Netflix’s premium plan, which costs $20 and lets you enjoy more than one screen at once.

Other than that, Disney Plus, Hulu, and other premium streaming platforms are also not free with the Fire Stick.

But on the brighter side, Fire Stick has its own collection of free channels. Thus, you can view them without any subscription or additional cost. 

What Free Channels Do You Get with Fire Stick?

Fire Stick offers a vast collection of channels that you can watch for free. Let’s check out a few of them below.

  • NASA
  • Crackle
  • BeeTV Sony Crackle
  • FreeFlix HQ
  • Live NetTV
  • IMDb TV
  • Nova TV
  • Youtube
  • Pluto TV
  • ThopTV
  • PBS
  • PBS Kids
  • TED TV
  • Kodi
  • Hoopla and Kanopy
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Rokkr

Does Target Sell Google Chromecast?

Yes, you can buy Google Chromecast online and in-store from Target at highly affordable rates.

If you are ordering online, you can opt for delivery and pickup. However, the store takes two to three business days to send the device to your address.

If this does not suit you, you can opt for the same-day delivery. But, there is an additional fee for it. 

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Final Thoughts

We hope that all your confusion related to does Target sell Fire Sticks are now clear.

You can buy Fire Sticks at Target from its physical stores and website at a 30-day trial

Different versions of the device cost differently on the website. However, they all range somewhere between $19 to $49.

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