Does Target Sell Bikes? Brands, Quality, Type

Target is one of the most famous retail stores in the United States. With more than 1900 stores across all the 50 states of the US, Target stands tall as the eighth largest retailer in the US.

You can buy almost everything of general use from the target. The brand sticks around its core value of paying less and expecting more. But what about outdoor activities,

One question that bike fanatics have always asked does target sell bikes? Well, let me answer it for you!

Does Target Sell Bikes in 2023?

Yes, Target sells bikes. Target has a wide range of bicycles of some famous worldwide brands.

Want to know more about bikes at Target? Stick with us, and we’ll get you through the entire happening of bikes at Target.

Does Target sell Bikes

Are Target Bikes Good?

The user reviews online show that bikes available at Target stores are not of good quality.

The user’s most reported issue was the maintenance these bikes purchased from Target required.

More feature bikes at Target offer mean more maintenance costs. Most companies that supply bikes at Target use cheap and faulty parts in the bikes provided here.

The problem with department store bikes is that the companies use cheap components, heavy frames, and substandard parts in bikes supplied here.

While the low prices might attract you, in substance, they’ll cost you more over the bike’s lifespan due to substandard parts installed in these bikes.

Also, the bikes sold by the same company, let’s say any company at Target and their retail store are entirely different.

The company supplies bikes to Target. These bikes require further installation, assembling, and tuning. Target does not have the appropriate staff for it.

Installation and tuning, when done by un professionals, cause problems.

Do Bikes Go on Sale at Target?

Departmental stores like Target always have the edge over other retail stores in the sense that things are generally cheaper here.

The same goes with bikes at Target. Target offers huge discounts on renowned bicycle brands. You will find bikes at a lower price than market value.

That looks like a good deal. But beware of the quality of these bikes. As discussed earlier, Target isn’t the best option when buying a bike.

Does Target Sell Assembled Bikes?

You can find both types of bikes at Target, i.e., Assembled, and Unassembled. The assembly of bikes depends on where you buy your bike (online, home delivery, or from their store).

If you purchase a bike from their online store using home delivery or ship-to-store delivery, you will get an unassembled bike.

This bike will not be assembled. You will have to assemble it yourself. Yes, you will get an assembled bike for bikes purchased online using the Order Pickup option.

These bikes are already available in-store inventory. You can visit your nearest Target store and request to assemble your bike.

Now let’s talk about the bikes available at the Target store. Bikes ranging from 12″ to 16″ come in unassembled form in a box.

All bikes 20″ or above are assembled at Target before being sold. If you want an unassembled one, contact Guest services so that they can check if there are any unassembled available at their store.

Does Target Sell Trek Bikes?

No, Target does not sell Trek bikes. Target is known for cheaper bikes, those that are heavily discounted. Trek is a premium bike brand, so that might be the reason why they don’t sell it on Target.

Also, owing to the bad reputation of bikes at Target, Trek might be reluctant to sell bikes on Target. Bikes at Target are generally not of good quality.

So, this might give a negative image of the brand to customers.

Does Target Sell Electric Bikes?

Yes, Target sells electric bikes. You can shop from a wide range of electric bikes at Target. These are generally cheaper in price than those available on the market.

You can buy these bikes either from their online store or their physical shop. These bikes are from different companies and with different specs.

Look for a sale at Target to get deep discounts on these bikes.

Does Target Sell BMX Bikes?

Yes, Target sells a wide variety of BMX bikes. These BMX bikes are off-road sports bikes mostly used in stunt riding and racing.

Different bikes are available here, such as Cyclops and Mongoose. You can also select an appropriate size for yourself as they come in different sizes.

Does Target Sell Exercise Bikes?

Yes, Target sells exercise bikes. Just like many other bike variations, Target also has exercise bikes. These bikes are different from conventional bikes.

Exercise bikes do not move; instead, they are stationary. These bikes have a saddle, pedals, and hand bars like a regular bike, but the bike itself does not move because no wheels are installed in it.

Marcy Recumbent Magnetic bike and Fila Magnetic bikes are examples of exercise bikes available at Target. These bikes are excellent for cardiovascular exercises.

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Final Words: Does Target sell Bikes?

Bikes are not cheap to buy. Especially in recent years, there has been a massive hike in bike prices.

Target is one place where you can purchase bikes at insanely low prices. But, with benefit comes some cost.

Bikes at Target are generally not so good because of the use of substandard parts and improper assembly and tuning.

Some people prefer quality over money. They won’t go for a cheap alternative that will tease them in the longer run. It all depends on your taste and which bike to buy.

That’s all for today. See you next time.

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